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They took my money and "sent" me a text message that I never received. They refused to give me my gold or a refund. SCAM!


  • Ar
    arleitiss Jun 12, 2011
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    Same. Bought gold didn't get it. Here is chat log:
    Helena: Allow me to introduce myself as your chat representative...

    Guy: Hi

    Helena: hi

    Guy: I paid for the so called gold

    Guy: So called gold which I did not receive

    Guy: your website says "It will take 10-30 minutes generally according to different purchase amounts."

    Helena: May i know your character name in game ?

    Guy: Arlex

    Helena: let me see

    Guy: I am in Exodar now

    Guy: And I filled in Killrog alliance which I am

    Helena: k

    Guy: So what's going on?

    Helena: waiting the reply of the worker

    Guy: ok

    Guy: So?

    Helena: waiting

    Guy: weird, thats kinda what I was getting as answer all day

    Helena: so sry

    Guy: do you have refunds?

    Guy: since I did not get anything over past 7 hours

    Guy: and doesn't seem like I will

    Helena: Im not authorized to refund.My boss is not here now, we will leave a message for you to him, as soon as he is back, he will deal with your payment.

    Guy: unfortunately I just checked complaints website. and you are on it. I guess I should've checked that before

    Helena: ok

    Guy: Is that what you always do? Make people to wait forever? (that's what I saw in reviews)

    Guy: I mean whole day I was getting same reply

    Guy: It's a bit weird

    Helena: we didnt mean to

    Helena: if we have the golds for u, we wil deliver to u at once

    Guy: thats if you have, if you don't I lose my money basically?

    Helena: we didnt lose money of yours here, we take care of it

    Guy: except I don't get what I pay for. and you keep it

    Guy: good thing paypal has protection

    Helena: k

    Guy: I am even sure you are the same person I was talking in morning

    Helena: i just on work here two hours

    Helena: how we can talk then?

    Guy: Well because everything you reply is same as the guy in morning

    Guy: can you give me number of your "boss"

    "Guy" is me.

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  • Lo
    logan22 Nov 12, 2010
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    i ordered 30k been 4days now. they keep saying it is coming we have put u to top of the list. cant talk to them cause there live chat dosnt work anymore. got them on msn then they blocked me when i said i want a my money back so funny.. BTY they have 2 websits 1 is www.Power-level.net/WoW_Gold and other u all know as www.helpwow.com/contact.php. they scam u. been with them once b4 got my gold cause i was on there online chat all the time. sec websit didnt know it was them and ordered it but cant do the same thing cause there chat dosnt work :S

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  • Ma
    Mak1982 Oct 31, 2010
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    I just Ordered 20k for 26 euros and when i paid them the live chat stopped working!They have already been reported to paypal and tomorrow I will send them a police report!! Beware people they r thieves!

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  • Si
    sinsinwow Oct 26, 2010

    OK !!! then i guess we'v all had enough...does anyone have website constuction equipment or software etc? form a site and link it to a facebook group newly made and unite all the complaints. copy and paste it to paypal and google admin...they will remove the site and hopefully refund you all. I got my gold but i never thought there was so much possibility that i could of so easilly ripped off with it being a sponsered link on my search engine (google)
    Thnks for all your info

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  • Wo
    WOWKING Sep 10, 2010


    You said:(11:53:05)
    im logging my paypal in now

    can i have you managers name please for fraud report


    cute said:(11:57:10)

    we can give u the gold

    but not 15000 becase of the high price

    You said:(11:58:36)
    can i have your managers name

    cute said:(11:58:50)
    we can give u the gold now

    You said:(11:59:12)

    and how much gold you going to give

    cute said:(11:59:38)
    but we can only give u 10k because of the high price

    You said:(11:59:42)

    i ordered 15k

    cute said:(12:00:02)
    i see

    but the price has risen a lot

    You said:(12:00:28)
    so because the price has risen i have to los out

    nope not acceptable

    what is your managers name

    cute said:(12:01:34)
    if you agree we can trade with u now


    You said:(12:02:13)
    nope 15k or fraud report

    so fraud report it is then

    Sending file Untitled.jpg

    "Untitled.jpg" has been sent successfully.

    can you see that

    shall i pres send

    cute said:(12:45:14)
    you still dont agree ?

