[Resolved] Pickaway county YMCAchild care (before and after school program)

Us Sep 27, 2019

My daughter attends the before and after school program at South Bloomfield elementary, in South Bloomfield Ohio.Since the start of the school year it has been a headache, mostly with trying to get ahold of the billing department, I was afraid of falling behind with my payments, knowing I had a co pay.Since the start of the school year I kept trying to figure out where to go to pay my co pay, what I have to do to get it paid and my balance.After three weeks, I was finally told my balance and where to go, by then my balance was way high .after all that the next week I found out that the county couldn't back pay for the first few weeks, so I called the county and got things settled to where they could, robin reached out to me and told me she would get back to me on what my title twenty caseworker says, days gone by and still no response.Eventually the county won't accept attendance for Aug because it'll be to late, and I'll be held responsible for over 300 in private pay charges.Im a single mother, I have a child that has medical issues, so I'm having to take time off work for his stuff, I struggle as is, and now I'm faced with having to come up with all this money due to the lack in communication with the billing department, and not having things fixed in a timely manner .

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