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Dish Network Complaints & Reviews

Dish Network - Kentucky, Eminence / Deceptive sales

bwetenkamp on Jul 21, 2016
I signed up for dish network 2 weeks ago tomorrow. The dish sales man said there was a 2 week trial period in which i could cancel my order if not happy. Thew day after instillation I called because I was told that net flix was free and included. I was told sorry that offer ended April...

Dish Network - Colorado, Englewood / TV

%$# on Jul 20, 2016
After on the phone for 2 hours today, sent to what I was told was the highest level of customer service, "The President's Office". There was no help and no concern. After this experience I reviewed the multiple complaints throughout the USA and cannot fathom how in the world DISH is in...

Dish Network / Dish contract

Chowie on Jul 16, 2016
I called to order additional Joey at no time I was told it would extend my contract 2 years. I received the Joey, call customer service to hook it up and at the end of installation then was told 2yr extention. I immediately sent it back stating I wasn't told this when ordering and who in...

Dish Network / Dish Network Stole $400.00 from my debit/credit card overdraft my account

Queenlady Mae on Jul 9, 2016
Hi everyone, "buyer alert" do not sign up or do business with dish . Had thier company for a few months signed up with my debit card by phone and they charged me a one fee of $170.00 and asked me did i want their auto pay, i told them no, i would pay them monthly over the phone, he said...

Dish Network - Ohio, North Bend / Unauthorized transactions

Ricky Young 513 on Jul 1, 2016
On July 1, 2016 Dish Network took $380.00 off of my debit card for social security disability. Back in October 2015 I let my sister in law use my card for a $1.00 transaction for her to get service with Dish Network though a third party satillte company. I have never had a account with...

Dish Network / Tv Service

P Gull on Jun 20, 2016
I am VERY tired of having to call Dish about problems with the box turning off over and over we go sometimes 4 times a day with updates but don't get any credit off our bill for ruined shows etc. Every time we call we have to repeat our problems and they insist we need tech support but...

Dish Network - Texas, Greenville / Service

Kimberly K. (K.K.W.) on Jun 16, 2016
I have been with this co. for over 3 years. It cost me 400.00 to get initial service, there was a "one time" Lease fee of the box for 199.00, not sure what they desperately needed the rest of the money for. I am disabled/retired and do not receive my monthly funds until the 3 of ea. mo. My...

Dish Network / Deceptive Practices - UDAP - Intentionally confusing their customers

eastmartin on Jun 11, 2016
In October of 2015 I started a 2 year contract with DISH Network - Price Lock Package. My 'contract' printed out in the statement has verbiage to the effect of "DISH will not change (a) the prices you pay for programming packages set forth below (the "Programming Price Lock Packages") or...

Dish Network - Michigan, Southfield / television

robbed in michigan on Jun 10, 2016
I moved to a new location that calls for a $500 security deposit for dish installation. Since I was told I was no longer under contract because its well past the initial 24 months of service and could not afford to pay $500 I discontinued service. Despite being their customer for 6 year...

Dish Network / Dish Customer Service/Policies

Robert Pittman Tome on Jun 6, 2016
When I moved, I canceled my Dish network service. I knew I would have return my equipment, you always do, no problem. Before I received my boxes from Dish to return my equipment, they took $445.00 out of my account without my knowledge, when I went to pay my mortgage and my money was gone...

Dish Network / Equipment Return

aurorab on Jun 6, 2016
In July of 2014 I disconnected my Dish Network receiver in preparation to cancel my service because I was getting ready to move. At that time I attempted to call Dish to notify them of my cancellation. I was unable to reach the company by phone because they use an automated system...and the...

Dish Network / Movie Order

Mr. Po'ed on May 28, 2016
Date: Sat. May 28th 2016 Time: 19:00 hrs. At approx. 18:55 hrs. I attempted to order from Dish Network a feature film named The Finest Hour. I attempted to order the film for viewing at the start time 19:00 hrs. The phone representative made me: 1. Go to the " Menu " and press twice. I...

Dish Network - California, Pasadena / TV Cable

mcrye48 on May 24, 2016
Dish network has gotten to be the sorriest, rudest, people ever. I've been with them for 9 years and WILL NOT pay $95.00 for the top 120 channels when I can get them for free on internet and Roku. Yesterday my wife and I both spent over 3 hours trying to work out the price and stay with...

Dish Network / Tv

Amy Smith on Apr 30, 2016
If I could give zero stars I would. DO NOT GET DISH!!! I signed a 2 year contract with them and called today which is now 2 years later to see what the final day was. They told me I had another 2 years left. I called them a year ago because my equipment wasn't working for the tv and the sale...

Dish Network / tv service

Connie Kristensen on Apr 30, 2016
I signed up for bundled services through frontier communications with the TV portion being DISH network. This was a month to month with no contract. I called frontier yesterday to close my account due to moving. I was told at that time I needed to also call DISH. I called DISH and they...

Dish Network / Direct Tv Giftcard Promotions for signing up.

cbowie79 on Apr 21, 2016
I signed up a 4 months ago with dish cable. There was a promotion with a gift card for signing up. I called a little over a month ago a lady representative told me that she would have to look into it and somebody would get back to me, I just called a few minutes ago and the man I spoke...

Dish Network / Billing

Spooks on Apr 11, 2016
Since we anticipated travel and an early move, we purchased our Dish equipment to avoid any service cancellation charges or other problems when it came time to move. We recently had an issue with loss of service while traveling and paid our bill over the phone with a credit card and paying...

Dish Network / Dish Network

TrisciaAnn on Apr 7, 2016
We cancelled our service, we were charged an early termination fee which we paid. We were then sent a bill for the equipment and we sent the equipment back then they turned us over to collections for a past due bill. But we never received a bill for the balance. They turned us over in...

Dish Network / Customer service

robert keim on Mar 30, 2016
This is a continuation of a complaint I posted 2 weeks go. It concerned the return of a dish receiver, in order to avoid a monthly fee of $7.00, by using a receiver, that I own. To summarize, as Dish says, there was a misunderstanding concerning the elimination of the fee, and they would...

Dish Network / Unethical behaviour

Mark Steinmann on Mar 29, 2016
Dear Sirs, I have been charged an early termination fee, resulting in a collections account. I had Dish, I moved and asked to take the service to the new location. A technician came out to do the install. I could not have the service because of the trees in my yard. I canceled the service...

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