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Yahoo Answers / Allowing of abusive emails to be sent to me

Travis777 on Dec 8, 2016
From: little peter Subject: doing maximum damage Message: I am sure my this account will be suspended after you read this and "turn me in". The fact is that I cannot be kept out of this forum. I have multiple accounts and I now have a job to do. I am so sick and tired of these...

Yahoo! / Yahoo journalism

JesusYawee on Dec 5, 2016
Dear Yahoo, You are becoming the National Enquire of the Internet. Your news articles are more opinion pieces, with lose, one sided facts then investigative journalism. Matt Bai, one of your writers has to be one of the worst offenders. Yahoo please don't participate in Yellow...

Yahoo / Service

Kaushik Srinivas on Dec 3, 2016
- I think it is a control flow defect in the home screen - Scrollings in the home screen with a link stated below https://in.finance.yahoo.com/news/different-types-mutual-funds-explained-055017918.html is not continuing with its related page other than a odd page. - Pl rectify the defect in the link address

Yahoo! / Supreme fit garcinia, premium brand snake venom peptide cream

Dorothy J LEE on Dec 2, 2016
I tried "Free trial" on above but later received unsolicited products and at MUCH HIGHER cost than normal - e.g. a $10 bottle of Garcinia was sent and I was charged $92.00 - 10X as much as they should have. These sights should be monitored and required to give address for returns and phone...

Yahoo! / Your lack of

Tigger on Nov 30, 2016
Your lack of knowledgeable information that you sensationalize before you have the full information seems more often than not to make you look like stupid. Let the story lead you, you do not lead the story. The active shooter lock down is a "code" not a "description" on school campuses. Do you understand that now. Dummy's.

Yahoo! / Yahoo news

leaveit2me on Nov 28, 2016
Please knock off all of the negative reports about what Yahoo thinks Donald Trump may or may not do to ruin our economy. He is being raked across the coals by your news media before he even has a chance to prove himself. Our citizens elected him by the laws of our nation. Let him get into office and do the job he was elected to do. BACK OFF, YAHOO NEWS!

Yahoo! / Comments sections on new stories

John Johnson on Nov 26, 2016
Please put back the old comment section including notifications of replies and the thumbs down option. Commenting on news stories was fun and sometimes the only outlet to voice opinions and get replies from others on my opinion. There are so many posts about this I can't believe you...

Yahoo! / Yahoo news front page

Renee Lechner on Nov 25, 2016
Surprised by the obvious level of political bias; although I'm not a die hard republican, I am offended at the purposeful brainwashing of extreme liberal bias of the so called news you are presenting. Please, oh please, keep your personal viewpoint away from tainting this widely read...

Yahoo! / I forget my password of my yahoo ID faraz_992@yahoo.com

Faraz Iqbal on Nov 24, 2016
faraz_992@yahoo.com is my first internet email ID which my collage friend create for me since 4 or 5 year before. I was create my facebook account with the same my yahoo ID. but long time. i didn't used this my yahoo account. but i still used my Facebook account which i created with the...

Yahoo! / Fraudulent activity: thedefender600@yahoo.com

Mary Pulvino on Nov 21, 2016
I contacted yahoo with regard to someone from Russia who hacked my email and infected my computer. You referred me to a security company that cleaned my computer. I entered this email in Reverse Genie to see if this person is trying to hack other people. I have been notified weekly that...

Yahoo.com / Yahoo mail

Mike on Nov 17, 2016
Yahoo mail keeps coming up with a pop-up to force you to make yahoo default search engine just for using it or decide later / close. Even after you say decide later or close. It appears again. This forceful approach to change the users of yahoo mail doesn't seem to be friendly to using it...

Yahoo! / Yahoo "news"

celticmom52@yahoo.com on Nov 17, 2016
Yahoo so called news is doing nothing but fanning the flames of violence. Your articles turn my stomach. What happened to being fair and impartial? This is "supposed" to be news, not private opinions, if that's the case then label them as such. Yahoo seems to go out of it's way to include...

Yahoo! / Yahoo homepage and e-mail service

Dave the Bowman on Nov 16, 2016
There has been over the last year or two, a steady decline in the performance of the Yahoo web service. The service is constantly "not responding" and having to refresh. The e-mail service is getting almost unusable due to the constant interruptions whilst typing e-mails causing extreme...

Yahoo! / Yahoo news

Emery Barbedienne on Nov 11, 2016
The articles which display on the homepage of Yahoo are from radical, far-left and extremists websites like Huffington Post which should be shut down for hate-speech and inciting violence across the country. Almost all the articles from extremist sites like VOX and Salon turn out to be...

Yahoo! / Samsung galaxy note 4

bob hendry on Nov 6, 2016
I can not get the fail to sign in off my phone. this new system sucks big. it says server password has changed . enter new password. can not enter password without it doing the same thing over and over. how do i fix this problem? You used to be able to just change your password and sign in...

Yahoo! / Yahoo not writing stories on their homepage equally on negative & positive things for trump & hillary

Don Beam on Nov 5, 2016
I would like to know why your company writes so much Crap about Trump that's mainly negative and Very little about Hillary????? To tell the truth I don't care for either of them but I do believe in be equal for both parties. I look at what yall put and its probably 90% negative for Trump...

Yahoo! / Article

Jesse Reece on Nov 3, 2016
https://www.yahoo.com/news/clintons-primetime-soap-opera-reaches-its-finale-090002058.html?.gg_forward=true The article perpetuates stiff allegations rather than objective facts that clearly perpetuate the author's infallible opinionated trash. I don't see how this article is bipartisan at all...

Yahoo / My yahoo account has hacked by hacker

AurangzaibRasheed on Oct 31, 2016
sir, i have my business on yahoo account from many years, but now it has hacked by someone... yahoo account is aurangzaib88@yahoo.com i have business from USA.. but hacker came with the same name of company from whom i am doing business. giving Bank Account with the same name.. I am in...

Yahoo / Yahoo "news"

Jenny Parker Hamrick on Oct 31, 2016
I am very upset that the news is so biased toward Hillary Clinton. Why when an investigation is reopened do you search for reasons and quote people who discredit it. On top of that, any and everything you can report negative about the republican party you through out there like it...

Yahoo! / Bias news alerts

Sandy McKiddy Little on Oct 27, 2016
I consistently get news notifications on a daily basis, which I haven't minded. BUT recently I have been receiving the most RIDICULOUS news stories about the least little thing happening with Trump that somebody makes up because they can't find anything truly substantial making him unfit...

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