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Yahoo! Complaints & Reviews

Yahoo / Yahoo.com auto play ads

aleekat on Jul 11, 2016
Stop Auto Play Ads with Video & Audio. Trying to read news etc and audio and video starts playing an ad that I have no interest in.

Yahoo - California, Beverly hills / news

pablo Nankin, MD on Jun 24, 2016
PostEverything I'm Jewish, and I want people to boycott Israel EVERY SINGLE DAY YOUR MAIN STORY IS AGAINST ISRAEL...CLEARLY YOU ARE AS CLOSE TO ANTI-SEMITISM AS IT CAN BE FOUND IN THE NEWS PABLO NANKIN, MD PABLO1944@SBCGLOBAL.NET The country must be held accountable for its human right...

Yahoo! - Maine, Denmark / Yahoo 7 Australia

jw2804 on Jun 20, 2016
More and more of the main page is used for advertising. Looks to be about 60% of the page I see is advertisements. Also clicking links to a story about a Russian prisoner escaping out of the food hatch ( WATCH: 'Robber' squeezes through tiny food hatch) takes me to a story about the movie...

Yahoo - Connecticut, Hartford, connecticut / People are erasing emails out of my account

Natasha Monique Chambers on Jun 13, 2016
Several emails from 2015 and 2016 Have been erased. Whoever is doing it I need them all charged. It is a federal offense tampering signing in or deleting emails. I use a Samsung s5 phone. Anyone who is logged on or deleted emails not from my location in hartford ct. I need charges file with the authorities.

Yahoo - New York, Clifton Park / to many ads

sidpounder on Jun 8, 2016
Holy crap, I have been a customer for years, changing my home page to yahoo.com, I have a few email accounts but lately they have changed there pages. email is slow and when you follow links on there home page you get hammered with ad's, not just the pesky ones but whole pages launch. I'm...

Yahoo / News feed

llrhky on Apr 29, 2016
It is appalling that in almost every story in Yahoo's news feed there are spelling and grammatical errors so blatant it can only mean that no editing or checking has been done by anyone on Yahoo's extensive staff. IF YOU CAN'T SPELL YOU SHOULDN'T BE WRITING!!! At least have someone check...

Yahoo / Compromise email address

kanu chistian on Apr 12, 2016
To my esteem friends, family members and business associates, please note that my yahoo mail account was compromised on the 2nd of April 2016 by fraud stars operating from Ghana. I attach below copy of notification mail from Yahoo notifying me of the hacking. Please kindly dis regard any...

Yahoo / mail

james markle on Apr 5, 2016
I am complaining about my email account. I am continually bombarded with adds, it is so bad I can't type email. I tried Xing out the adds and it said I could pay 5.00 monthly to get them blocked. Well I didn't request them in the first place and will be damned if I pay to get rid of them. AOL or Gmail here I come.

Yahoo - California, Sunnyvale / email

Tonibe on Mar 26, 2016
3/26/16 Sirs, My email stopped working on 3/23/16 with no explanation. I know my password but it would not work. I contacted yahoo by their number that was recently changed and it states they will not except calls. I went on their website sending messages to please call me because my acct...

Yahoo Advertisers / Yahoo Home Page Advertisers "Bait and Switch" pratice

Haverhill Lad on Mar 24, 2016
Yahoo allows its Advertisers to deceive the Public, by listing the " Bait and Switch ", method of their Product/Products and or Service as appearing as a News Item, once the Consumer reaches their Wed Page no information as to the stated News Item on Home Page is given only a Ad for their Product / Service. Why is this allowed ?

Yahoo - California, San Jose / Web hosting /business email scam

Danceswingjde on Mar 22, 2016
I have not been able to access my business email account for a very long time -- embarrassingly long. I finally called them to cancel. But the credit card information had changed so they refused to cancel it and said I should do PW recovery so I could cancel myself. I explained that prior...

Yahoo / Domain charging policies

Mendota on Mar 8, 2016
I phoned the 1-866 number to try to cancel my domain with yahoo but got a busy signal. I finally got through today and after a 45 minute conversation I finally got the domains cancelled, however, I was charged for the domains 34 days ago, 4 days after the 30 day refund policy and yahoo...

Yahoo - Illinois, Arlington Heights / Aabaco Online services

Reviewer63606 on Mar 4, 2016
On Wed. Feb 24, 2016 I received a call from Yahoo regarding my prior complaints; both were posted on this site as well as hard copies sent USPS to the companies. He said I could not receive a refund of the $89.97 charges because my information had already been put online January 1, 2016. I...

Yahoo - Florida, Cocoa / Home page

Reviewer24476 on Feb 29, 2016
the home page change is sickening. can't pick from 50 or more stories but 5. click on a story and get a "read more" which brings you to another thing altogether. can no longer check on previous posts and what others think of them. half of the stories can't even be commented...

Yahoo / Email

Reviewer89915 on Feb 27, 2016
Yes, Yahoo keeps getting worse. They may have to go extinct, and good riddance. Their constantly refreshing ads are so invasive, annoying, and overpowering that they even get in the way of typing basic emails. Ugh! That is the worst. And there is literally no way to contact Yahoo directly...

Yahoo - North Carolina, Hendersonville / Mail

Polkcountygc on Feb 12, 2016
What gives Yahoo?? For years I've sent to an address with the dash - in the address, and now you say something is wrong. Now I can't reply to any email or compose. On another yahoo acct, I type in a normal address and you tell me there is something wrong with it, well it worked...

Yahoo Small Business - California, Sunnyvale / Trial Offer

Reviewer37796 on Feb 11, 2016
On February 3, 2016 I submitted a complaint regarding Yahoo Small Business. I have confirmed additional information pertinent to my complaint. The $89.97 charge from Yahoo, now Aabaco Small Business, has been placed in dispute with VISA. I received a 3 month Trial Offer. I did not sign a...

Yahoo / Search

Reviewer98356 on Feb 11, 2016
Yahoo behaves like virus. Frequently, when I download something, I invariable get switched to Yahoo as my default search engine. The most recent episode is worse. First Chromium was downloaded to replace Chrome. It was confusing as they look virtually identical and Chromium would launch...

Yahoo - Idaho, Fruitland / Home Page and E-Mail

J. Thomas on Feb 5, 2016
The new home page is so awful I cannot believe the upper-level honchos approved it. Change it back. I have been a Yahoo customer for 20 years and this is the worst for using e-mail. Can sign in and use the horrible home page but when logging in to e-mail, cannot access without a message...

Yahoo! - California, Sunnyvale / Homepage Layout

Reviewer64854 on Feb 4, 2016
The new homepage is very frustrating to use. It's very annoying to click on a headline, then be taken to a partial article, then click "read more, " only to be taken to a completely different news website in a new window for the full article. If you're going to post content from other...

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