SUBMIT A COMPLAINT hospital & casualty

K Aug 14, 2018

I went to Sunninghill Hospital to the Casualty Department due to not being able to get to my GP, I decided to go there and although the treatment was excellent, as I was not well filled in the forms. Looking back at my Statements of this encounter cost over R3500 for un- warranted procedures like an ECG and unnecessary blood tests for a simple case of Sinusitis. As I am in my self payment gap I have to pay cash. I did ask the Nurse why I was having a ECG (without any symptoms like chest pain etc) and she shrugged her shoulders. During the waiting period of a hour of me being triage d should also be a indication that an ECG and countless blood tests were unnecessary. If my Medical Aid had in deed only authourised some of the payment surely if someone had spoken to me I could have made a uniformed decision to continue waiting to see the Doctor or wait to see my GP? Sorry but it is not good enough especially when this happens and the Hospital also sends a bill for nearly R900.00 without any details as to why. (I was aware I had been dripped and given medication) I would like to pay as soon as possible because I'm sure interest will start and Debt collectors coming knocking on my door.

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