Zoobler.comLet the buyer beware!


"Let the buyer beware!" is how zoobler.com responded to my complaint of false advertising.

Here is my complaint below and their response :

The company offered a DCS model #BGB48-BQR grill on special for $2,799.00 on their website www.zoobler.com

The front page on their web site said they were running a liquidation sale pricing. On5/21/07 I checked the website at 7 a.m. CST and found the pricing for the grill to be $2,799.00 and the time remaining for the sale to be 24 hours. At 1:30 p.m. CST I called the [protected] sales number to order the grill. They told me the pricing was no longer good because they were out of the grill. I checked their web site and it still showed 18 hours left on their liquidation sale however the grill price had know been raised.

I spoke with the Sales Manager, Becky, and explained to her that no where on the web site was there a notation of "limited to on hand" quantity product or I would have called sooner. I told her that I went strictly by what they had on the front of their website as far as time I had to place the order and the available pricing. I told her i could wait a few weeks for the grill to come in if they were out. She was not willing to do that and only offered to try and sell me something else. I told her that I wanted this brand and I had verified that it would fit in my outdoor kitchen. She again tried to offer me another brand. I told her that was unacceptable and they should have something posted stating limited quantities instead of a limited time and number of hours left to buy message if they were not going to honor a price. I was transferred to "T.J" customer service manager who basically stated the same thing as Becky. I explained there was nothing on their website to state that this was "limited quantity" only "limited time". He responded that his company could change the sales policy at their digression regardless of what was posted on the website.

I don't feel that the business practices posted on the company's website are clear or ethical. If they have a limited quantity of something, let the consumer know. As far as I know they never had the product and they were just trying to sell me something else.

RESPONSE from zoobler.com :

Zoobler.com and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in their sole discretion.

Site Misinformation

Although we strive to make our site as error free as possible, we unfortunately occasionally offer information or pricing that is not correct or accurate. At the discretion of Zoobler.com we may modify orders, cancel orders, or take whatever appropriate actions as we deem necessary to alleviate the situation. In the event information we provide results in property, physical, or other harm, we assume no liability. All pricing and product offerings subject to change at any moment with out notice. Caveat Emptor.

Be forewarned this is how zoobler.com dealt with my complaint. In their own words, buy from them at YOUR own risk.


  • Fr
    Fred Dec 08, 2007

    It seems to me that if it was a liquidation sale, and they sold out, the sale for that product was over.

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  • Ri
    Rick Aug 12, 2008

    Brought a fresh air kit for my pellet stove and over a month later I still have no product and they keep telling me it's on the way. They are very very slow with e-mail responses. Don't do business with these people, you will be sorry.

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  • Mi
    Mike Brown Oct 10, 2008

    This is the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. This company sold me a pellet stove(napoleon nps40). Although it came much later than promised, I was not alarmed. However soon as my stove was installed, it was apparent it was defective. Zoobler customer service will not answer the phone and request that you leave a voice mail or email. The next day I was given a form on the Warranty. The gave a disclaimer that I will pay pay for the repair and get re-imbursed later. They refuse to talk to me about this. The new stove has a defective low limit switch which is common for this stove. They refuse to speak to me about this unless I give a credit card number. I want to speak with the customer service before I am willing to pay for this repair on a new stove. The woman's name was christina and she refuses to return any phone calls. I have been nothing but respectful and have gotten no where. I would never buy anything from Zoobler.com ever again. I so regret buying this stove from them.

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  • Do
    Don Nov 05, 2008

    I also purchased an item from Zoobler and have had a problem with an apparent defective part. Zooblers response is an on-line form for ME to diagnose the problem myself, order replacement parts at MY expense and return the suppossed defective part back to them again at my expense to see if it is indeed defective. Then, im told I would be refunded the price of the part alone. When I contacted them stating this was totally inadequate and inferior customer service I was totally ignored. No return email nor phone response. THey have not tried to help me solve the problem in any way whatsoever. I WOULD NOT do businesswith this company again...

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  • Ne
    Never Again Nov 20, 2008

    I totally understand the previous customers dipleasure with this company. I too brought a Napoleon nps40 stove last year and it had a defective part. The sale rep. Carol was very convincing about how good the product was and the company LIFETIME REPAIR WARRANTY TO THE ORGINAL OWNER. How dumb could I be to believe these jerks. The customer service is horrible because no will speak to you, everything is done by e-mail. Oh, yes I had to pay for the replacement part after spending over
    $1, 800 for the supposely NEW stove. They wanted me to diagnose my own problem and send in pictures. They gave me a partial reimbursemt for the repair service call and all of the money for the part minus shipping. This was a nightmare from hell and I will never buy from them again. I advise anyone looking for a pellet stove to purchase local and please check the warranty before purchasing.

