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CB Transportation and Vehicles Review of X Treme Scooters/x560 electric scooter
X Treme Scooters/x560 electric scooter

X Treme Scooters/x560 electric scooter review: Defected Scooter 1

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X Treme Scooters sold me a x560 scooter that will not start at all.
I reported it right away when the scooter arrived.The company then sent me a charger for the scooter.The scooter still would not start at all.The company then told me that they can not give me a exchange or refund and that I have to fix it myself.They said the 30 day warranty only covers parts.But the thing is the scooter never worked and is just sitting here.I contacted the bbb and they said they recieved alot of complaints from customers about X treme Scooter saleing defected scooters but X Streme Scooters will not respond to them.

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Aug 25, 2008 4:52 pm EDT

The BBB is useless in most complients. What you need to is contact your states attorny generals office and file a complient through them. They have to respond to every complient and if the seller doesn't respond back they can be prosuacuted.