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CB Solar Energy Review of Zenernet

Zenernet review: Solar installation with enphase combiner box, not working,

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12:14 pm EST
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The solar company Zenernet will not respond to any calls or messages, The Enphase box is not responding and has to be checked out by the Installer which was Rethink Electric out of WoodDale Illinois, who will not respond in any way also. Have been dealing with both Zenernet and Rethink Electric to look at the box which is possibly defective according to Enphase. I am going nowhere from either of these two, have paid in full. System worked good for about 6 weeks, then failed at the end of October of this year. They have all been paid in full and they dont respond in any way. System ran for 1 and a 1/2 months. Where is the Warranttee?

Desired outcome: First, contact me, to set up an appointment to look at the combiner box (Enphase) to see what is wrong. Lets move this along to be operational.

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