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This company has a bunch of blood sucking leeches. They recruit new college grads ( otherwise educated slaves of america) and exploit them to the core.


  • Zz
    zzzzzz Jan 29, 2009

    You are absolutely correct.A group of irresponsible country fools tried to open a fortune 10 billion company called wyvil which doesnt have a meaning in dictionary.

    Please dont even join such a useless and hopeless company .

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  • Ro
    rohan123 Apr 15, 2009

    This is f*ing company. They recruit freshers without knowledge of domain and then place them in ###ing job.They demand each n every fees frm employees for Visa, training, accommodation, etc. Raj is big ###er so girls stay away plz.

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  • Vs
    VSI Jul 24, 2009

    This is ###ing company. "A stone in madman's hand." You never know what happens in this company. Rules will be changed overnight. They demand and take every fee from you. Its always "A BIG LOSS TO YOU!" Irrespective of what happens, you will be the final loser.

    Friends, be aware of this company! Do not ruin your career. If you join Wyvil, you will repent for it!

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  • We
    wellwisher123 Jul 24, 2009

    This company is run by bunch of ###s... raj cherukonda is worse than dog ###... raman the controller is a ### getting ###ed by cherukonda and family, , , , and he will be ###ing around all consulktants... Nagaranjan is a waste fellow and will be watching some xxx movies all the time in office and he is getting $5k for that, ... everyone should unite to ### raj cherukonda... Raj cherukonda is cheating everybody by giving fake promises dont ever believe that guy... don't ever trust that ### cherukonda, , like anakonda he will bite you... show your ### to him and ask him to lick it.. he is good for that...

    Wyvil will ### up soon...

    well wisher for humanity...

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  • Su
    Sund_thunderguy7 Aug 22, 2009

    Being a employee with Wyvil and on bench forever, I came across the feedback about the Wyvil, All the complaints are TRUE. this company will not cheat you in all ways you cant imagine. They have cheated so many fresh graduates and they lost the important career time with this company of 3 people.
    The biggest fact that i have learned is that the Wyvil has been BLACK LISTED due to Vasant Raj Cherukonda - No company wants to hire any consultant that represent Wyvil System or Wyvil Entrypoint. He will use all different name to make you a victim of his business to make money.

    Friends - help yourself by staying away from all false promises, and he has cheated so many people in India by taking Rs 1, 75, 000 hard earned money.

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  • Ch
    Chaitany Sep 16, 2009

    No one (including me) paied even a single $ for SAP training. Boarding and lodging at no cost to us.
    After every six months we got salary hike. First starting salry 60, 000 after six months 72, 000 after that 84, 000 . If we opt we can be on % basis.

    5 guys got green cards.

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  • Ar
    Arun Singupalli Jan 31, 2010

    I agree that Saif Khan and Asad got green cards recently 2009 from Wyvil Systems Inc
    Sunder Neemani, Abdul Khan, Yugandhar Nadella, Sunil Puvvaladasu got their I-140 just in a month in 2009. Arun Singupalli got his labour in PERM.

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  • Se
    sekhar vv Nov 27, 2010

    hi to all could you please confirm me your comments

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  • Me
    meye Mar 01, 2011

    I am sure you all signed an agreement before you enter the company, once you sing an agreement you are accepting the terms and conditions. In this company and anywhere else you go. I wonder what you have done to turn things around to help to guide the company in different direction. It is too easy to complain.

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  • Sa
    SAPConsultant Mar 09, 2011

    Yes i agree with the comments made by many victims of Wyvil. I urge all the victims of Wyvil team need to be united and report this to USCIS or if possible to Human Rights commission to stop this from Wyvil. Need help and guidance in reporting the activities of Wyvil.

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  • Pe
    Perm Apr 23, 2011

    I completely agree with every one. Here is my story - I paid the 1000$ they were charging for training & placement that they promised. Barely, 8 classes that suck. Had to search for notes online and learn myself. You would get better notes and training just googling for SAP topics. Look for SAP training simulator. Another cheap trick is to lock you out of the SAP server access if you complain to Raj ! Not only Wyvil, there are quite a lot of SAP training people out there that do this - beware ! (Some even advertise for free and want you to pay for the class with money back guarantee once you work for them for crap. Another lure of consulting companies like wyvil is to encourage you to apply for GC, which will take forever to approve and you are a BONDED LABORER until then !
    I had to run after them for two months to place me, and after contacting their marketing people both here in US and India, they come back with an offer of 20% to me and 80% to them !!! :) Wonder how many layers of commission ! They say that they would provide support during the project for that percentage which I doubt very much since, none of them ever respond !

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  • Pe
    Perm Apr 23, 2011

    Wonder if Chaitany, meye & Arun Singupalli are still with the company. Chaitany - that probably was the case in 2009, Now it is 1000$ for the course which Raj dose`nt teach a single class. No full time hire. Two to three months bench time between contracts and 28$/hr (20% to you and 80% to them !). At that high houly charge to the client, your ### will be on fire !!! And i doubt if they would provide any support though promise - they are too busy to ever reply to you. Specially if you are H1 holder. Meye - are you still with the company ? wondering what happened to your contract if you left ! Arun - Specially the way current economy is with no jobs here, One audit with USCIS, they can even revoke previously approved GCs.

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  • Ye
    Yenkanna Jun 21, 2011

    Vasanth Cherukonda takes SAP classes for all the trainees and he knows ### about SAP. According to him creating sales area, creating material, creating sales order and then the delivery document is Sales and Distribution. Creating Material and purchased order is Materials Management. Create Material, Bill of Material, SAP ROuting and then creating a production order is PP. Stay away from this SAP illiterate. I dont know how he worked in SAP before getting his green card.

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  • An
    Anil G Oct 20, 2011

    But one thing we should look over here... That how vasanth raj making fools you all..He is really Magic hero...

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  • Sm
    Smitht Nov 17, 2011

    Yeah! Vasant raj he is really super hero

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  • An
    anilkg Nov 22, 2011

    Hi Friends am G.K. Anil. The number one fraud company... Fees paid but there is no response from Wyvil Systems Company As per the Company Law I paid a fee of Rs. 29, 700-00 to the HDFC account. Afetr I Piad Money i did't get any response. I sent them 2 emails regarding my classes and Job but I haven't got any response from the yet ...

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  • Ul
    uls834 Dec 13, 2011

    dear friends! Another cheap trick is to lock you out of the SAP technology server access if you complain to vasant Raj ! Not only Wyvil systems, there are quite a lot of SAP training people out there that do this - beware !

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  • Vi
    VIMMI Jul 25, 2012

    Litterally ###ing ###s... if they come front of me.. i m really gonna kick on their ### holes... mother ###ers... SAP RESOURCES FOR WOMEN is also running by this ### hole... if you really wanna abuse or wanna kick their ###.. let me know.. will provide you their information.

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  • Ba
    Balarai Jun 08, 2013

    This guy Vasanth put his both houses on sale. Is he filing for bankruptcy?.

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  • Re
    Resweq Oct 08, 2014

    Balaraj ! You are 100% wrong.

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    Resweq Oct 16, 2014


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    Resweq Oct 16, 2014


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    Resweq Oct 16, 2014


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