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YouTube / The way in which you conduct your business

Ehron on Dec 1, 2016
I have heard some disturbing information on how YouTube has been recently run. Certain channels have been receiving backlash within the past year on your newer algorithm. Viewers have randomly been unsubscribed from channels they watch and YouTubers have had their videos pushed to the...

YouTube / Suddenly ''Uploaded'' videos deleted

Jamie Legends on Nov 22, 2016
I deleted my video in "Favorites" suddenly Youtube said "Deleted video from uploads" I've had many views on that video and now it's gone. A bit strange for a big company to have such a amateurish flaw. I was on my Samsung S6 Edge plus (Android 6.0.1) and had the video in ''Favorites'' I...

Laura Cullen / YouTube videos audio issues

Laura Cullen on Oct 12, 2016
Since Youtube instituted its improvements I have had increasingly frequent instances of being unable to hear/barely hear Youtube videos that are my primary use of internet. This issue affects only Youtube as I have not noticed this problem with other websites. I have tried adding external...

YouTube / Banned

LiSaMi on Oct 5, 2016
I made a channel on YouTube and uploaded some videos. Most of my videos were covers of the famous songs which I made myself. I got banned for it. I mean that they banned my videos because there were famous songs in them. I'm aware of all the rights and I know what is allowed and what i...

YouTube / Volume too loud

Sandon Keable on Sep 21, 2016
Many times i have complained as to why the volume on all videos is set to full boar? It is ridiculous. Youtube are assaulting people by destroying eardrums and speakers. Let's take for example a news website that has a video attachment. This video takes time to buffer, and without warning...

YouTube / Slow video view counts

simone j on Sep 10, 2016
I'm about to file a complain against Youtube because I feel like money is being taken under the table to boost views on certain korean music videos. You have a group that people are watching the videos everyday and the view counts are moving super slow... Meanwhile top company groups music...

YouTube / Ads

Scott Rumple on Aug 17, 2016
Come on, your ads suck. Can you at least try to make your ads appealing to me? I just sat through ad (not for the first time I might add) that was supposed to highlight your new music service. Show me something at least tangentially related to video I'm watching, please? Don't...

YouTube / youtube

tct0425 on Jul 22, 2016
YouTube is not a fair company. They claim they are against bullying, etc. Well a youtuber that goes by the vegan ceetahs channel has been suspended due to gals copyright claims. Within twelve hours his channel was taken down with no chance to fight it at all. This is because of freelee the...

YouTube / Unauthorized charges

Darlene Null on May 17, 2016
Somehow my 15 year old son used his email account and my credit card to charge $9.99 for something that I don't even know what twice. I am trying to cancel the transaction but it wont let me because I don't know his password and he said he doesn't know it. I have no phone...

YouTube / Skip button on ads

Artist13ful on Apr 19, 2016
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I think there should be skip button on every ad you play before a video especially if the ad is over thirty seconds long. If I see an ad I think is interesting, I will sit there and watch it, but if it has nothing to do with my interests then I should...

YouTube / My video were blocked for copyright infringement

BrrJohnes on Apr 4, 2016
I love to sing and I wanted to share my singing with the world. So I decided to make a channel on YouTube. I uploaded some covers and even songs that were written by me. But one day, when I wanted to upload a new video I saw that most of my videos were blocked. I received a notification...

YouTube / Video Rentals

Natasha78d on Mar 21, 2016
Youtube had me sign an agreement to take 30% of video rental fees, and I would get the rest. Youtube is manipulating how many times they are rented, keeping it all, and trying to steal all of the revenue from my rentals. I cannot fathom this and this is my 2nd attempt at the complaint...

YouTube / Video Streaming

Reviewer66638 on Feb 29, 2016
I have 65mbps service from Charter and your videos load slow as hell. In 2016, I expect loading speeds to be faster than my first time having s**. It frustrates me that I can download a song in one second but a two minute YouTube video lags the entire way through. YouTube is a cornerstone...

YouTube / Nobody is allowed to see video playback on certain sites, but you still allow Facebook and their users to pirate videos?

Reviewer12335 on Feb 2, 2016
Certain videos that have Vevo and UMG content cannot be viewed as of today, February 2, 2016 on the Rainy Mood website. However, yesterday I was able to view these same videos on this same website. It is very disappointing that they cannot be viewed, and it would be convenient if Rainy...

YouTube / Being charged with copyright theft

absolutdobe on Dec 30, 2015
Rewceived notice I was no longer able to use You tube because I took credit for writing a song I had nothing to do with. The complaint is totally false and I have no idea where it came from. Why was there no investigation? Yahoo put me in a position of being guilty without any review of...

YouTube / Advertising before clips

Reviewer16972 on Dec 10, 2015
My 6 year old daughter enjoys watching Sylvanian Families videos on You Tube which she doing this morning, as I was getting packed lunches ready for school. The 'Payl Pal' Christmas advert was shown before the selected Sylvanian's clip, which clearly intimates that Santa i...

YouTube / Ads

Reviewer40086 on Nov 30, 2015
I use YouTube every day to play music, and I've resigned myself to the fact that there is now an obnoxious amount of ads before, after and during videos. However, recently it's ONLY been Subway ads - basically two variations of the same ad - meaning I have to listen to the SAME ad every minute or so, which equals about 40-50 times daily. WTF?

YouTube / Criteria for Removing Videos and the Reviewers

Myhorse1st on Oct 16, 2015
A number of my Videos have been removed under the UMBRELLA grounds that they all violated the Community Guidelines – or contained inappropriate content – which is UNSPECIFIC [which guideline (?)] and VAGUE. All “Strikes” have been appealed on the basis of UNJUST CAUSES. One CASE in POINT i...

YouTube / Ads too loud!

Reviewer80877 on Oct 5, 2015
I'll be listening to music on a playlist, and suddenly an ad will pop up. Sometimes at the start of a song, sometimes even in the middle. And every single time my ears are subjected to a very loud version of the latest music hits! It's like they pick the loudest part of a song and amplify...

YouTube / Ads - very upset

Reviewer68216 on Sep 13, 2015
auto mute EVERYTIME when ad's come up in vids as at first i thought it was an incovience now i'm getting very very upset! if i am alone in this problem then i gess you tube will become a no go zone mite not be a fix it will solve the problem. i hope for a better resolution

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