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The company doesn't seem to care about people. It fails to communicate and take time to properly educate its employees. The product itself has all kinds of technical problems that will blow one's mind away.

Upon making a purchase from themselves or from one of their popular retailers like Amazon, Pet Smart, Ebay etc.. you will notice that no where on the box will it request additional funds from you so that you can actually see what the camera has recorded. If you want to see this over a 24 hour or more period you have to pay either a monthly fee or a yearly fee. However; that is not disclosed until you have it fully set up, installed and have downloaded their app. Then one you do the review of what your new camera has recorded..."THAT'S WHEN THEY HIT YOU UP FOR MONEY". Those of us who purchased early were simply "grandfathered in"; but they have ways to get the money out of you.

They have come out with an array of products, but the V3's that I have are complete junk! You get what you pay for folks, and don't be decieved. There camera's serve to do one thing only, and that's to hood wink the customer. There is no support group. Most of them are new and are poorly trained on how to troubleshoot, so if you have problems - good luck. Better to try a different company and use this company as a lesson! No one want's to be on the phone for hours on end, just to get no where! Ridiculous!

Desired outcome: No one there seems to know what's going on or what they are to do. They should either close their doors or re- open as someone else with a new managment and techical team.

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