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Facebook Complaints & Reviews

Facebook - Victoria, warragul / Game

Linda Argento on Oct 4, 2016
Open transaction detailsPending - facebk virtual goods www.fb. me/cc, 1005Last 4 card digits 6996 $25.20 has been taken from my account and has not gone into face account for this please why did you take money from my account, please return as you can not just take money fir nothing return my money

Zaglai Films / Service

Glaiza Neo on Oct 1, 2016
Oct. 1, 2016 Written Warning for a very inconsiderate staff I was at LBC Savemore Novaliches at exactly 7:45 PM. I filled up the receptacle sticker and waited for the guy named "Johnny Menindo" (I don't know if he gave me the right name but to describe him, he is a bit old, around 50s-60...

Facebook / Zynga poker chips

Amir Parviz on Sep 20, 2016
Did you find out who stole my $5.6 Billion poker chips?? I need to find out who, i need my chips back, i suspect one of my alleged buddies, his first name is Brian, i do not know his last name, this morning he had almost no poker chips, this afternoon when i logged in to play, my chips were...

Facebook - California, Menlo Park / Account "compromised" I am locked out

Claire Fernanda on Aug 15, 2016
This is the third time in a year or so that my Facebook account has been compromised. I use the word "compromised" because I can't confirm that is is hacked. I just know I cannot access my page. Four days ago, I was using it without a problem and yesterday--BAM--I go to post and it treat...

Facebook / Federal government grants winners list

Christopherstown on Jul 13, 2016
I received a Facebook message from a friend I've known for 30 years saying she had received $50, 000.00 in 6hours from Emilia M Federer, the Online Claiming Agent at Facebook. Being very skeptical I thought I'd send a friend's request to this Emily M Federer just to see what...

Facebook / Fraudulent statement

Vincent S Zammit on Jul 6, 2016
Dear Sir, I have today received my monthly MasterCard visa statement from Bank of Valletta of triq il-kanun, Santa Vennera, Malta SVR 9030 and I notice that there is a payment for €57.56. Going back to my previous payments I notice a similar claim on the 24th March 2016 T2YXE9WBH2 for €30.49. A...

Facebook / My account was hacked by someone to use my debit card to pay for poker game

maria angel on Jun 23, 2016
My account was hacked by someone to use my debit card to pay for poker game 61 £. I don't know how to get my money back. I confirm that I use my card for only advertising on Facebook. Nothing else.

Facebook / Charged my account 3 ti messed at 25.00 a piece without my consent

Cynthia Robbins on May 26, 2016
I tried to get a hold of them but there is no number all I have is this www.fb.me/cc three separate times for 25 a peaceful for nothing I signed up for and without my consent on my statement there are alooking a series of letters and numbers before you get to the Web site which has been...

Facebook - California, California City / Messenger

Lynn B. Jacobs on Apr 15, 2016
Below you will see how someone is using Facebook and Messenger to scam people: Am Boll Mandy May Works at Facebook Lives in California City, California 1:56am Hello how are you doing Lynn B. Jacobs: Great and you? Am good Am Boll Mandy May from the Facebook, I am a Facebook Online Claim...

Facebook / Can't log into my account!

Sam on Apr 4, 2016
Hello, I need some help here. I have no idea what happened but I can't log into my Facebook account! I tried "forgot password" option, but it did not work. Maybe I was hacked or something, I don't know. I tried to contact Facebook customer support but there was no reply. I can't do...

Facebook.com / Being charged for something that i have no idea what for

tom2198sr1 on Feb 25, 2016
Hello on 2/22/16 I was charged $100.00 for something on face book and do not know what it is. I did not purchase anything for that amount, this is outrageous and I demand to know what it is or what happened for it to be allowed and why it was allowed. The only way I found out about it wa...

Facebook / Amounts taken out of my account without my authority

Ian Babbs on Feb 3, 2016
On the 11/1/16 and the 15/1/16 and 21/1/16 there were amount taken from my account without my authority. The amounts are as follows:- 11/1/16 reference No Q2EQwww.fb.me/cc for £4.78. 15/1/16 reference No Y54Ewww.fb.me/cc for £1.58. 21/1/16 has no reference number but my Bank have informed me...

Facebook / Unethical Behavior

u541v483 on Jan 25, 2016
I am a nurse in Idaho Falls Idaho, a small town where the parents of a little boy that went missing live. He has stalked, harassed, and defamed me publically for months for my efforts to try to find the missing boy. I helped get billboards up in the state of Idaho, where the boy went...

Facebook / No help!

Steeveee on Dec 14, 2015
Two weeks ago my facebook account was hacked. That person who hacked me sent some horrible pictures to all my friends and posted out some porn movies. All my friends were tagged in these awful posts and I even didn't know about that. Then I got a call from my friend. He asked if I'm...

Facebook - Nevada, Las Vegas / DoubleDown Casino

Reviewer82344 on Dec 1, 2015
On the evening of 11/30/15 I took advantage of your chips sale. I purchased 3, 300, 000. In chips for $2.99.00. I only received 300, 000 in chips.I would like either the three million in chips I paid for or my $2.99.00 back. Thank you for your help. Donald Batbie (808)357-5083, and like a...

Facebook, Inc. / Account Hacked

Anil R. Agarwal on Nov 10, 2015
My Face Book Account has been hacked on 6th Nov., 2015 (user id : agarwal_anl@in.com), by a person called Zobia Malik. She has deleted all my linked e-mail ids. I have tried all the modes of recovering my Hacked Face Book Account as per the details provided by Face Book (How to recover the...

Facebook / Double down casino - free spins errored out and never received bonus chips, since june.

Albert Ross on Oct 11, 2015
Please fix the game errors for Doubledown Casino and give me back my free spins and gifts sent to me and bonus chips. A refund of at least 100 million would be suitable. I had over 90 million but the errors and frozen bonus spins cheated me since before June last year should be compensated...

Facebook.com / Winning $600,000.00

Reviewer70928 on Oct 10, 2015
This afternoon, a women named Julie McCord Miller supposedly from Facebook messaged me (while I was on Facebook) that I had won $600, 000.00 from Facebook and that I needed to pay $350.00 to the company that was delivering the check and paperwork (FedEx).

Facebook / Unauthorized credit card charges

Sanjay cole on Oct 1, 2015
09/28/2015 POS PURCHASE PSPPSP FACEBK *KP4GK82WM2 www.fb.me/cc IE 0078414 4303900190477056 $1, 916.38 JMD 09/28/2015 POS PURCHASE PSPPSP FACEBK *XS7FK82WM2 www.fb.me/cc IE 0033017 4303900190477056 $190.45 JMD 09/28/2015 POS PURCHASE PSPPSP FACEBK *CP4GK82WM2 www.fb.me/cc IE 0078353...

Facebook / Fake account

suhana m on Oct 1, 2015
Respected Sir, I am Suhana M residing in india.i am writing this to inform you that someone starts a fake facebook account using my email id (suhana256@gmail.com).i don't have any facebook account. I kindly requested you to cancel that fake facebook account and prevent the potential...

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