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Google Complaints & Reviews

Google / Lodging complaints / Contacting Google with questions & suggestions

sezaaijman on Aug 13, 2016
For some reason it seems impossible to contact Google with questions and suggestions. Only help pages are available. Is Google a robot or what? I only wanted to suggest that they provide an option on the default Google search page where one can disable the .gif that is inserted daily. I...

Google Inc. / Unauthorized Credit and Debit Card Charges

Devonne Graves on Jul 28, 2016
Google Inc has been making unauthorized charges to my account. Two incidents on July 24th 2016, GOOGLE *Niantic Inc g.co/payhelp#NS $13.99 GOOGLE *BTEBEEK g.co/payhelp#NS $2.89 and another July 27th 2016 GOOGLE *Niantic Inc g.co/payhelp#NS $13.99 I authorize any of it and I would like my...

Google / Unable open play store,google groups

Raviprakashreddy on Jul 28, 2016
I unable to open and supporting Google groups play store services.i multiple time updated Mobile still facing same problem for the last 3 months.please resolve problem ASAP. sincere thanks to effort.please resolve the problem soon. For your given link getting for the compliant box .please tell what I exact to do in that link.

Google / Liron Moshe Moritz

Liron Moshe Moritz on Jul 22, 2016
On 7/20/2016 Liron Moshe Moritz, Program Coordinator at Google, Saw me charging my phone at the phone charging station and Google, told me I am not allowed to do that, and I have to leave and can never come back! She was very mean and unprofessional. She should not be working for Google. I...

Google / Google Adwords

GLF2016 on Jul 11, 2016
I created an adwords campaign earlier this year. It was costly and not really delivering profitable clients so in early June I decided to cancel it. So I went to the dashboard and paused the campaign. Later that month, I noticed that I received a few more charges to my credit card. Thank...

Google - California, Mountain View / Unauthorized Debit Card Charges

Deanthecounselor on Jun 20, 2016
These are all charges we [my wife and I] did not purchase... 469216 GOOGLE ALEXANDER Z G CO PAYHELP * CA $1.50 469216 GOOGLE JOHN LI G CO PAYHELP * CA $2.99 469216 GOOGLE KODEK APPS G CO PAYHELP * CA $1.99 469216 GOOGLE REBOOTDROIDAPP G CO PAYHELP * CA $2.99 469216 GOOGLE SHUISKY G CO...

Google - Florida, Palmetto / Biased searches

David Kraner on Jun 12, 2016
There seems to be ample evidence in many areas from auto complete to the priority of returned searches of a liberal, Socialist, and Democrat bias in searches on Google. I have seen this myself when compared with searches on BING, Yahoo, and others. It concerns me greatly as many student...

Google Inc. - California, Mountain View / unethical behaviour

chris harris 88 on May 25, 2016
on 4/25/16 a representative from roc nation called me and offered me $1, 000 to remove my video from youtube because they said my video was becoming too popular showing up in kanye west search engine online because he didnt have a video for his "famous" song at the time and my "lit" music...

Google Inc. / Unexpected Transaction

Petesey_saan on May 15, 2016
On the 15th of may £9.99 was taken form my account in a transaction which I did not authorize. If possible I would like to know why this money was taken from my account and if it can be refunded. My email is p.phillips59311@gmail.com which is connected to my google account.

GOOGLE *LINE Corp g.co/payhelp# GB GOOGLE *Smule Inc / unauthorised payments from my account

S amelia W on May 14, 2016
GOOGLE *LINE Corp g.co/payhelp# GB £31.16 GOOGLE *Smule Inc g.co/payhelp# GB £1.99 GOOGLE *Smule Inc g.co/payhelp# GB £1.99 GOOGLE *Smule Inc g.co/payhelp# GB £1.99 GOOGLE *Outfit7 g.co/payhelp# GB £29.99 GOOGLE *Outfit7 g.co/payhelp# GB 0000 £4.49 GOOGLE *LINE Corp g.co/payhelp# GB...

Google - Wisconsin, Madison / Unauthorized - Fraudulent Charges

Dede Wynne on May 9, 2016
Google *PerBlue.g.co/Payhelp# CA I have 6 separate charges on my bank card ranging from $2.99 to $99.99, totaling $167.94. I downloaded my Google account and these charges do not show up. I use Google Play to pay for my Pandora subscription and 1 game I play, Candy Crush which show up a...

Google Inc. / Google Sega G.Co play charges

Barbara Salter on Apr 19, 2016
I am checking my account and I notice charges that a minor made and you all just deducted without verifying whether he was of age to make these charges. I have charges for 4/11 of $8.21; $8.21; $4.11; $8.21;$3.90; and $4.11 and 4/15 of $1.05 These total $37.80 that should be refunded to me...

Google, Inc. / Don't Know

AlexJenny97 on Apr 17, 2016
So I go and check my bank account and find that it was just charged 8 times by google. 4 of them said GOOGLE *SPICERACKM g.co/payhelp#. The other 4 said GOOGLE *SPIC g co payhelp. Both of them followed by CA and a number. All of them costing $4.99 each except for the last one which cost...

Google / chrome browser = Malvertising generator

GooglersREvIL on Apr 4, 2016
Google Public DNS: An Introduction Dear Googlers.. I don't know if your engineers were having fun on april fools day, but Mr. google.com, your Dns servers, were resolving my browser to sum disgusting, revolting content that had nothing to do with what I wa...

Google / Google Translate Voice Service for Portuguese(Portugal)

CarlosCosta on Mar 28, 2016
Dear Gentlemans Every time a translation is made for Portuguese and You click the Voice buton to ear the translation, this come out in Brazilian and not on Portuguese. This is not correct! Portuguese from Portugal and Portuguese from Brazil have different accent and settences! Google...

Google - South Carolina, Cowpens / Google Play Charges

Jerry Adams III on Mar 10, 2016
I went on line to check my balance and this is what I seen when I open up my account. I seen where I think it was 10 year old ADHD son. I am not sure, but didn't Google get in trouble about this once before? I am expecting my whole refund back. $148.00. And that money was supposed to...

Googlejerseys / The seller promised to change the size of the jersey and still hasn’t done it

Paul Weks on Mar 10, 2016
I have ordered three jerseys from www.googlejerseys.xyz. The seller provided all the details and even told me the price and the delivery time. However, he mixed something and the size of all the jerseys was wrong. I was disappointed, but contacted the rep and he said that I must return the...

Google / Unauthorized use of my Google card for game play charged to my card

hazelnut@knology.net on Mar 3, 2016
During the month of February, I was charged about $27.00 (actual total $26.93) for playing games that I did not play; I played a game that costs exactly $4.99 + 2.99 = $7.98 total charges only . The rest of the charges (exactly $18.95) should be refunded to my account, and, somehow, we...

Google Inc. / Chrome

Reviewer65599 on Feb 27, 2016
Still feeling angry that you will no longer be supporting my operating systems but I guess you wouldn't know anything about being poor since you use fake offshore companies to avoid paying taxes you greedy scum! Long live Mozilla. Did I forget to mention that I hope your company fails and...

Google, Inc. - New Jersey, Paterson / Google dragonplay google com ch *ca

Reviewer95381 on Feb 26, 2016
on 2/2/2016 my debit card from 469216 Google dragonplay google com ch *ca was unauthorized in the amount of $29.99. I would like a full refund. Thank you I am very upset randyhopw@yahoo.com 973-517-6676

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