Zam Ghuden / Maria Colefake and imposter / horrible quality clothing! dallas texas

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Zam Ghuden is a joke and created by a wannabe designer named Maria Cole who lives here in Dallas Texas.

The reason I take offense to her and her designs is she is engaging in culture appropriation trying to steal African culture. I can speak on this because I was born in and raised in Chad in a village that was not far from and bordering Sudan. As a TRUE African I can tell you that we do not look at colored Americans as Africans. They are so far from the culture and roots of Africa that even if they went to Africa they would just be looked at as American, regardless of color. I notice that colored Americans like to say that whites are engaging in "culture appropriation" but in reality the colored Americans are trying to just pretend to have a culture they never lived and only see through TV and magazines.

I was happy to have immigrated to America, such a great country with great opportunity, in Chad opportunity was not even a word, we were more focused on just surviving. Sudan being so close there were issues that caused violence in our region since we lived in village close to the Sudan border. Then after I settle in here to Dallas, I see people like this pretending to be African, they have not even been to Africa, and if they have, they have only been as tourists. If they had to live there they would likely not even survive 3 months due to disease, hunger and a host of other issues Chad has, as many regions do.

So even if they went to Africa they are NOT Africans or even looked upon by our people as African. This is a phenomenon here in the States where they try and steal our REAL African culture and turn it into some trend for profit and to seem like they are in touch (but in touch with what? Roots they never had?) I noticed they also like to use this as leverage to guilt other Americans into acting a certain way by using slavery (that they were never involved in) as a tool to get what they want. As an African by birth I can tell you we take great offense to this. Of course I am a proud Chadian because that is my land and soil of birth and my people, but today I am writing this as a PROUD American. My family and I are very humbled by the opportunity that this country has provided myself and my family. We are forever thankful to this land. The people Like Maria Cole (Zam Ghuden) are actually an embarrassment to us and do NOT represent us as Africans.

Maria Cole (Zam Ghuden) STOP pretending to be something you have no idea about and have never lived. Wearing clothing that resembles and takes themes from traditional African dress does NOT make you African, it makes you a clown in a costume playing dress up. Just because you style your hair with locks or afro does not make you African. Highly insulting to us real Africans who actually went through the struggles, the pain of hunger and hardship. You are a disgrace and a fake. Stop insulting Africans with your imposter clothing and trying to profit off our pain and struggle. You can see some pictures here of the clothing and people who are almost for sure not African and likely never set foot on African soil. So you are not an African "queen" and calling yourself that and trying to sell "crowns" is insulting to us and real African culture, you are an imposter and embarrassment.

fake and imposter / horrible quality clothing! dallas texas
fake and imposter / horrible quality clothing! dallas texas
fake and imposter / horrible quality clothing! dallas texas
fake and imposter / horrible quality clothing! dallas texas
fake and imposter / horrible quality clothing! dallas texas
fake and imposter / horrible quality clothing! dallas texas
fake and imposter / horrible quality clothing! dallas texas
fake and imposter / horrible quality clothing! dallas texas


  • Sa
    Sabraanddawn Oct 16, 2019

    Wow as an African woman myself, I am embarrassed by your comments. Since I personally know Maria Cole and she has created beautiful prom dresses for both of my daughters, I can tell you that you are very ignorant in your opinion of her. Not once has she never pretended that she was an African born woman, she makes it very clear who she is and she just genuinely loves and is inspired by African fabrics which she extensively knows the history of even more so than I do. She has never referred to herself as an “ African Queen”. When I met her she was selling her clothing and donating a portion to a local charity for African and black children of Dallas that she created. A large % of her clientele is African women so please stop trying to bash another “colored” woman as you call it, just because you are a hater. Have you even purchased one of her garments? Check out my daughters prom dresses and these beautiful boots she created for me below. Excellent quality. Zam, keep your head up and don’t let bitter people like this stop you because your talent is a gift from God👑

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  • Ex
    ExposingFakes Oct 22, 2019

    I agree with my African brother/sister original poster (ProudChadian). I too am from Africa, I was born in Gaborone before coming to the States.

    Sabraanddawn states that Maria Cole "She has never referred to herself as an “ African Queen”. This is not true, even on her website that sells pathetic counterfeit African clothing she states exactly that. and is attempting to sell "Crowns" and also proclaiming "Every Queen has one" (see image) So that being said I can now say that its a fact that Sabraanddawn is also a liar and ignorant.

    I can tell you that Maria Cole is pitiful and trying to pretend she is something that she isn't. Yes...REAL Africans are offended because the person from Chad was obviously offended and I am offended as well.

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  • Za
    ZamGhudenJunk Feb 01, 2020

    What a piece of trash this person is Zam Ghuden sells clothes that are cheap junk quality. Bought some clothes and they ripped after a loose thread came undone.

    Complete low quality wannabe designer who is fooling people here in Dallas. Zam Ghuden is not good and I don't know Maria Cole personally, but when someone sells junk like this and then claims its good then they can't be decent.

    Zam Ghuden clothes are trash and I can personally attest to that!

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