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Hi, everyone. I wanted to share my experience with the website I emailed them and asked if they could help with the website. The rep started to tell that they needed couple of hours. After 5 hours I received the email that the job was done. I wired them money. But I checked their job and it hasn’t been done as I wanted to and I asked about it. The rep refused to change anything.

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Sep 03, 2015 7:36 am EDT

I didn’t like how the staff from the company provided services and help. I used their services and they helped me with the hosting, but I needed to get additional services. So, I contacted them and was shocked, because I waited 40 minutes, because all agents were unavailable. As well as the agent was nervous and told me that I could solve this problem on my own and I didn’t need him. I was shocked and upset, but it was the last time, when I have used their services.