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Comcast / Xfinity Complaints & Reviews

Comcast / Xfinity / Tv service for over 20 years

Mary Vanessa on 2016-03-29
My daughter purchased me a HDTv for Christmas, we added HD to 1 tv, I had trouble with it from 2014 thru 2015, for self repairs, keep sending boxes to exchange, remotes to exchange, because no one would ever come out, I spent hours in line at there office, my bill went up and up and even...

Comcast / Xfinity - California, Sacramento / Repeated Overbilling Contary to Specified Charges Listed in Contract

Reviewer31055 on 2016-03-04
I completed a 1 year agreement with Comcast/Xfinity at the end of last year. The contracty specifically stated that a "performance upgrade" would cost $5/month for the 1 year term of the agreement. My second bill they charged me $10 instead of $5. I called to correct this and they apologized and...

Xfinity - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Nightmare!

Gong333 on 2016-02-03
I got a special offer from Xfinity for Internet and tv with free installation only for $70. I was so excited about that and immediately accepted the offer. They promised to call back but they never did. So I called them myself and spoke to their representative. The rep apologised for not...

Comcast / Xfinity - Florida, Naples / Be aware of Comcast - Xfinity charges, don't let them screw you over

Ginagee on 2016-01-27
I am a new customer with Comcast and used their Internet service for about 2.5 months. Today my service was turned off, I was surprised and called the customer service. They explained I haven't been paying my bill. That was interesting since I never had received a bill from them. I thought...

Comcast / Xfinity / Loss of all service - tv, phone, internet - Sandcastle Rd, Sanibel

Reviewer76244 on 2016-01-24
I first complained to Comcast nearly two weeks ago - I had lost all service. I am 86 years of age and these are vital to me. When I first complained they said it would be over a week before they could get a technician to visit as there was no signal reaching the router. I told them I wa...

Comcast / Xfinity / Very Poor Costumer Services

Reviewer90391 on 2016-01-23
Will never use comcast again. We had them for 2 years in CT we had to move a year into our contract comcast renewed our 2yr contract when we moved without informing us. Unfortunately after we thoughtnthe 2yrs was up we had to move again. When I called to tranfer our service to new addre...

Comcast / Box Pick Up

ShannonRoss on 2016-01-18
Over a year ago we switched services away from Comcast. After arguing that we were not going to pay out of pocket to mail the box back they offered one of their "great" services to come to the house to pick it up free of charge. Perfect. While out doing yard work a gentleman pulls up in a...

Comcast / Xfinity - Florida, Tallahassee / Billing Assistance

MikeArt on 2016-01-15
I called to get my service changed for a lower bill. I was told I was given a deal by changing some services. I was specific that I wanted to retain my 2 DVR boxes and was assured no problem. Well it is a problem. They want me to get the anyroom DVR, which I was specific about not wanting...

Comcast / Xfinity / Employment

Reviewer70169 on 2015-12-07
I had serveral phone interviews with comcast and I was able to proceed to the actual orientation/face to face interview but in the process the schedule was change about 2 times and the interview locations were change 2 or 3 times up unto the day that I got to the location set for me and I...

Comcast - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Cable TV/Phone/Internet

Reviewer23338 on 2015-11-17
I discovered today that Comcast's annoying, sing song voiced Customer Service (gag) representatives are based in Honduras. This settles a long standing question, as I had thought they were residents of either the Phillipines or India. Comcast is having a memorable day up here, with a...

Comcast / Internet

Reviewer31371 on 2015-10-30
i have recieved a letter in the mail 3 day's ago that i was behind but was givin till the 3rd to pay it. i thought ok seeing i got my disability on the 3rd no problem. well today 10/30/2015 i woke up and my service was interupted. so i had to over draw my acct to pay to get service...

Comcast - Utah, Pleasant Grove / Show Programming Not Correct

GcPCo on 2015-10-30
So, I have a show I DVR. It's on E Entertainment television, and it's listed as being on, so I DVR it, only to go to watch it and find that another E show is taped. Upon checking the E channel lineup, I see correct listings. COMCAST needs to sync up!! My DVR is filled with dozens of...

Comcast / Billing/Customer HD service scam

Reviewer49149 on 2015-10-28
I recently switched to Comcast and was initially presently surprised that the installation tech was very nice and helpful as was the Comcast rep on the phone. That was not my experience when I cancelled my Comcast service years ago and switched to Verizon. However, after Verizon began...

Comcast Business Services / Brad Ferrin Comcast Client Service Manager lied to us, changed service w/o approval

Reviewer41425 on 2015-09-27
Comcast Business Service Client Service Manager Brad Ferrin lied to us and stood us up for meetings and have been plagued with Internet connection issues. Brad Ferrin changed our service without our approval and consent. When we called Comcast to complain about our horrible customer...

Comcast / Cable

Reviewer10790 on 2015-09-21
Local comcast service station provides package deals while actual billing continues at elevated rates. This requires customes to call over and over. You speak to someone in the Phillipines who you cannot understand and usually is not helpful There is awful communication with oversea...

Xfinity1 / The work wasn’t done properly

Reviewer59896 on 2015-09-13
On Monday the company Xfinity1 came to my house and installed the TV package. But something was done improperly and therefore the TV showed only 3 days. I called them yesterday and told that the TV stopped to show, but they only promised to provide the repair and told to wait. I got the...

Comcast - Georgia, Savannah / X1 cable/internet

Reviewer44444 on 2015-08-29
I moved to a community where Comcast is the monopoly cable provider (they forbid satellite dishes for aesthetic purposes) 5/1/15, and the X1 cable nor the internet they installed have worked at least half the time since then. I have spent hours upon hours on the phone with cluele...

Www.xfinity. Tv / I want to cancel bogus charges

hiphopgirl on 2015-07-12
Don’t waste your money on the website www.xfinity.tv. I subscribed for the services and everything was ok, but they started to take double sum for the services. I already called them and left messages, but no one reacted or stopped to charge me. I want to cancel the services and...

Comcast Xfinity - California, Modesto / Billing more than told

Richard E F on 2015-05-05
My mother, which I help out at times since she’s 87 years old, has had Infinity for a few years with TV, phone and Internet. Her modem started having trouble so I took it in to Infinity to exchange. The person at the counter claimed she could save money each month by switching to a...

Comcast Xfinity / poor custumer service

Leslie Morton on 2015-04-25
Comcast affinity is my internet, TV, and landline phone provider. I am suppose to be able to get by my computer ESPN-3 and able watch our local minor league baseball team the Lancaster Barnstormers vs the Sugarland Skitters. Two nights in a row now i have been unable to get the ESPN-3 to...

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