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I called Zducts Inc to get my air ducts cleaned for $40. The technician came out and said i had holes in the ducts and they would rip if they cleaned them and that i need to replace all the duct work. They wanted $5500 to replace 14 vents and install 2 more vents with R6 ducts that have some polymer material inside and fiberglass on the outside so rats can't chew into the ducts. They also installed one 7 inch hepa filter and sanitized the system and installed a UV light & filter. I offered $3500 for the whole job and in the end they only did 10 of the 14 vents, so I paid a total of $2793 for the job. It was brutal and i never experienced anything like this. From one guy to the next their deals, contracts, services, and behaviors were INCONSISTENT across the board. The Technician was insulting, fresh, bad mouthing and overall made me feel unsafe in my own home! At 4:30pm they told me it would take 2 hours to finish, then at 8pm, they said 20 more minutes, then at 9pm they realized they forgot to do the air ducts in the kitchen. I finally kicked them out and told them i never heard of a company working this late in somebody's home. They had NO consideration for me, my time, my home and they banged into the walls a lot with their boxes and marks on my newly painted walls. They didn't complete their job. I would not recommend these guys or company's like them. Get a specialist in the subject or a contractor. Eric, the technician had really bad manners and repeatedly interrupted me. Two times when I asked about the services he responded 'you don't need that'. I never met someone that when I was requesting what I wanted in a service he told me 'you don't need that'. I also asked if he used dampers and got the typical 'you don't need that' answer followed by 'do you even know what a damper is?' in a very condescending way. I asked a simple question and got a smart answer. Mostly, it was his covert tone. He preached about giving good customer service and for me to be happy and that I refer people. He said one thing and did something else, in other words. He was a total smart ### and I never had a problem with anyone or any worker like this before. I would never refer Z Ducts. When I called Lee, the salesman, to tell him how unhappy I was with this guy Eric started bad mouthing me in the other room saying 'well some people are just manipulators' and other comments about me when i was trying to talk on the phone. What is that? To me having a nice person and receiving good work is the most important thing. In this case, a bad attitude outweighs everything because it add unneeded stress to my day. I had nothing but problems since this guy showed up to the door.


  • Na
    NaseemP May 27, 2010

    I Highly disagree with this persons comment. I have had Z ducts come out to my home for over 8 years now and have never heard of anything like this happening. My husband only dealt with expensive contractors before I stumbled across one of their coupons. I am sad to hear that you received a bad experience with this company, but the truth is that I never had a technician by the name of Eric out to my home, so I am not aware of his efforts. I do know however that my entire system was falling apart and I had Daniel quote me an amazing price compared to the previous quotes from different companies at only (4, 000) for my 2100 sqft home. The workers completed their job in a very timely manner and were even able to get me extra money back as a tax credit. I now refer all my friends and family to Z ducts and they have all been as pleased as I am with their services.

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  • Ab
    Abhilekh Aug 17, 2011

    I received services from ZDucts Inc on September 22nd, 2010. We wanted to get rotary brush vent cleaning, however the sale rep (Gil) convinced us to get services listed below
    • Rotary Brush Cleaning-$129
    • Evaporator Coil Cleaning- $321
    • Sanitize Coil and Sanitize Vents- $75
    • Electrostatic Gold Filter- $125
    • UV Light Cleanser Install - $300

    In exchange, he promised to provide yearly check of the UV Kit and the electro static filter along with the negative pressure cleaning ($35 value) for life. We figured that over couple of years the amount of money we are spending on the purchasing the product should pay for itself over years. We performed some background check on ZDuct Inc. Company was registered with BBB therefore we felt comfortable with the legitimacy of the company. Initially the offer sounded very unreal to be true; however the sale rep (Gil) mentioned that he will write these free services on the invoice which convinced me to purchase the whole package for $950+Tax.
    I called ZDuct to schedule my free negative pressure cleaning on 08/16/2011. Spoke to Michelle and Dan from ZDuct. According the customer representatives (Michelle and Dan), ZDuct cannot offer negative pressure cleaning ($35 value) service promised to me by Gil on 09/22/2010 due to below listed reason
    • Gil was a sub-contractor and not a ZDUCT employee
    • ZDUCT does not work with Gil’s (Not employed with ZDUCT)
    Dan (customer representative) offered a complimentary negative pressure cleaning for just one time as a courtesy. After I mentioned that Gil (ZDuct representative) never mentioned that he was a ZDuct sub-contractor and his promises will not be honored by ZDuct in future. Gil (ZDuct representative) issued a ZDuct invoice so ZDuct is liable to keep the promises offered by their representative. Dan threatened me that if I filed a complaint with BBB or any other website, ZDuct will void my warranty on UV Kit and the electro static filter. Dan also mentioned that I should work with the sub-contractor company (Gil) to get free negative pressure cleaning done in future. Per Dan, BBB cannot do anything in this matter as he is not going to respond to BBB’s letter and matter will be closed in few months
    It’s unacceptable for a company to not honor the services promised. Also unprofessional to threaten the customer to void the warranty on other products if they filed a complaint

