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WYNN HOTEL CASINO review: Worst in LV

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8:06 pm EDT
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I stayed at this Hotel for a week and it was the worst in Las Vegas, and they conned money of my credit card. That is why i am filing this complaint. The room smelt of dust as no one hardly ever stays there, the food for room service was over cooked, the staff in the Cartier Shop were so rude to me for no reason, i wanted a refund and they refused and debited my card for an extra $850 for the mini bar in the hotel room for three drinks and three bags of nuts. The owner Mr. Steve Wynn himself sits in Alexander Restaurant on a sataurday night, and thinks he is so important and trats all his staff and his wife Elaine like ###. I AM WARNING ALL TOURISTS IN LV DO NOT STAY AT WYNN LAS VEGAS IT HAS SO MANY BAD REVIEWS WHICH I THOUGHT BALONE, YOU GO AN STAY THERE AND SEE HOW THEY CANNOT WAIT TO CON YOU FROM YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD AND THEY NEVER GIVE MONEY BACK. IT IS THE WORST IN LV.

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Oct 13, 2015 10:13 am EDT

I don't seem to find HOW you can follow up on a previous complaint that I submitted from Spring of this year. I'm still waiting to hear from Mayank Mehta; about the deplorable conditions at his establishment, Case #3462573. You assured me he would be in touch.. No response from him. I am about to travel back to FL and I will NOT stay at any Wynn's establishments and my family will not either. And we have an extensive family all along the East Coast...If this is how you treat paying customers; we want no part of your vast enterprise...I shouldn't have to call HIM to get a response...JMB


Thank you so much we just went to a similar situation ourselves we made a couple of videos and are looking to hold them accountable for the damage they caused to us. They said they would follow up with us and NOTing