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Dish Network Complaints & Reviews

Dish Network / Bad driver for second time

Reviewer78997 on 2016-02-03
I reported to dish a few weeks ago about one of their drivers and since I always keep record of such, I know that the same driver seen in the same general area maplesville/Jemison al area. Truck # 2196 tag# 29bn426 has been seen swerving all of the road today just 15 minutes ago it wa...

Dish Network / Internet Service

I don't know on 2016-01-30
Intermittent internet service since installation two months ago. After contacting customer service and doing the same old tests time and time again, we finally get connected. The remedy is simply unplugging the modem/router boxes and plugging them in again. That works for the time being...

Dish Network - Texas, Victoria / Bill, service

Reviewer58953 on 2016-01-27
I moved in to my new residents. I told the man my box wasn't working and the DVR part didn't work. He was here for two days, nothing got fixed. He was asking a family member for her phone number. Can I take you out. That was rude, and disrespectful. I also got charged both days he didn't...

Dish Network - Illinois, Palatine / Service

steve1111111111 on 2016-01-22
So much wrong where to start. Teck was terrible, my grandson could do better Signal so bad, called they come fix.. They [teck] put conectors on cable that were for inside, So in 2 months tv starts flickering, call again, rep. says they will take 3 month of receiver rent off bill 7$ times 3...

Dish Network - Colorado, Englewood / Billing Debit Card without authorization

Reviewer64342 on 2016-01-10
Dish Network did not provide the services they guaranteed...Storms and inclement weather created numerous interruptions to service (Installation person said initially that this would not happen)...I terminate service due to their inability to provide service...Talked to, allegedly, their...

Dish Network / Discontinuing service and lying customer service representatives, raiding my banking account

Reviewer64983 on 2015-12-26
I called Dish 12-17-15 to discontinue my service. I was under no contact obligation and in excellent account standing. I discontinued prior to to my next billing cycle and no monies owed. I should have been credited with days remaining that were already paid in full. Customer service...

Dishnet - California, Paso Robles, California / Programmimg

Reviewer92393 on 2015-12-21
I can't believe that none of the CIF Championship State football game we have been watching for years, were blacked out in our area. That was a bunch of crap. We weren't even informed that all of the games were blacked out in our area. That was a bunch of crap and have put a bad taste in...

Dish Network / Tricky Business Practices

Reviewer79719 on 2015-12-11
I had DISH Network instatlled on 20 Nov. Since than I have come to find out that you need the internet to use 2 of thier 3 services, on demand and DISH anywhere. This was not told to me prior to installation. After installation it is to late to do anything about it. I have called DISH to...

Dish Network / I’m very disappointed

Mike on 2015-12-09
I decided to have dish network in my house because I heard only positive things about them. Also they had this free sports pack for one year. But like every other company they just lie to their clients. I asked them many times about sports pack, and every time they told that it is free...

Dish Network - Arizona, Mesa / Dish Customer Service

Reviewer50306 on 2015-12-07
after several complaints about no service my box was finally replaced since I was against signing another 2yr contract I was given the same old style box they were replacing, now mind you I have been with dish since 2004.. 1 week after the swap out the system went dead again...so I...

Dish Network - Texas, Forney / Installation

Reviewer63266 on 2015-11-24
I ordered Dish Network at the beginning of October 2015. I couldn't an installation date until two days before Thanksgiving. The company switched installation technician arrival times three times. The time became later and later. When I final called to complain the customer service rep...

Dish Network - Colorado, Littleton / Cancellation fee

Reviewer84455 on 2015-11-16
I moved to a location where I cannot get dish service. I have called, emailed, and spoken to a supervisor since their tech told me I can cancel service and not pay the fee since she could not get her equipment to connect to their satellites. I reported this. Also, my new apartment complex...

Dish Networks - Pennsylvania, Ephrata / Cable TV

Reviewer79659 on 2015-11-14
Called to request how to lower monthly charges. After an hour on the phone they ended up increased the bill. I called again, same results twice. I wrote two letters and they failed to respond to either. I called again and requested immediate termination. After hours on the phone they...

Centurylink - Colorado, Denver / Isp service

Reviewer86786 on 2015-11-13
Getting tired of this problem. Have major problem with the line coming from centurylinks side of the internet service. Approximately, every 5 to 10 minutes. They drop the dsl connection. I can't even read my email! Worse yet. When I go to reset the modem as per tech. support telling...

Centurylink / Bad Phone and Internet

John P1 on 2015-11-11
I would caution anyone considering the phony so called Cop. To shop else where and don't even get them as a last resort. They refused to let me cancel service / They lied and said I was on a which I am not and they forced me to have there lousy service and horrible customer...

Dish Network / Pausing over summer, vacation home, early termination fee, contract.

Reviewer80134 on 2015-10-20
First, they are relentless in trying to make you keep your service, second they added time to my service for pausing during non use. Charging after two and a half years 180.00 for early termination plus return fees for sending back the box. I was considering their service for my home and...

Dish Network / Satelite

proplayer71 on 2015-10-18
They cancelled me after one week of service for asking why is my tv service out daily and stating all I want is what I am paying for. The customer service reps were terrible and dishonest, I believe call center wasn't in the states, they wouldn't let me talk to anyone with...

Dish Network - Texas, Houston / Unauthorized debit card charges

Esther07 on 2015-10-15
Dish Network illegally obtained new personal bank information to collect a debt. In November of 2014 I signed up with Dish Network. In December of 2014 I paid my bill online leaving no balance. The very next day which happen to be a Sunday I realized my account with out my authorization...

Centurylink - New Mexico, Cerrillos / Internet/Landline

Reviewer61916 on 2015-10-12
I hate this company. 1/4 to half of my bill is taxes. My bill for my landline is $17. Taxes are $13. My internet is $65. Taxes are $16. If I use my landline for long distance, they tax that too! It's a racket and their days are numbered. Ride that wave while you can CenturyLink because I'm...

Centurylink - Washington, Seattle / Customer service here is some of the worst i've ever experienced

Reviewer88983 on 2015-10-12
I have been dealing with a billing issue since June 2015. It has taken as long as 2 hours to get through to customer service. Because I have never missed a payment with this company, I am in their "Loyalty Program". Apparently, being a good paying, loyal customer means we get lied...

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