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Subway - I dont seem to get any proper feedback on the delivery

Posted: 2015-10-05 by    Reviewer82193
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Use subway locator and tried calling almost all subway restaurant for enquire about delivery... Didn't get any proper reply... Most calls goes unanswered and some were not able to understand english.. Get someone who speaks and understand english to answer the call. Probably get one customer service no. Like orien's sandwich.. Good service, delivered on time and customer service was superb.. Lastly mange to get mrs kathie wong for help.. Manage to get it settle. Thanks.....

Subway - Not getting paid for hours worked

Posted: 2015-08-19 by    Reviewer87173
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They pay you by the hours on the schedule not the hours you clock in for. The store closes at 11 o'clock that's what you get paid till but you still have to count the money, count the bread, put away the food, clean the cold bin, and others things . This takes anywhere from a half hour to forty five minutes. I and others don't get paid for that. We clock in and out on the pos system our hours worked don't match the hours on our checks....

Subway - Indiana, Terre Haute - poor service,rude

Posted: 2015-07-16 by    1956
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I went in to order meal for mother . I ask associate Adam for nutritional info He directed me to info by door found discount coupons for holiday world and advertizement for chicken salad sandwich. I told him info not there Explained mother had congestive heart failure and need sodium content He told me I would have to go on line to get info Unacceptable wile mother in car waiting He raised his voice ask me what I wanted I was the only costumer in store so he was not busy although that was no excuse I ask if chicken salad had onion in it His response was I do not know. I was frustrated stated I would...

Subway - staff

Posted: 2015-05-15 by    michelle 1
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I visited subway today in the chelmsley wood branch the three members of staff were very rude saying comments under the breath and also one member of staff was prodding the food while it was being prepared by one of the staff they were all unhelpful I thought I would treat my niece to lunch in there even after paying and sitting down the staff were staring at us I was never once rude to any of them and it wasa horrible experience I will never set foot in there again and from what I saw they are.like it withall custumers who came in I considered saying.forget the order because of the rudeness and...

Subway - Wrongfully Termination

Posted: 2015-04-20 by    Melissa G. Brown
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I use to work at Subway in Russell Springs and in Columbia inside of Walmart. I had to go on medical leave which the owner and store manager knew ahead of time and that I didn't know how long I would be off work. They was alright with it and said I would still have my job. I kept them updated and turned in everyone of my doctor excuses. When the doctor released me to go back to work I attempted to contact the store manager which is Brandi to ask about my job and when I could start back but she never answered. So I contacted the owner which is Jinal Patel and ask him about my job and when I...

Subway - Teaching out of fear

Posted: 2015-03-14 by    Teaching out of fear
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I have worked in many companies with many high profile individuals and i have never before been treated so badly. Arminia, the manager is probably one of the worst managers i have ever worked with. Shes rude, disrespectful, doesn't know how to properly do her job and teaches out of belittlement and insults and fear. Ive worked in the entertainment business successfully my entire life and that can get pretty nasty, however i have never been more infuriated that how i was while working there. I have never seen such a simple job be made in to a minefield. i highly suggest no one to work there...

Subway - franchisee

Posted: 2015-02-18 by    leedee
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I have worked for subway for 20 years as a restaurant manager for 2 franchisees.In October 2014 the store was sold to Minesh Patel of Mean subs1 llc. At the time of purchase all employees were told by Minesh that their jobs were secure. However 3 weeks later Minesh calls one employee at his home and tells him that he is fired, another employee is fired and myself. He gives no reason and just hangs up. All 3 of us try to contact him but he will not respond. He refused to give us a separation notice. Also all employees at this time had received 2 pay checks with no deductions of any kind, just straight...

Subway - California, Mountain View - unsafe not good

Posted: 2015-02-09 by    Gooze079
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
do not goto this sub way they have unprofessional staff they r not wearing uniforms dont have gloves on which is illegal the store is not clean at all the staff is all one race which seems very odd to me there stuff and clothing was on the tables were people eat they also told me I could pay later what is funny my card works other places but not there which tell ms they r scamming people and profiling people they basicly said its made take it I never said I was coming back to pay them and now i am not going to after looking at the store it was not clean a mess and they dont wash there hands...

Subway - New pricing structure

Posted: 2015-01-14 by    Bruce Van den Berghe
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
How the heck does a company go from a five dollar foot long sub, to $6 for a six inch sub, a bag of chips and a 21 oz soft drink? Is America that crazy? Do the math America!!! Subway is not cheap fast food any more!!! I'm done with that!!!...

Subway - Store Manager repeating my account business

Posted: 2014-12-29 by    Brandon Ceaser
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
I used my Subway card at Manager Ashley location. She allowed to bring up my account balance on my receipt and decided to. I called the store to find out why and the employee said they all trained to give out the account balances. Then it was explained because of people asking Ashley the manager for balance information on their receipt already showing so I'm filing a Complaint because this proves she should be the first to stop doing that even if thats how she was training....