    You said:(12:47:11)
    what do you think, i am filing a paypal fraud case, and then i am going to contact my local police also

    The message could not be delivered:what do ...

    its funny that my order is always bieng colected and when i mention that i am going to file a fraud case, oh we will trde you 10k now cant give more coz the gold pice gone up!

    what do you think, i am filing a paypal fraud case, and then i am going to contact my local police also

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  • Sy
    SynX Aug 28, 2010

    yeah just bought 20K Gold from this website, they keep telling that they need 1hour... Ive waited almost 2days now, so i told them, 3Hours or police will be involved.

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  • Sa
    saint83 Aug 09, 2010

    Yes there is scamming ppl do not buy somthing to them.. there just say the worker need some few hour more.. all the time.. STOP TRY TO BUY GOLD FROM THEM YOU WILL NOT GET THEM ONLY LOSING YOUR MONEY

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  • Th
    Thrathrash Jul 24, 2010

    I ordered 10k to just test them for my bigger buys, before i order i asked them if they have enough and if they can deliver it in a day, they gave me a positive answer like they had 40-50k and they could deliver it in a day. So i ordered and waited. After 5 hours i got a call to get online, i got online and they gave me just the half, when i asked to them they said they don't have enough to make all the payment, and i should wait for the other half. I waited for a day more and i tried to contact everytime. Just like the other complaints they always told me to wait and my information that i gave them..

    After i opened a dispute on Paypal i got a call from them, and they would deliver the gold if i can remove dispute. I got onilne and they delivered other half just in 5 minutes.

    I believe they got the gold but they want to work it more that's why they don't make the payments immidiately. If anyone make an order from them i should say, they must open a dispute if they want it quick...

    I can say they need to get reported to deliver it X_X


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  • Jo
    jorialap Jul 10, 2010

    I waited a week. Had several emailcontacts (they promise but couldn't deliver). After made a paypalcomplaint and a week later i elevated te dispute to an official complaint. Then they delivered the full amount in three different amounts. I won't ever contact them again. They're a shame...

    They even called me at night; on work etc...but didn't deliver...

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  • Bo
    boogza Apr 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i order some gold before, as u can see ^ it took them 5 days, constantly said they were waiting and account got banned blah blah. after 3 days i was really angry and threw verbal abuse at them. it made me feel good lol. they could of told me to get stuffed by then. but 2 days later i got a phone call and my gold was in stock. so that made me reconsider. maybe what they were syaing is true? i mean tbh how fast do YOU get gold ? pritty hard to summong 15k in 2 secs. after they gave me my gold they apologized for the wait. and i also apologized for not understanding.

    maybe we should all just give them some time? they pulled through for me.

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  • Bo
    boogza Apr 18, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this site is the biggest piece of ### ever. i payed for 15k gold. about $60 australian dollars. i havnt got anything from them! please wait please wait thats all they ever said. after threantening them with police report, starting up facebook stuff i still have failed to get my gold. they want more time, more time ive had it. seriously does anyonme know a way we can ### this site up.

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  • Bl
    BlameTheBird Mar 23, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. At first they kept saying they had to confirm my identity, please e-mail them my cell phone number. I kept saying thats what you told me last time and I sent it again. They would say they never got it and I would say YES you did, because you replied to my e-mail. Every time I connected to customer service all I got was a circular runaround. It was obvious that something was wrong. Real companies do not do these things. Then finally I get a call from them at 4:20 A.M. asking me to go online so they can give me 1000 gold. I said I did not pay for 1000, I paid for 5000. I refused to take a partial payment, because by this point I was afraid that would be all I ever saw and then I would not be able to do anything about it. They kept calling me and contacting me in-game for days wanting to give me just the 1000. I told them that their web site said immediate delivery, 24/7 and not to contact me if they could not give me all that I had paid for. They never were able to give me the full 5000. I will say that I feel lucky that I chose to do a test run for the 5000 with them, because I really wanted 20K but was not going to give them that much money initially until they showed me that I could trust them. Fail.

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  • La
    lahouliz Mar 12, 2010

    yeah these asian dogs are known scammers!!..ive spent 30 bux on gold that i have not recieved up till now!!!..all they do is send you messages saying they wll have the gold ready for you, but they will never give it to you!!!...bloody farking asian dogs, i hope someone reports them and files a complaint agsainst them..i hope they get thrown into jail, imagine jus how many people they are stealing from..dont let it be you!!!..so DONT ever buy from these asian farkers!!!..hope they die, i wish i know who they are so id beable to sort em out good!, , cause right now im pissed!!!

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  • Am
    Amoric Feb 22, 2010

    I had the same thing happen to me. Luckily I paid with paypal so I filed a paypal claim and paypal refunded me my money. I believe you have 10 days to do this, so if anyone has any questions about it please email me at [email protected] and I can try and help you out.

