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Justanswer.com / Many additional charges and unable to send a copy of file to expert

ZitaFrick on Jul 6, 2016
You provide them with your credit card # for an specific amount and then after you sign up, they want to charge you more money to have your question answered. After submitting my question, my "expert" asked me to send him a copy of my database, but when I try to do it I kept getting error...

Justanswer.com / Unauthorized charge to card

Reviewer24398 on Mar 5, 2016
In December 2015, I had a question about my car that none of my backyard mechanics could answer so, I gave this site a shot. Asked my question and was charged 22.00. Their Expert replied to me with a question, I should be charging them for. Now in February 2016, my bank statement comes in...

JustAnswer / I did not want to use service

Teressa Gardeur on Feb 13, 2016
I applied to your company for an answer to my dream. I realised immediately whilst applying that I did not wish to continue and asked to stop. My request was not heeded at the very begining, so my bank acount was debitted with £3 deposit, then £18 for a question, and then £21 for membership...

Justanswer.com / answer to my question

Lois Blaszczyk on Feb 6, 2016
I asked a question and did not get the answer. this site is a scam. I do not want membership with them and I do not want them taking money from my visa account for something I did not receive. I want this entire thing with them canceled and not money taken from my visa account.

Just Answer / Experts

Reviewer56317 on Feb 3, 2016
I contacted Boise on a problem I had with a new unit. The question was somehow posted on a company called Just Answers. I do not know how they got my credit card number but I was billed $45.00. I suggest that you look closely at any questions you wish to have answered on-line. This company...

JustAnswer / Charged extra amount of 28 USD unnecessarily

AnandhGopi on Jan 31, 2016
Subject: Charged extra 28 USD I have asked a question for an attorney on 22-Jan-2016 and paid 18 USD for it. After 7 days, I received email, stating 28 USD additional amount has been charged again to my credit card ending. This is totally, literally unfair & unacceptable. They didn't send any...

JustAnswer / not a scam

konmyway on Jan 29, 2016
I had six questions that I had posted and Alex Reese, Intellectual Property Law, was able to address to all questions. I was happy with his response to my questions. I was a little confused with the pop up box and I was redirected to a different page that stated that time was expired...

JustAnswer - California, San Francisco / Being charged twice for one question

Glennisf on Jan 21, 2016
I requested information about an old book. I have been charged twice for this one question. on 5/1/16 I was charged $5, on the same day $48. On the 13/1/16 I was charged another $53. Client Order No 15927077-180 The reference on my Credit Card Statement is 1800679634CA. How do I get my money back

Justanswer.com - California, San Francisco / Unauthorized billing for a club you dont want to join

Kevin HERTZ on Jan 12, 2016
A couple of years ago, I went on their site and got a good answer. This time? A Disaster. Now, they force you to join their stupid club at $28 dollars a month. I had no intention of joining their club. I am happy with per answer charge. I had a problem and went to their side. I didn't...

JustAnswer / All

Reviewer47845 on Dec 31, 2015
I asked a question regarding an automobile issue. I paid the $20.00 fee, the web site said that there were 6 " Toyota Mechanics" available to answer my question. I clicked on the" estimated wait time" button, and it said "approx. 8" minutes. I asked the question at 9:29 a.m. At 2:54 p.m. I...

Just Answer / Unauthorized charges

Dennis N on Dec 22, 2015
I signed up to have one questions answered for $38.00. However, when I received my credit card bill there was another charge for $48.00 plus the $38.00, The explanation for the $48.00 was for a membership which I did not sign up for. I emailed the person who answered my question asking who...

JustAnswer - California, San Francisco / Unauthorized charge!!

Sharon Williams Shuchman on Dec 22, 2015
I was charged $16.00 on 12/18/2015 from JUSTANSWER*ME and I don't know who they are! I want a refund! This is a scam. Nothing was ever authorized. I have contacted my bank. I have no way to contact this company. Please contact them. Sharon Shuchman 4043 Nolte Rd Apt. 1 Saint Cloud, FL 34772 407-361-8578

Just Answer / Internet - Answer Question / Unathorized Credit Card Charges

Kathy Hummer on Dec 15, 2015
On 29th October I asked legal questions online and the answer I received was satisfactory. A payment of $95.00 was charged to my Credit Card which I was happy to pay. On the 1st December another charge of $95.00 was charged to my Credit Card for a membership I never agreed to. I would like...

JustAnswer / Membership fee charged to my credit card

doofuss on Nov 30, 2015
On 11/13/2015 I used their service for information on truck repair job. I was pleased with their service and agreed to pay $23. for the service. We were so pleased we even agreed to $5. tip for the mechanic who assisted us. Those charges are fine. Transaction reference number...

JustAnswer - Ontario, Toronto / money taken from my acct. and no answer

Reviewer73683 on Oct 30, 2015
In May I joined just answer to ask a question about my granddaughters condition, every time I tried to get my answer a notice came up saying I need to update my payment info. And it still says that and it is now October 30th. Yet every month since May just answer has taken 51.98 from my...

Just Answers.com / Billing Practices - amount to an on line scam !

Reviewer74213 on Oct 22, 2015
October 8, 2015 The Just Answers web site advertise "7 day free trial" on the condition that an answer be met with an "fair share" compensation for the expert. : In other words don't ask a question and cancel to avoid paying, "fair enough"!! I asked a simple automotive question with an...

Just Answer / Money debited from my account but no information received

ChrisBB on Aug 11, 2015
I emailed Just Answer for help with a Legal enquiry. I was not able to access any answers sent to me due to problems with their computer system. I emailed their Technical department and after follow all of their instructions I was still not able to gain access to information. On the...

JustAnswer / Double deducting payment of credit card

Rose-Anne on Jul 30, 2015
I asked a question on justanswer.com . I filled in my credit card details. I was happy with the answer I received therefore I paid the required R400. I then gave a tip of R140. Six days later a further R540 was taken of my credit card. How do I get my details of this site and how do I get my refund. This is fraud,

Just Answer / Don't Use It

CCM71 on Jun 24, 2015
I tried to ask a veterinarian question. Before they will answer your question, you have to provide your name, email, credit card information, answer questions about whether or not you want to enroll in a monthly unlimited questions program for a month to month fee or just ask a question...

Just Answer - Texas, Fort Worth / Unanswered questions charged for

Tosha15 on Mar 7, 2015
I gave Just Answer my credoit card number which they were to charge if I was satisfied with the answer from their "mechanic". The answer came the next day. It was, "Here is the answer to your question..." And that's all there was. There was no answer. I emailed them back and their reply...

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