Subway - rudeness of employee

Posted: 2014-11-23 by    jenny waters
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I come into this particular store a couple times a week because it is located near my work. The first couple times after this new employee started she was very rude. So i proceeded to be friendly and got that her name was Charlotte. I am always very polite, but everyday its almost the same thing, its as if im bothering her by coming into the store. I have tried to not pay her rudeness attention but can no longer stand it. I will not come back to this location, and will pass this info to my friends and coworkers....

Subway - franchise arbitration

Posted: 2014-11-19 by    philip66
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Chicago DA Mesi and subway HQ are forcing me to go in arbitration for the most stupid reasons just because my store is doing above average and they want to take it away from me so that they can sell it back for profit. There are many franchisees that are in similar situation and feel trapped. We need a good lawyer to help us....

Subway - Unfair treatment

Posted: 2014-10-29 by    Unhappy uksw
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I am a franchisee and feel I am being treated unfairly by my development agents, I have been mis advised, lied to, put through arbitration due to lack of communication, I am now trying to sell my store and they are making it very difficult and are sending me downright rude emails and questioning me personally asking if I am paying things that are nothing to do with them. They have held up my transfer at every point and this has been going on for 8 months and is making me physically ill and affecting my own job. There is no where to complain and no one to get advice from I am at a loss as to where...

Subway - bad staff that failed to honour a fair clearly valid stated voucher

Posted: 2014-09-11 by    luke thomas pham
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have always been a happy and big fan of subway i love the food it offers but today during my experience at the burnie sub way i had a clearly valid and clear stated voucher for subway that the workers at the burnie stor refused to righfully honour it and not only did they choose not to honour the voucher but when i was trying to talk to them and ask why they wouldnt honour the clear stated voucher but they were rude and unhelpful and made me feel like as if i was a special needs person and made me feel like an idiot and when i go into a resturant i do not expect to be treated in such a rude and...

Subway - Final paycheck

Posted: 2014-09-03 by    Tina M Garcia 11
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was the manger of Subway in the S Walmart I quit on Aug. 26 upon receiving my last
Paycheck on Aug 29 I noticed I was paid at minimum wage . When I asked Carol
Thompson (GM) she sai it's policy. Well I was never told this when hired for the managers
Position nor was I ever giving a handbook or policy book.i always worked my butt off there so for Carol to do this to me I feel was pretty shady. It's be different if I was informed of this so called policy but I wasn't.I also contacted a previous Subway Manger who said they were paid at the regular wages. I would...

Subway - Gave my sandwich to another guy

Posted: 2014-07-08 by    Pablor
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
After waiting 30 mins in line I finally get to the register and what happens?
They gave my sandwich to the guy in front of me
He was far gone and my lunch break was over. They told me they were going to make me a new one in a minute after 3 mins standing nothing . I left pissed and hungry . Will never go back ever again. And I will tell anyone I know not to go there....

Subway - Gift Card

Posted: 2014-06-17 by    Lily Reyna71
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
A friend and I went into Subway with a card. I went up to the worker and personally asked if I could buy a foot long with it, she said yes. Me and my friend made the sandwich and as we were about to pay with the card. The lady told us we couldn't buy it with the card. I was furious but just left because I asked if we could use the card. I am never eating at a subway again in my left it was a waste of time to even go into the store. Do Not Eat At Subway. They are just another scam company that tries to take money from teens like my friend and I. Subway workers have no brain and can't even...

Subway - unpaid hours

Posted: 2014-06-16 by    mariafregoso
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was hire on the spot by subway owner. I did not receive a hiring package when i started. I work for about a week which I did 30+ hours. I had a personal matter so therefore I was not going to be able to work the following week. I inform the owner about my issue and he was okay. Later on the same week I call to get my schedule but manager said I was no longer in the schedule. I called a couple of times and even went to get my check and sign the hiring package but the manager said it was not ready that I had to go back. I went a couple more times and still they didn't have the forms ready.....

Subway - Worst Job EVER

Posted: 2014-04-24 by    Aleysha
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
This has been the worst job i ever had, the manager here Yulia G. is disrespectful, selfish and rude towards the employees, when i first was hired i informed her that i was starting school and i will not be able to work Mondays and Wednesdays. I turned in my two week notice on April 15th 2014.The schedule of 4/16-4/22 she had scheduled me on Monday and Wednesday. I called on April 15th on the store phone and told her that i cant Monday and Wednesdays because i have school and that another coworker was filling in for me on that Wednesday and she said to me that she THOUGHT i was out of school and...

Subway - Subway Coworker

Posted: 2013-12-21 by    Jenny10183
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Let me start off by saying that this was the ABSOLUTE WORST JOB ever. One day I came into work on time as scheduled. Usually I come early, however one of my coworkers said I couldn't clock in until exactly the time I was scheduled. So when I am early I'd have to wait( so ridiculous)!!?!So I can into work exactly on time, as usual, however my coworkers were busy and did not open the door right away. When one of my "higher up" coworkers opened the for he said I was late. Although in my defense, I had been standing their for 3 minutes. He concluded I was late because it was 5 minutes after...

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