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Dish Network Complaints & Reviews

Dish Network - California, Pasadena / TV Cable

mcrye48 on 2016-05-24
Dish network has gotten to be the sorriest, rudest, people ever. I've been with them for 9 years and WILL NOT pay $95.00 for the top 120 channels when I can get them for free on internet and Roku. Yesterday my wife and I both spent over 3 hours trying to work out the price and stay with...

Dish Network / Tv

Amy Smith on 2016-04-30
If I could give zero stars I would. DO NOT GET DISH!!! I signed a 2 year contract with them and called today which is now 2 years later to see what the final day was. They told me I had another 2 years left. I called them a year ago because my equipment wasn't working for the tv and the sale...

Dish Network / tv service

Connie Kristensen on 2016-04-30
I signed up for bundled services through frontier communications with the TV portion being DISH network. This was a month to month with no contract. I called frontier yesterday to close my account due to moving. I was told at that time I needed to also call DISH. I called DISH and they...

Dish Network / Direct Tv Giftcard Promotions for signing up.

cbowie79 on 2016-04-21
I signed up a 4 months ago with dish cable. There was a promotion with a gift card for signing up. I called a little over a month ago a lady representative told me that she would have to look into it and somebody would get back to me, I just called a few minutes ago and the man I spoke...

Dish Network / Billing

Spooks on 2016-04-11
Since we anticipated travel and an early move, we purchased our Dish equipment to avoid any service cancellation charges or other problems when it came time to move. We recently had an issue with loss of service while traveling and paid our bill over the phone with a credit card and paying...

Dish Network / Dish Network

TrisciaAnn on 2016-04-07
We cancelled our service, we were charged an early termination fee which we paid. We were then sent a bill for the equipment and we sent the equipment back then they turned us over to collections for a past due bill. But we never received a bill for the balance. They turned us over in...

Dish Network / Customer service

robert keim on 2016-03-30
This is a continuation of a complaint I posted 2 weeks go. It concerned the return of a dish receiver, in order to avoid a monthly fee of $7.00, by using a receiver, that I own. To summarize, as Dish says, there was a misunderstanding concerning the elimination of the fee, and they would...

Dish Network / Unethical behaviour

Mark Steinmann on 2016-03-29
Dear Sirs, I have been charged an early termination fee, resulting in a collections account. I had Dish, I moved and asked to take the service to the new location. A technician came out to do the install. I could not have the service because of the trees in my yard. I canceled the service...

Dish Network - Illinois, Palatine / customer service

robert keim on 2016-03-25
Purchased a receiver and tailgater system for my motorhome. I also have Dish at home, with an extra receiver, that I pay $7/mo. for. Called customer service to inquire if I could avoid the $7 monthly fee, for the extra receiver by returning it, and using the receiver that I own. I was told...

Dish Network - California, Stockton / Installation hazard, Service, handicapped access with tv/remote

Teri Rhynes on 2016-03-15
March 13 2016 and 14th.Had 1 day. Installed by them with cord going on our roof from 1 side of the house to the other. Hazard. Service when called on day2 was rude. Wanting to charge us 60. Reception on a white screen with a Very Complicated remote is not capible for us to see. Rep. Very...

Dish Network / customer service

0000000000000 on 2016-03-09
Not much to report because there is no real customer service...phones being forwarded to another person to person who does not have the information needed. Waiting on the phone for someone to answer and being forced into listening to commercials. You are now a equal to customer service of...

Dish Network - Utah, Saint George / Dish hopper, dish customer service, dish tech support

Robert Unbedacht on 2016-03-07
My receiver is going bad. I called and talked to a tech, we walked thru different procedures, he finally said they would have to send me a new recv'r. He then told me it would take 3 to 4 days to recv. I told him there were 4 Dish suppliers in my town, why couldn't they just send...

Dish Network / Bad driver for second time

Reviewer78997 on 2016-02-03
I reported to dish a few weeks ago about one of their drivers and since I always keep record of such, I know that the same driver seen in the same general area maplesville/Jemison al area. Truck # 2196 tag# 29bn426 has been seen swerving all of the road today just 15 minutes ago it wa...

Dish Network / Internet Service

I don't know on 2016-01-30
Intermittent internet service since installation two months ago. After contacting customer service and doing the same old tests time and time again, we finally get connected. The remedy is simply unplugging the modem/router boxes and plugging them in again. That works for the time being...

Dish Network - Texas, Victoria / Bill, service

Reviewer58953 on 2016-01-27
I moved in to my new residents. I told the man my box wasn't working and the DVR part didn't work. He was here for two days, nothing got fixed. He was asking a family member for her phone number. Can I take you out. That was rude, and disrespectful. I also got charged both days he didn't...

Dish Network - Illinois, Palatine / Service

steve1111111111 on 2016-01-22
So much wrong where to start. Teck was terrible, my grandson could do better Signal so bad, called they come fix.. They [teck] put conectors on cable that were for inside, So in 2 months tv starts flickering, call again, rep. says they will take 3 month of receiver rent off bill 7$ times 3...

Dish Network - Colorado, Englewood / Billing Debit Card without authorization

Reviewer64342 on 2016-01-10
Dish Network did not provide the services they guaranteed...Storms and inclement weather created numerous interruptions to service (Installation person said initially that this would not happen)...I terminate service due to their inability to provide service...Talked to, allegedly, their...

Dish Network / Discontinuing service and lying customer service representatives, raiding my banking account

Reviewer64983 on 2015-12-26
I called Dish 12-17-15 to discontinue my service. I was under no contact obligation and in excellent account standing. I discontinued prior to to my next billing cycle and no monies owed. I should have been credited with days remaining that were already paid in full. Customer service...

Dishnet - California, Paso Robles, California / Programmimg

Reviewer92393 on 2015-12-21
I can't believe that none of the CIF Championship State football game we have been watching for years, were blacked out in our area. That was a bunch of crap. We weren't even informed that all of the games were blacked out in our area. That was a bunch of crap and have put a bad taste in...

Dish Network / Tricky Business Practices

Reviewer79719 on 2015-12-11
I had DISH Network instatlled on 20 Nov. Since than I have come to find out that you need the internet to use 2 of thier 3 services, on demand and DISH anywhere. This was not told to me prior to installation. After installation it is to late to do anything about it. I have called DISH to...

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