    Note: Company is misleading the consumers by displaying the incorrect BBB ratings on the Money Mailer flier advertisement. According to the flier BBB rating is "A+". However in reality the BBB rating is "A"

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  • Di
    digistar20 Sep 14, 2011

    Heed My warning, I had z-ducts come out today and it was the worst experience I ever encountered --guaranteed. If you hire this company you might as well go jump off a cliff because you are that stupid. The job started off at 29.95 for 8 vents basic suction and 16.50 for each additional vent. Then it went to 99.95 to rotor clean 8 vents and 60.00 for each additional vent. I asked said why so much for the additional vents? he said because we wash the vent grills. I said I can buy new vent grills for 15.00 each, so no dont wash them- and he said then it will be 39.95 for each additional. I said your company told us 16.50, and he said it was a mistake
    So I called the company and they agreed with me except it went to 19.95 and they said they dont offer grill washing. Meanwhile I grabbed the guys paperwork and noticed that he had scratched off the part where it said 99.95 plus 16.50 for each additionalvent. He said he scratched it off to help me! Hah. He also stated that I needed to clean the furnice for 450.00 and tried to sell me a UV light for 1250.00 and a vent filter for 200.00. And every time I said no, over a period of 3 hours he kept dropping the price. He ended up at 500.00 for the uv light and 100 for the filter and I said no because you triesd to scam me, and he still insisted that I buy it after I said no 15 times. So they finished the work and he didnt want to leave and I had to tell him to please go as he kept trying to sell me the uv light ( which goes online for 130.00) and finally had the nerve to ask me for a tip. He didnt lift one finger the whole time. He supervised a chair in my backyard while the tech worked. The tech on the other hand was very thorough- good kid but the sales man was the biggest ### ever we argued almost the whole time. I spent 740.00.
    Dont fall for their ###!!!

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  • Jo
    jose campos Jun 04, 2012

    I disagree with the above and am writing to express my overall satisfaction with the job two of your employees completed on my residence. From the original call placed I was astounded how polite and courteous the individual was on the telephone. He stated that he could get someone out right away, however the truck with the proper equipment for my type of problem would be ready first thing in the morning. The next morning Ernie and Gil walked me through my problem and came up with an answer. I was astounded by the way they carried themselves as well as how clean they were. Not only did they lay down a mat on my floor but wore shoe protectors to make sure that my floor would not get dirty. I was continually please as they cleaned up the mess the previous plumber made the day before, as well as fixed the problem that no other technician would touch .

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  • Da
    David 760 Nov 29, 2012
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    I worked for z duct, they are a complete scam, also they lie about there advertised prices. There legal price is 24.99 to get in the door, if they ask for more than that price is to pay there gas to get there, and then they punch holes in your ducts and say you need new ones.i would never ever recommend anybody to trust this company as long as there in business.also they go by the name " go green" if they call you hang up.here are there snumbers they call you from, 1805 2103130, 1213 2283096, 1310 3560425, 1562 2422235, 1626 5878040, 1661 2083155, 1818 3028111, 1909 2028960, 1949 2014430, 1714 4551508 these are there hideaway numbers oh and if you ask them what's the name of the company they won't say it, why would they have to hide or lie about who they are? If you have any complaints or lawsuits come see them at z ducts, inc 9760 owensmouth ave chatsworth ca 91311, they hide behind address 9510 vassar ave chatsworth ca 91311.

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