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  • Ba
    BARRY Nov 24, 2008

    This company is a big scam, purchased a stove in aug and found out they were out of stock in Oct, so three hundred dollars more recieved stove . I hooked it and it does not work, no way of getting in touch with anyone at this comanpany the customer care doesnt give a ### or respond to any thing . I plan to get call the Attorney General in thier State when I get more Time to file a complaint. So again dont buy anything from these stitbums unless you want to just get pissed off.

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  • Ne
    Never Again Nov 26, 2008

    I'm back the blower that was replaced in our NEW PELLET STOVE that wasn't 9 months old went up last week. I truly believe they sent us a refurish part because is shouldn't be running hot. I will throw the stove away before I purchase/contact these 3rd world people for help again. Hopefully, we can find the part locally. This has been the worst online EXPERIENCE .


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  • Pa
    pat Dec 14, 2008

    I wish I had seen your comment Before I ordered anything from Zoobler. 5 weeks later still waiting and being told that the items are already sent, I am still waiting. I have called several times and No one calls back. I have asked to speak with a supervisor and none are available. I am now trying to get them to credit my credit card that they made certain they charged before a thing was sent. Every response I get fromZoobler is automatically put into the Almighty Porcelain God and flushed, where it should be. With all the other CRAP! PLEASE DON'T USE ZOOBLER. I paid a little more from a different site and got the shipment in 4 days. Remember you get what you pay for.

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  • Ea
    eaglediver Jan 13, 2009

    It is unfortunate that a site like COMPLAINTSBOARD exists. Complaintsboard is a company based in INDIA and the sole purpose of the site is to generate ad revenue. There is no way to verify the validity of the claims made by anyone here and they are using negativity to make money while trying to appear valid by claiming "Made by the people for the people". I just purchased a Napoleon pellet stove with venting from Zoobler and I had a VERY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE. I build websites for a living and from what I can tell Zoobler has been selling stoves and grills online the longest. I don't know anything about stoves and I was able to get answers to my questions through their online question box before I made my purchase. I called on saturday and was able to speak with someone also. ZOOBLER ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS and DELIVERED AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. Which is way more than I can say for all the other places I tried who didn't sound like they knew anything and didn't seem like they wanted to help me until I made a purchase. I imagine they do quite a bit of business and that their happy satisfied customers far outweigh the unhappy ones. It is easy to respond negatively but when people have a positive experience they often don't take the time to express that. I feel my response represents thousands of happy Zoobler customers and I invite more of you to express your good experiences on this hopelessly biased complaint site.

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  • Sf
    S Forte Feb 15, 2009

    I too have had a very negative expeerience with Zoobler. I thought I had apurchase agreement for a osburn stove from sept of 08 with a anticipated delivery of 6-8 weeks, well first I was told by thanksgiving, then by christman, then by new years. In this time I have cut and split approx 6 cords of wood. Well I have called and asked but they give me a run around about the manufacture delaying them. But they steill adveertise that the can get the stove in 6-8 weeks, They are horrible and upon mutilpoe calls and emails they lastest was a offer to buy a alternate unit ( with less burn time, a smaller firebox dimension, higher smoke emmisions and ofcourse alot higher price. So buyer beware and done count on this company for anything but disappointment. Steve F. from NY

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  • Ke
    kevin quick Sep 02, 2009

    Customer service is horrible, I would never buy from this company again. Tried to send email after email to confirm shipping address and product instructions but would not get a call back and then product was shipped to the wrong place. Asked for credit on shipping and was told NO a $17.35 credit and they said NO because I untimately recieved the product even though it was days later and I had to pay for a mason to come back twice which cost me over $200.00. DO NOT BUY from this company

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  • Ke
    kevin quick Sep 02, 2009

    Will pay more from someone else but would not buy from zoobler. They will say what it takes to make a sale and when it is done they have nothing to do with you. Spoke with 3 people to try and get resolve and could never get a call back or email reply. What a horrible company. In todays economy you would think customers would be of value. Zoobler thinks the are special-show them different. Look at Costco.com for your grills, cabinets, drawaers, heaters, access., they have all you need in the stainless line. and half the price.

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  • Ju
    junebug10 Oct 27, 2010

    I agree with the comment to purchas heating products lockaly. from a place that services what they sell and more inportantly stocks parts. I perchased a pellet stove from zoobler last year. it worked great for 5 days. then the shaft sheared off of the auger moter . no one in my area would service a stove that they did not sell. so i trouble shot it my self. it took over 2 months to get the part. heat season was almost over. once i got it back together the blower fan no longer worked. it now sits unused in a corner of my garage. maybe some day i will decide to fix it. i purchased quadrafire locally for similar money. it's worked without any issues for 6 weeks. if i have any problems they will come and fix it. wont that be nice.

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  • Da
    dan235689 Apr 30, 2013

    Many of the on line sites struggle with getting stock from distributors and manufacturers.. and it's really not their fult that something breaks down.. why don't you call th manufacturer and ask them why their product isn't working.. and who installed it.. people love to throw blame around.. But it is often mis-placed.

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