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I found 5 puppies’ sellers on the website I sent them emails and only one replied. He provided the photos and told that me that the puppies were healthy and he offered to take one. He agreed to transfer it and provided the contact info, where I needed to wire money. I did as he told me, but after one week still no information about the puppy. I understood that the seller fooled. So, don’t use this website.

North Bellmore, US
May 24, 2022 1:52 pm EDT

I was interested in a dog on a site Get Your Pet. The guy Michael that reached out to me was a scammer, No picture with his name... sent me a pic of a dog which could've been from anywhere and would not do anything until he got my whole name and money through pay pal for the paperwork from the vet. I got in touch with the site which seems legit and sent me a message that he was a scam and reported him.

, US
Jun 19, 2019 9:37 am EDT

I was looking at puppies on dogs now. A woman Catherine Jones contacted me about a Yorkie. Very pushy she did not know how to use correct words in a sentence. I asked her where she is located and she said California, I told her my husband and I would fly out to get our puppy and pay when we saw the puppy. She insisted she would fly the puppy out URGENT? I told her that it would not be necessary we were looking forward to the trip. So she gave me the address and I did detective work! Catherine Jones that lives in California at the address she gave me is married and Catherine and her husband have a ministry and they do not sell puppies. I even saw the house and the street this other Catherine lives on! Do not buy from the dog snow site. These people are scammers! I knew from the beginning that they were crooks but it was fun to play along with them. So if Catherine Jones contacts you over a puppy RUN! I wish this site would be shut down. There are lots of sites out there that do this. The good results I believe are coming from the scammers they are picking names and writing the good reviews. Denice

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