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Dish Network Complaints & Reviews

Dish Network / Customer service

decnky on Oct 6, 2016
We signed up for Dish about 30-40 days ago and had what we thought was a good deal as presented to us by the salesman. We now know we were WRONG ! Salesman gave us his cell phone number and told us to call him if we had any problem. We did just that several times within the first few day...

Dish Network / Service and business dealings dish

d andersen on Oct 5, 2016
After requesting a refund not once, not twice, but three times and 61 days later we are told our refund will be here in the next 23 days. We stopped our service because we were being billed for channels we were no longer receiving. We were tired of the increases in fees and decreases in...

Dish Network / Dish network

veeww on Oct 3, 2016
Do not use dishnetwork! a bunch of trickery and misleading involved. I had dish network service in Goergia. After I realized that $35.00 was added on to my bill I had to cancel. I was mislead when I first signed up with Dish TV. I did not know I was under contract and also did not know that...

Charlene Jimmerson - Connecticut, Lebanon / Billing dispute

HaleyWinters on Sep 29, 2016
We signed a 24 month contract with dish network the month charges were supposed to be 88.98 a month with autopay. The first payment in May 2016 went fine without an issue, every month since we have had nothing but problems and now they want to charge 106.52 a month for the same service...

Dish Network / Relocating dish network service

Hillbilly344 on Sep 15, 2016
I signed a 24 mos contract with Dish Network knowing at that time we would be moving and was told how easy it was to get my service set up again once move was complete. They also talked me into the whole bundle package with internet and phone. When the move started in May 2016 we put our...

Dish Network / Unauthorized charges

kellidolph on Sep 14, 2016
When I received my cable bill for the month ending 10/3/2016, I almost fainted on the floor. My bill was over 200 dollars!! I went online to see why my bill was so high. I was charged about 65.oo dollars for adult movies. I called them and told them we were not even home, and nobody in my...

Dish Network - Colorado, Englewood / Won't let me get service due someone who used to live at my address

Sam1989 on Sep 9, 2016
I was shocked today when I was told that the previous resident owes Dish $1000. I bought my house 4 years' ago and I do not know the person they are referring to that use to live in my house and has delinquent payment when that person is not me and I don't know anyone by the name they gave...

Dish Network / Dish network is not honoring their $39.99 flex pack promotion and is overcharging me $10.00/month.

MetalMaker on Sep 3, 2016
August 31-September 1, 2016 I have seen multiple sites/ads promoting DISH's Flex Pack for $39.99. The price includes the 50+ Flex Pack with your first “Channel Pack” choice included. The dish.com website promotes a $39.99 DISH Flex Pack with 60+ channels and includes the “first Channel...

Dish Network - New York, Smithville Flats / T.V. and data

Dish ripoff on Sep 3, 2016
They link your tv use to your internet use .which takes forever to download anything .One movie on demand wipes out all your data time as it takes about 5 mins. To download about 1 min. Of the movie. When I call to complain they try to sell me more data time .then they tell me not to watch...

Dish Network - Washington, Sequim / Loss of local fox channel broadcasting seahawks games

The Jode on Aug 31, 2016
DISH is in a spat and the customers are the losers. DISH promises stellar service to new customers but treats existing customers like trash. What was available at the time of sign-up is no longer available and they will not provide a solution without charging me more! Poor customer...

Dish Network - Colorado, Englewood / Overcharge

secondsecret on Aug 15, 2016
I have had the worst service from Dish Network. I made my second payment online with my debit card on August 6th and then set up auto pay to start in September. Next day I looked at my checking account and Dish took two payments of $95.90 and one payment of $76.97. Because of this my bank...

Dish Network - Colorado, Englewood / Dish network pay as you go

finsc on Aug 6, 2016
Background: Dish account 8255909328593949. I had a pay as you go account for our RV. We put it on Pause because we were not using it. I chatted with an agent in April to close the account because we were not using the RV and I did not want to pay the fee every month to keep the account on...

Dish Network - Texas, West / Unauthorized credit card charges

CC90 on Aug 5, 2016
On August 5, 2016. I spent over an hour on the phone, while at work, I kept repeating that I was at work and they did not seem to care. Kept putting me on hold, playing pinball with transferring me here and there, then as far as to hanging up on me. I was calling because I let my card be...

Dish Network - North Dakota, Fargo / Stopped service charged for 2 months

Big Buddah on Aug 3, 2016
I called DISH on May 30 and cancel my service because I was moving.The lady said she would take care of stopping my service the last day of the month which was Tuesday the 31st of May.I was looking at my bank statement in July and was puzzled because Dish was still charging my account for...

Dish Network - Kentucky, Eminence / Deceptive sales

bwetenkamp on Jul 21, 2016
I signed up for dish network 2 weeks ago tomorrow. The dish sales man said there was a 2 week trial period in which i could cancel my order if not happy. Thew day after instillation I called because I was told that net flix was free and included. I was told sorry that offer ended April...

Dish Network - Colorado, Englewood / TV

%$# on Jul 20, 2016
After on the phone for 2 hours today, sent to what I was told was the highest level of customer service, "The President's Office". There was no help and no concern. After this experience I reviewed the multiple complaints throughout the USA and cannot fathom how in the world DISH is in...

Dish Network / Dish contract

Chowie on Jul 16, 2016
I called to order additional Joey at no time I was told it would extend my contract 2 years. I received the Joey, call customer service to hook it up and at the end of installation then was told 2yr extention. I immediately sent it back stating I wasn't told this when ordering and who in...

Dish Network / Dish Network Stole $400.00 from my debit/credit card overdraft my account

Queenlady Mae on Jul 9, 2016
Hi everyone, "buyer alert" do not sign up or do business with dish . Had thier company for a few months signed up with my debit card by phone and they charged me a one fee of $170.00 and asked me did i want their auto pay, i told them no, i would pay them monthly over the phone, he said...

Dish Network - Ohio, North Bend / Unauthorized transactions

Ricky Young 513 on Jul 1, 2016
On July 1, 2016 Dish Network took $380.00 off of my debit card for social security disability. Back in October 2015 I let my sister in law use my card for a $1.00 transaction for her to get service with Dish Network though a third party satillte company. I have never had a account with...

Dish Network / Tv Service

P Gull on Jun 20, 2016
I am VERY tired of having to call Dish about problems with the box turning off over and over we go sometimes 4 times a day with updates but don't get any credit off our bill for ruined shows etc. Every time we call we have to repeat our problems and they insist we need tech support but...

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