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  • Cl
    Clarke812 Feb 21, 2010

    I'm having the same problem as the rest of you. asked before i placed the order if they had it in stock and how long till delivery. i was told they had more then enough in stock and delivery will be 30 mins to an hour. paid for 10k and here i am almost 12hrs later and no gold. been spamming there live chat but just getting ignored.

    Any other ideas on how i can get my gold?

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  • De
    Deifier Feb 07, 2010

    Most importantly is there a way to get a refund? Ohh i paid paypal is it possible that they can hack into my paypal and steal money of me?

    Plz Answer my questions as soon as possible thank u

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  • De
    Deifier Feb 07, 2010

    whoever has been scammed like me... plz give me a website that i can complain on, or perhaps a number i can call. THey just ripped me offf liek 70 bucks.

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  • Ma
    mark gonzalez Feb 01, 2010

    i hate help wow i paid $20 for 4000 gold 2 weeks ago and i still got no gold yet theese people r scammer they take ur money and tell u to wait...Im going to file a police report to shut them down for go and im going to start up a site to stop people like help wow from scaming people like use...if u need someone to talk to about this call me at [protected]...

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  • Ck
    cklap Jan 07, 2010

    I have the same issues with this company. They tell you the gold is in stock but after you put in the order, they say we have to wait 2-24 hours to get the delivery. So I waited the next day they only give me 5% of what I orderd, the next day after that, another 5%. Two days after the last delivery, nothing. I went to their chat live and spoke with "ocean", "Judy" and "Michael", which I think its all the same person. "Ocean" said they will put in a rush order and will get my gold that day. Low and behold..Nothing. So today I spoke with "judy". I asked her when I wil get the rest of my gold, she said "a sec", so waited 10 minutes, and told me that there is no gold. I don't think they are doing anything about it within the 10min hold and pretend they are looking into it..because its always the same script over and over. The bottom line is they are alway lie me and others.

    If I pay full, shouldnt they give me in full? I feel like I'm being ripped off and cannot do anything about it. I did pay through paypal, but I'm not familiar of what do in this matter. If anyone is going through the same issue, perhaps we can get together and work this out? I'm just frustrated as anyone else on this board.

    I just want to say again that they are very good Liers!

    Please go here to report them for paypal: https://www.paypal.com/ewf/f=pps_spf

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  • Ch
    chumtum Jan 06, 2010

    Yes, this site is horrible.. I talk with them on live chat before the order..I asked if they had 20 mil in stock. they said yes..and it take about 2 - 24 hours to get the gold..the next day I only got 1.6mil, than 1.7 mil the next day..after that havent heard anything. I went back on the chat live and they said they will contact the workers to keep some gold for me..so far its been 2 hours and havent heard anything. I payed through paypal and I'm giving them a couple of more days, if not I wil find anyway to report them for file some kind of complaint.

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  • Bo
    Bobbob Sep 08, 2009

    well in my case i went on there chat and asked them if they had in gold in stock they told me yes. after i maybe my order was mayde they told me they no longer had my gold. been waiting 4 days now :(. each time i ask them how my oder going they tell me there still collecting.

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  • Mi
    MikeyÐ1me Aug 14, 2009

    NO! Helpwow is HORRIBLE! They Are SCAMMING ###...
    I made an order with then and they tried to tell me it was coming...it never did...so i spammed the LIVE CHAT and told them i was going to file a police report and they said we will only give your gold if you make another order ...so i called them very angry and kept pushing the police report issue and told them if i did not get my gold by tomorrow i was going to file...20 min later i got my gold...

    never do business with them. HORRIBLE!!!

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  • To
    Tom223 Aug 08, 2009

    no, helpwow is very good, A+++

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  • Pi
    pisserface6668777 Jul 26, 2009

    I paid $65 for 10, 000 gold 4 days ago. To date, I have received 800 gold. The difference between me and previous comments? I will continue to aggravate them until I get mine. I recommend using their live chat feature constantly. Apparently that's the only way these scamming ### will listen.

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  • Ps
    psychovamp Jul 15, 2009

    Ya I haven't got my gold ether I payed through pay pal and I might file a police report on them. Shut there site down allready

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  • Cl
    clint1355 Jul 06, 2009

    I just had the same problem. Ive been waiting for a week now for gold that cost me 55 Aus dollars and still nothing. I keep asking how long it will be and they keep saying its coming. Now they have told me they cant deliver it and when i ask for a refund they dont respond. complete scam dont lose your money!!!

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