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Burger King Complaints & Reviews

Burger King / The birger king in king nc, / manager

ed skyles on Jan 18, 2017
Went to the store on saturday 1/14/17 ordered gave me the total and when I got up to window it was close. So I ask to see manager. She came to the door and she was talking to me like I was stupid. Told me I needed to leave and find another place to eat. So I have contacted all my friend...

Burger King #4861 / Staff

Madone12 on Jan 17, 2017
Staff at the location of 4861 Burger King which is located on Wilson way in Stockton California at around 2 o'clock on January 17 was completely rude. While taking my order from the drive-through person working the drive-through was talking and giving directions to other coworkers inside...

Burger King / Service

lydjan37 on Jan 16, 2017
I used the drive thru because the lobby was already locked and all the lights in the lobby were out but I was only 9pm on a Saturday (1/14/17) night. I pulled into the drive thru and those lights were on and there were cars in the parking lot. I get to the speaker box and I am told the...

Burger King / Managers

Sandra Ann Serna on Jan 11, 2017
Store 3400 has no compassion for their employees my supervisor Denise Montoya and Georgia Castillo have not corporated with my requests for my check stubs verification of employment. This request was for New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission. Denise told my parents today...

Burger King / bad customer service 1-10-16 Store # 990

Alma Cameron on Jan 10, 2017
We just went through the drive through at store # 990 in tampa, florida. I am extremely upset as I did my order and the girl at the window didn't get it right. I had to repeat my order as she didn't even pay attention. I believe she was either on her cell phone or distracted by other...

Burger King / Order is repeatedly wrong

Kim Novak on Dec 30, 2016
The last 2 times I have visited store 4187 in ann arbor my order has been wrong. I used the drive thru so it wasn't discovered until I got back to work. The 1st time I ordered a meal (Going large) - I got a large pop and a small fry. The whole reason I ordered large was because I wanted...

Burger King / Poor service, rude employee, dirty employees, order not filled correctly

Dirty food on Dec 29, 2016
Burger King #14960, Great Lakes Travel Plaza. Worst service I've encountered in years. Placed order with Shawn. I asked if I wait there and he just kind of pointed to his left for pick-up, not really into his job or customer relations I guess. I waited for my order while the two ladie...

Burger King / Attitude of server

Latina3469 on Dec 27, 2016
Yesterday (12/26/16), I went to the Burger King by my house (703 W Seminary Dr. Ft. Worth TX Store # 22182). I go here often! While there today, I ordered 30 chicken nuggets. The girl gave me 4 sauces. I asked for more and she said she could not give me anymore. She said if she did give me...

Burger King / Unethical work habits

ikandi on Dec 27, 2016
12/27/2016 My coworkers and I walked over to the Burger King on Kings Hwy in Shreveport, La. At 9pm as we walked to the door, the worker walked to the door and locked all the doors. I called inside and after a 15 minutes of attempting to get them to answer the phone. The manager answers the...

Burger King / Service

Opal E. DeLong on Dec 18, 2016
While at the Burger King at the Sloatsburg Travel Plaza I placed and order at 7:23 for Onion Rings and Cheesy Tots, small sizes. I had one person in front of me and there were two waiting for their food. Much to my demise about 6 people got their orders before me as I stood there patiently...

Burger King Corporation / Service

linda0904 on Dec 2, 2016
Went through the drive thru at 9am on Friday Dec 2 2016 the person working the drive thru was barely understandable. Sounded like she was intoxicated or high on something. Asked for a burrito with bacon egg and cheese only. Verified this with the cashier. Got to the window, only to have the...

Burger King Corporation / Customer service

Karen POO on Nov 30, 2016
I just spent over 23.00 at the Gas City I-22/I69 Burger King and then felt like it was best to throw it away because I wasn't sure if she had spit on it or worse. It was 2:15 pm and the attendant was so rude to me and I almost drove away before paying, but my 16 year old said no Mom don't...

Burger King / Original chicken sandwich

sharon lonergan on Nov 21, 2016
11/21- 11:15:05-#2934 1517 Park Ave Plainfield NJ Order number-216310 Reg 4 drive thru employee 427362-Adesola mix match -fish sandwich and OCS I got back to work.The filet was ok but the chicken was awful- I opened up the filet there wasn't any chicken. There was some sort of paste like...

Burger king store id 40mbkg16 / Food and service

Who cares so what on Nov 19, 2016
On our recent travel we stopped at the burger king store 18122 in tiffin river travel plaza. My order was wrong and I went back to the register and instead of making a new item all they did was try to correct the order by adding the ingredients vs re making theitem. I asked if it was a...

Burger King / Unfriendly manager and didn't get my order correct

Bergsnest on Nov 17, 2016
Burger king #4993, 344 eastern blvd, fayetteville, nc 28301 date: 11/17/2016 time: 12:22:36 ordered food and requested two bbq sauce and two sweet & sour sauce to go with my two orders of chicken fries. Was told by the cashier two came with each order. Took a while for my food waiting on the...

Burger King / Employees not cleaning hands or use gloves

Kjell Martha Lammedal on Nov 15, 2016
Went to get food at the 3745 josey LN, Carrollton . TX location . Employees don't wear gloves preparing the food. Exstremly slow service, it seems that the employees do not respect management. Want to bathroom after employee, the sink in the bathroom was dry and had not been used...

Burger King Corporation / Food poisoning from bacon cheeseburger

Kitten Eyes on Nov 13, 2016
Today at 2:11 pm on 11/13/2016 i ordered a bacon cheese burger from burger king at bridge st Lowell. The first thing that seemed rather odd is they said they had no cheese which is fine. The bacon cheese burger seemed to be heated in the microwave way to long and it tasted...

Burger King / General manager

on Nov 7, 2016
The general manager at the Burger King in Athens, Tn is very unprofessional. She is not patient at all. She is very rude. I dont believe she does a great job at all. She does a terrible job as a manager and I strongly believe that she needs to be replaced. I often hear several customer...

Burger King Corporation / Service

Angelinea Jordan on Oct 25, 2016
I went burger king 495 San Antonio ave Many Louisiana October 18 2016 @1245 for lunch order the whopper meal two for 10, while driving almost 30miinute down the road while eating I notice a tag between my meat and lettuce that read Queso Dressing and expiration date. I pulled over and...

Leatrice Turner / Customer service in Evanston, IL - employee on duty Eric - morning, friday 10-21-2016

Leatrice Turner on Oct 21, 2016
On Friday October 21, 2016. I went to Burger King located in Evanston, IL at approximately 7:50 am. I told the Cashier Eric that I wanted a cup of Oatmeal and a side sausage. I told Eric that I wanted fruit with the Oatmeal. He told me that they didn't carry fruit. I begin to tell...

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