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Yahoo Mail - North Carolina, Hendersonville / yahoo mail

Polkcountygc on 2016-02-12
What gives Yahoo?? For years I've sent to an address with the dash - in the address, and now you say something is wrong. Now I can't reply to any email or compose. On another yahoo acct, I type in a normal address and you tell me there is something wrong with it, well it worked just fine...

Yahoo / yahoo mail

www.yahoo.com on 2016-02-11
the pop-up ads keep delaying my incoming & outgoing mail! Very annoying!! It takes 2 to 3 times longer! Makes me want to drop yahoo!! I do like yahoo, but not all the interruptions!!

Yahoo Small Business - California, Sunnyvale / Trial Offer

Reviewer37796 on 2016-02-11
On February 3, 2016 I submitted a complaint regarding Yahoo Small Business. I have confirmed additional information pertinent to my complaint. The $89.97 charge from Yahoo, now Aabaco Small Business, has been placed in dispute with VISA. I received a 3 month Trial Offer. I did not sign a...

Yahoo / Search

Reviewer98356 on 2016-02-11
Yahoo behaves like virus. Frequently, when I download something, I invariable get switched to Yahoo as my default search engine. The most recent episode is worse. First Chromium was downloaded to replace Chrome. It was confusing as they look virtually identical and Chromium would launch...

Yahoo - Idaho, Fruitland / Home Page and E-Mail

J. Thomas on 2016-02-05
The new home page is so awful I cannot believe the upper-level honchos approved it. Change it back. I have been a Yahoo customer for 20 years and this is the worst for using e-mail. Can sign in and use the horrible home page but when logging in to e-mail, cannot access without a message...

Yahoo! - California, Sunnyvale / Homepage Layout

Reviewer64854 on 2016-02-04
The new homepage is very frustrating to use. It's very annoying to click on a headline, then be taken to a partial article, then click "read more, " only to be taken to a completely different news website in a new window for the full article. If you're going to post content from other...

Yahoo - Illinois, Arlington Heights / Yahoo Small Business

Dr. James J. Sadleir on 2016-02-03
Dr. Sadleir was given a trial offer to Yahoo Small Business October 23, 2015. A TRIAL OFFER. He was billed, and he paid, $89.97. There was absolutely NO ACTIVITY on Dr. Sadleir's site during the trial period. Dr. Sadleir was never contacted by Yahoo during or after the trial period;...

Yahoo! - California, Vallejo / Home Page

Burrrn on 2016-01-31
31 January 2016 HELLO YAHOO! For the past week your Home Page page has changed for the worse. Color way too bright. But ALSO, the little newsy-photos' arrows are not present so that I can click on either arrow and see other stories of interest. The little newsy photos are frozen in...

Yahoo - California, Sunnyvale / NBA Player status and Notifications

Reviewer15531 on 2016-01-31
Yahoo is often inaccurate on the status of many NBA players. They often list players as GTD (Game Time Decision) but they do not always update right before the game whether a player will suit up. Many times injured players recover and Yahoo will list the players as "out" of action...

Yahoo / Somebody is using my yahoo mail account

Richard Djeniko on 2016-01-29
this is to inform you that i open yahoo email account with you many years ago. but surprisingly i can't login to my yahoo mail account with the yahoo id and password. they are Yahoo Id: rdjeniko@yahoo.com and password is forest I am shock that somebody is using that email i open with...

Yahoo.com / Home Page setup

Reviewer29187 on 2016-01-28
Whatever you think you have done by changing the look of your home page, it is horrid. No more local news, no more financial information. I will probably have to change my home page since this is not a workable situation.

Yahoo / News

Reviewer72532 on 2016-01-28
I have used your feed for years. This morning I have 5 stories to chose from with no forward and back page options The stories I scroll over do not highlight and my headline remains Una Bomber Changes The Internet. Fix it or it is off to the Huffington Post for me.

Yahoo / Customer Service

Mike K435 on 2016-01-18
I got an email today from a colleague who said I was hacked by an email that he received from me containing a link to somewhere. I called Yahoo customer service to discuss what I should do, and the fellow I was connected to (India) immediately started asking questions about my computer and...

Yahoo - California, Sunnyvale / Answers

Craig Knight on 2015-12-27
Why am I not allowed to ask a question that implies criticism of the terrible new Yahoo mail app. It is constructive criticism about the new interface, the lack of choice and lack of implementation warning. When I try and ask a question I am told it is -166 points and does not let me...

Yahoo Mail / I can't access my mail box - syip.avev@yahoo.com

SYip on 2015-11-25
I don't know why my email box could not be accessed for a whole week, just leaving the message of PENDING. Please solve my problem. The email address that has problem is syip.avev@yahoo.com. However I can be contacted at syip777@yahoo.com.hk Please redirect me to the right section if this is not the right place to complain. Stephen Yip

Yahoo / Small Business

Adam Forgash on 2015-11-18
Yahoo Small Business has charged me for roughly 7 years for a service I didn’t have? They charged me $12.95 a Month for web hosting, which I stopped using around 2008 or 2007? I have several charges from Yahoo all year round for various domain and email services, so I get mixed-up? When...

Yahoo / Attempted fraud

Reviewer25435 on 2015-11-16
Davoud Hastings via Yahoo 4:10 PM (7 hours ago) to geeroys09 Be careful with this message. It contains content that's typically used to steal personal information. Learn more Report this suspicious message Ignore, I trust this message Davoud Hastings shared this with you You are...

Yahoo / Web Browsing

Reviewer88037 on 2015-11-16
I set my homepage on safari as google. It works normally but then most times I search something on google then it loads on to the web page I click the link and it goes to either the same webpage but instead of google it was yahoo or it would go to a web browser I searched before.Im really...

Yahoo / Not receiving expected service

nyevero mudzuri on 2015-11-14
I have been using Yahoo email address for years for all my social and business correspondences. In June 2015, I suspected that I was hacked and followed the help tips provided by Yahoo to try to rectify the problem but it did not work. I kept asking for help only to be told that all wa...

Yahoomail.com / E-mail Address

Christiana Elulu on 2015-11-13
Hello! please am having a very big problem with my yahoomail address as am unable to sign in because it is requesting that i sign in my alternative email address that i attached to my e-mail address, of which that particular alternative e-mail address that i used then belongs to a friend...

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