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Burger King Complaints & Reviews

Burger King - Virginia, Spotsylvania / Angriest whopper

Douglas Washington on 2016-04-25
on apr 22 2016 1:02 pm I order whopper and fries I got to my table and started to eat took bites and I notice rite away something was not right my sandwich taste like it had been siting out all day the meat and cheese was cold the onion straws that suppost to come with the sandwich were...

Burger King - Tennessee, Paris / Partial order received/drinks not marked/rude customer service

Tennessean on 2016-04-12
On 4/7/16 2:50 pm I went thru the drive thru to order 2 of the $4 specials. I ordered 2 different types of drinks (that were not marked) and did not receive one of the sandwiches. When I arrived at the window to pay, I ask the worker if he had marked the drinks (diet vs. non diet) and he...

Burger King / False advertising

Ronald on 2016-03-23
I saw an advertisement about new super delicious and huge hot dogs in Burger King and went there to try one. So I made my order and was extremely excited. When I received my hot dog is was a regular size dog and it was super small! When you go to their website you'll see some pictures with...

Burger King / Disrespectful Manager and bad service

Reviewer66123 on 2016-03-03
I visit Burger King as a customer at the begining of January at 10:30 am and March 2, 2016 at 10:00 am. I witness the manager, a spanish lady; she was yelling at a lot of her employees like they are children. One lady was washing dishes in a fast speed, while other employees was placing 10...

Burger King / The service was horrible and the food was cold

Reviewer43500 on 2016-03-01
I brought my family to burger king to get food on chelmsford st in lowell and had a bad visit...the first thing was my food was cold..secondly i had to go inside because my sandwich was made wrong..as im standing there an employee by the name of deandre rivera was being very rude...as he...

Burger King - Florida, Kissimmee / Whopper hamburger

Reviewer75817 on 2016-02-27
today 2/27/2016... it was a good day, but not today all throughout. I hate you now... I'm not use to ordering burger king but the three times I went to burger king was pretty bad but the worst was today. it tasted like pee and caca. I will never go there again. it's not my guess that...

Burger King - Georgia, Lithonia / Unprofessional service and unorganized order follow thru

Dr Clemons on 2016-02-27
2/27/16 Burger King #4487 2807 Panola Rd., Lithonia, GA 30058 I put my order in drive thru and when I came to the window my order was not ready so the employee said pull forward to the side door and we will bring your order out to you. I waited 15 minutes and my order never came. I went inside...

Burger King / A scam stealing money from customers

Reviewer18666 on 2016-02-22
Burger King on 80 road towards Iraq - on 3 occasions now I have purchased food and noticed they are charging an extra 50 fils. When I asked why, I was told sorry we dont have change. This time I paid with notes and coins a total of 2kd 250 fils. I then calculated my purchase which totaled...

Burger King - Minnesota, Faribault / Foreign objects in middle of whopper

bobbieangel on 2016-01-14
My daughter and I took lunchbreak today at noon, we decided to go to our local burger king in Faribault, MN. She ordered bacon whopper combo . As we got back to our place of employment we began to eat .. halfway threw her whopper she bit into a hard object, a ROCK!! I called our local BK...

Burger King - Florida, Port Orange / 24 hour Drive thru

Reviewer12688 on 2015-12-21
12/21/2015 12:35am This locations drive thru is always closed from 11:30pm to 2am and they always state end of shift or computer problems and can't server anyone. This has been going on for years and no one seems to do anything about the laziness of the employees not wanting to do there...

Burger King / Bad experience

Chris on 2015-12-07
I have been a big fan of Burger King for a long time. I was always satisfied with the food and service. But that was in the past. I'll never go to BK again and I'll explain why. First of all the service is very slow. Even if you want to order a small burger, you'll have to wait for age...

Burger King / hair in burger

Reviewer22819 on 2015-10-30
On October 25th about 2pm I went to the Burger King on Newark Blvd in Newark Ca. We brought our food home and found a piece of hair in our bacon burger. After that we didn't want to eat the rest of our food. Also the wrapper smelled like crayons. Never will eat there again.

Burger King / Consumer Satisfaction - None

Reviewer55588 on 2015-10-05
Around 3:05pm on 10/5/15, my husband and I drove up to the drive in window at Burger King here in Florida. A voice on the speaker asked if we wanted to try one of their specials today, I quickly said "No" and started giving my order. When I was done, no one responded. I said " Hello...

Burger King / Menu changing from breakfast to lunch

Reviewer18168 on 2015-10-02
I visited the burger king on brice rd in Columbus ohio across from the PNC bank don't know the address. Breakfast ends at 10:30, I arrived at about 10:27, a young lady was complaining about the eggs on her sandwich, when she turned around I realized I knew her and we passed a few...

Burger King / Whopper and fries were cold

Reviewer17526 on 2015-09-27
Saturday September 26th 2015 Today at around three thirty I went three blocks to Burger King to get food to watch the Penn State game on tv. I specifically asked that the Whopper and fries be hot, hot, hot. It was room temperature at best. I have had this happen repeatedly and I will not...

Burger King - Tennessee, Memphis / Manager and Some Employees

Marian Bacon on 2015-09-26
Yes, tonight I came into the Burger King after being out of state for ten days. I had stopped coming when this particular manager and employee were in the restaurant. The employee lied about borrowing a phone charger and it has been two months but he hasn't offered to pay for me a new one...

Burger King / The way my food was giving to me

Reviewer60383 on 2015-08-19
Went to BK on Wednesday night around 10:30. First of all we sat at the window to order for about 8 minutes. We thought they was close. Finally some one came to the window and took our order. We paid for our food the girl was real nice. Asked us to pull to the parking lot they had to drop...

Burger King - Florida, Miami / Wrong Food Order

There are incompetent employees working in the drive through area. The Burger King is located on 107th Ave and 72 St. in Miami, FL. On more than one instance, I have ordered breakfast, lunch and dinner for my parents who love eating at fast food places. Whenever I place an order, I try to...

Burger King Camp Road Hamburg / Overcharging

Broncos180 on 2015-03-04
We recently visited Burger King in Hamburg, NY and felt that we were taken for at least $1 extra. That may not be much but done many times over to other customers, it adds up. Ordered small fries and charges $2.06 - no order amt given at time of purchase amd no recpt given - thought it wa...

Burger King, Desoto Texas / bad customer service

Darlene stewart on 2014-10-06
My two friends and I was hungry so we stopped at burger king {there was no outside lights on).the clerk informed me that she could only take two orders per car Two of us put our orders together so we could have the "required " two orders.we girls are all in our sixties and wanted our...

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