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Dish Network / Telephone service phone number 520 355 5601 agnes I adams

Gary F Adams on Jan 14, 2017
On December 31st, 2016, we called dish customer service about our phone service problem. This is the problem. We can receive long distance calls, but we can not make any out going long distance calls. We have called several times about this problem and have been assured that the problem...

Dish Network / Cable

Jamela2298 on Jan 14, 2017
I paid my bill and they shut my services off superviser giving people wrong info They want more money but its not my fault it there i talked to the President and she was rude so im getting a lawyer your customer's dont come first with dish i keep going thru this with dish so some one...

Dish Network / Service

Jet T on Jan 10, 2017
We got dish tv about 3 months ago. We had Directv for two years a d the bill was going up and we met a dish tv booth at a Maine fair and they told us how much better they were and how much cheaper they were then directv. You get what you pay for. We have had nothing but trouble with dish...

Dish Network / Equipment

I have had nothing but issues with equipment since signing up for Dish Network about six weeks. The Hopper in my living room had to be replaced inside of one week. The technician came out and replaced the HDMI cable (our fault) and it eventually worked correctly (not right away). After two...

Dish Network / Misleading contract

DidyMo on Jan 3, 2017
In May I bought a new TV. The Dish Network technician first installed hardware for only one TV, so I had to call him back to hook up second. It had something to do with a "Joey" and a "Hopper". I thought I was simply signing a receipt for the installation but then my monthly bill shot up...

Dish Network / Referral program for $100 credit.

Tawny Campbell on Dec 20, 2016
My referral, Kenneth Welty, 6497 T.R. 210, Belle Center, Ohio 43310, telephone 937-407-1583, began service with Dish with my referal card on Octobe 21, 2016. To date, I have been unable to get my $100 referral credit applied to my monthly bill. I have spoken to four different...

Dish Network / Horrible customer service

Paul Barrott on Dec 19, 2016
My name is Paul Barrott and I am a cancer patient. I suffer from stage 4 GIST. I have been a customer for 6 years and have found out that Dish does care much about loyalty to customers. Because I am on a pre pay account Dish has told me they cant treat me like any other customer. All I...

Dish Network / False charges, breach of contract

Erik Hansen on Dec 16, 2016
Admittedly, Dish price wise, is better than DirectTV but what Dish will claim to charge you as compared to what you actually get charged is different, and once you are in a contract you are stuck. First, you will be charged $15 dollars a month as a DVR service fee, when your DVR s###s the...

Dish Network / Product installation

WGM on Dec 11, 2016
Installation at tenant apartment was extremely poor. Installer would not answer phone when called to make installation look more professional. Obviously this installer has no incentive to do a professional job. He was only there to collect his pay and move on. I contacted dish to no avail...

Dish Network / Trapped in a contract

Bob Dover on Nov 30, 2016
Purchased Dish 200 service back in April with a 2 year guarantee price of $49 per month. Lived in Nevada and moved to Oklahoma in November. Had Dish re-install my service. Tech came out and sold me a bill of goods. Told me that if I purchased my equipment (total $450) which I am sure he...

Dish Network / T.v. bill

Odssemp on Nov 15, 2016
Beginning in September 2016 an additional bill of $77 has been added to my account. I have been trying with no avail to have this removed from my account. I was told the $77 was from may 2014. I would like for that additional bill to be removed. I can't understand how dish network could...

Dish Network / Dish network truck driver.

Zesty1 on Nov 6, 2016
I'm writing today to inform you about one of your drivers, while driving between republic washington, and tonasket Washington at 6pm myself and several other cars where passed by a dish truck that was driving recklessly speeding upwards of 80mph passing people on corners and on double...

Dish Network / Customer service

decnky on Oct 6, 2016
We signed up for Dish about 30-40 days ago and had what we thought was a good deal as presented to us by the salesman. We now know we were WRONG ! Salesman gave us his cell phone number and told us to call him if we had any problem. We did just that several times within the first few day...

Dish Network / Service and business dealings dish

d andersen on Oct 5, 2016
After requesting a refund not once, not twice, but three times and 61 days later we are told our refund will be here in the next 23 days. We stopped our service because we were being billed for channels we were no longer receiving. We were tired of the increases in fees and decreases in...

Dish Network / Dish network

veeww on Oct 3, 2016
Do not use dishnetwork! a bunch of trickery and misleading involved. I had dish network service in Goergia. After I realized that $35.00 was added on to my bill I had to cancel. I was mislead when I first signed up with Dish TV. I did not know I was under contract and also did not know that...

Charlene Jimmerson / Billing dispute

HaleyWinters on Sep 29, 2016
We signed a 24 month contract with dish network the month charges were supposed to be 88.98 a month with autopay. The first payment in May 2016 went fine without an issue, every month since we have had nothing but problems and now they want to charge 106.52 a month for the same service...

Dish Network / Relocating dish network service

Hillbilly344 on Sep 15, 2016
I signed a 24 mos contract with Dish Network knowing at that time we would be moving and was told how easy it was to get my service set up again once move was complete. They also talked me into the whole bundle package with internet and phone. When the move started in May 2016 we put our...

Dish Network / Unauthorized charges

kellidolph on Sep 14, 2016
When I received my cable bill for the month ending 10/3/2016, I almost fainted on the floor. My bill was over 200 dollars!! I went online to see why my bill was so high. I was charged about 65.oo dollars for adult movies. I called them and told them we were not even home, and nobody in my...

Dish Network / Won't let me get service due someone who used to live at my address

Sam1989 on Sep 9, 2016
I was shocked today when I was told that the previous resident owes Dish $1000. I bought my house 4 years' ago and I do not know the person they are referring to that use to live in my house and has delinquent payment when that person is not me and I don't know anyone by the name they gave...

Dish Network / Dish network is not honoring their $39.99 flex pack promotion and is overcharging me $10.00/month.

MetalMaker on Sep 3, 2016
August 31-September 1, 2016 I have seen multiple sites/ads promoting DISH's Flex Pack for $39.99. The price includes the 50+ Flex Pack with your first “Channel Pack” choice included. The dish.com website promotes a $39.99 DISH Flex Pack with 60+ channels and includes the “first Channel...

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