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Wynns Warranty review: Rip off

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I purchase a 04 Toyota Sienna 11 months ago. Now the clutch in the transmission is not functioning right. So I took it to the dealership. They did a diagnios on it and told me that I need a new tranny replacement. Well, I was thinking oki. I told them I bought a warranty for the mini-van and its through Wynns. So the Toyota dealership mechanic call up Wynns and let them know that the van is in their hands. So then Wynn told them that I would be responsiable for teardown time. It would cost me 800 dollar just for teardown and they're not even sure if Wynns gonna cover it. I ask the maint manager there to be honest with me on wheather Wynns gonna cover it or not and he told me that they have had problems with Wynns before. So the answer was no. The vans was driveable when the engine was cold and when it gets hot, it wont go forward but will reverse fine. So I decided to take the van back home and shop around for a cheaper teardown labor. I found a Transmission specialist Mechanic. So he call Wynns to let them know that the van was in his hands now. So this guy charge me 400 dollar for teardown. So he did his thing tearing it up and call Wynn to have a inspector come by and look at the problems. The inspector came by and told him that they will cover it, just that they havent decided if they want him to rebuilt or replace the tranny with a used one. Next morning, the mechanic call me and say look they told me that they would cover it and now they say they wont cover it because of my tires was worn out and due to spinning the tires and abused it during the winter, it overheads and seize up the tranny. This is New England. If you stop on a red light or stop sign ontop of snow, of course the tires are gonna spin a bit. So that was their excues. My tires was worn out and causing slipping alot. Wynns calling it abusing the van. So now I'm stuck, its gonna cost me over 2300 to fix it. I need help.I'm going to contact a attorney.


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Jun 03, 2016 8:24 am EDT

We bought a 2002 jetta and was sold the wynns extended warranty. the car had front end problems such as the axle tie rods and a wheelbearing. the warranty co, wynns hoored the wheel bearing replaced. they told me that the axle could not be covered because the cv boot was cracked. they also told me that the tie rods could not be replaced because they were bent. the repair show never mentioned trhat the tie rods were bent. this show is one of the most highly rated shops in the state and has no reason to lie about what was said. it is well explained what was said to wynns and they added the bent part. i called they told me to send it to another shop and the other jop backed the first shops findings normal wear. the adjuster for wynns added the bent part to get out of paying for the repairs. i also called back to the warranty co. to have them send out a repersentive to look at the tie rods and they refused. this tells me they know that they are wrong and dont want to repair this item. for the money you have to pay for the extended warranty they should honor the repairs.