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Yahoo! / Email System compromised

Shedrack Ogboru on Jan 21, 2017
Email ID - macobarbltd@yahoo.com I have noticed that my email may have been compromised, for unknown reasons, email response from contacts fails to deliver to my email, with "Address Not found" error. I have checked my accounts and there are no other accounts associated with it (as far as I...

Yahoo! / Yahoo headline for people magazine story on january 19

smjonz on Jan 19, 2017
Atlanta Pit Bull Attack Leaves One Child Dead, Another Seriously Injured This is the headline for a story by Alexis Fernandez. The lead word in the headline is pit bull. And what is the picture for that headline. A pit bull? No, a Black man. This is outrageous editing. This i...

Yahoo! / Anonymous email received from yahoo address with slanderous content

A. K. on Jan 17, 2017
Today, January 17, many members of our organization received an email from a Yahoo address with serious allegations about our Nominating process, officers and other members. We are trying to investigate this matter, and would like additional information from Yahoo to help us as we do...

Yahoo! / Tech support for non-access to my email account

L'homme on Jan 17, 2017
I have been denied access to a yahoo e-mail address that I had for almost two decades. This has been going on, at great inconvenience to myself for the last past week. The account is legarcon2002@yahoo.com I have tried several avenues to get tech support and all I got a obstruction and the...

Yahoo India news / News credibility

PmRamesh Kumar on Jan 17, 2017
Good morning, I have been residing in Singapore more than 10 years. For India related news I read only Yahoo India. I am an Indian . Why Yahoo news team did not cover the "jallikattu" issue in Tamil Nadu. Now I lost the trust on Yahoo news credibility. More than 10 thousand youths gathered in...

Yahoo / Email service

Joyce Lettis on Jan 17, 2017
My father, who is 88, is having problems with his yahoo (btinternet.com) email service. When he tried to access his email on his iPad, it said he had to put in his password, then wouldn't let him do that but said he had to contact the company through a desktop computer, which he doesn't...

Yahoo! / Yahoo email

Timsmith2244 on Jan 12, 2017
I have tried to reset my password but I have a two verification process but I don't have the same phone number I had when I set it up. Now it will not let me log in because it wants to send a text to the old phone number. I have tried to contact yahoo on many occasions and yahoo will not...

Yahoo email addresses / Bounced back emails with yahoo.com addresses

Julie Sasker on Jan 12, 2017
I run a family business as well as a non-profit organization. Over the past 4 years I have sent several messages (and some mass emails 100-150) to various customers/clients with a yahoo.com address. In the past 2 days I have gotten all emails sent to customers/clients with yahoo.com...

Yahoo! / 7news - picture placed without my concent

Andrew Siggens on Jan 12, 2017
I want the picture of me and my fiancé and the name of my fiancé to be removed from the following immediately. https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/33801362/dash-cam-busts-bristol-street-motors-darlington-mechanic-speeding-in-his-nissan-juke-on-uk-road/#page1 I did not give consent for our...

Yahoo! / Web hosting

prokon - rachit jain on Jan 5, 2017
5th january 2017 Dear concerned officer, This is to bring to your kind knowledge, that We run / host our domain thru yahoo services Prokon.In Our annual renewal is due, but we are facing a lot of problem in making the payments We have understood thru social media, that yahoo has sold...

Yahoo! / Review on h christopher moss cpa tax attorney yahoo search

H Christopher Moss on Jan 2, 2017
https://local.yahoo.com/info-140294309-h-christopher-moss-cpa-tax-attorney-mt-pleasant#reviews This review on my company dated 5/24/2014 is from an ex-partner loretta wilson who has never used my service but was trading as a dba with me for one year as wilson moss. We disbanded the doing...

Yahoo! / Hacked email

Ellen Castillano on Dec 28, 2016
I just wanted to complain about my email..it was hacked by someone i dont know and his using it right now..he hacked even my facebook and instagram..what do i need to do to have an access again to my email so that i can get back my fb and even my instagram..the hacker is so annoying..i...

Yahoo! / Email account-pornographic emails

Elle Marks on Dec 23, 2016
Dear whom it may concern, I have been recieving pornographic emails for three months now. Thankfully they are going mostly to my spam folder. I have managed to unsubscribe from a lot of the sites. However, there are a few that I can not unsubscribe from. I would love to permanently block...

Yahoo! / Email robbery. Compensation required

S. C on Dec 17, 2016
Hi, i have two emails with yahoo. Both may have been hacked. i received a mail from you saying that and i am very unhappy. I require a monetar compensation of 1M$ For breaking confidence and personal information contract unrespected. Its been 20 years I am using yahoo. Its a pitty. I live in...

Yahoo / Yahoo email

DarleneC on Dec 15, 2016
Yahoo gets hacked and getting into my email accounts is a nightmare. I can't log in because it says wrong password. I changed it figuring I should be able to get in but no, yahoo still says incorrect password. Yahoo won't recognize my home pc that I've had for almost 2 years so I have to...

Yahoo! / Yahoo email

Naveed Shah121 on Dec 15, 2016
dear sir i an using my yaho ID form couples f years. during last year here in our city the mobile services was stake down for a couple of years, so various of our mobile sims were blocked. my own sim was in that one too. my alternate email id is too blocked due t this reason. so kindly...

Yahoo! / A bogus university.

Murali dhara rao on Dec 15, 2016
Dear Sirs Two years back I have received a mail from Yahoo that we can complete the MBA in one year's time. I am a post graduate(M.Com., ) and my certificate all ready attested. For a extra qualification I am trying for MBA Qualification on line. They said no need for one year you are a...

Yahoo! / Fantasy football

Richard Jung on Dec 12, 2016
Thank you yahoo for ruining my playoffs!! I just needed to make one lineup change, sitting tim hightower for t.J. Yeldon in my ppr league. What happens? Yahoo!! Server is down! Can't connect on my phone, can't connect on my desktop. Tried and tried to no avail. Then the game started...

Yahoo! / Yahoo mail

Vary Heart on Dec 10, 2016
After having both a Yahoo. Co. UK mail account and a Hotmail account for well over 20 yrs. Decided enough is enough and it's time to complain. My Hotmail account has worked without problem for over 20 yrs. Yet my yahoo account constantly fails to access. On average I get between 12 and 25...

Yahoo Answers / Allowing of abusive emails to be sent to me

Travis777 on Dec 8, 2016
From: little peter Subject: doing maximum damage Message: I am sure my this account will be suspended after you read this and "turn me in". The fact is that I cannot be kept out of this forum. I have multiple accounts and I now have a job to do. I am so sick and tired of these...

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