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I have ordered 4 primary trade lines from It was mentioned that the delivery could take 30 days. When I got these trade lines, none of them really useful and proper for me. I asked the managers to return my money back, because I didn’t want to waste money so simply. But the agent was polite with me and used a lot of rude words.

capital cash 8 years no bs
, US
Jan 09, 2016 6:45 pm EST

Bogus lie of an add
Capital cash does not ever return primaries to anyone or sell to any individual ever at all to fund themselves ever this is why we do not sell any primaries to the public only package where we control and get the funding and then get everyone to the next level of funding. We have and always will have proof and retain all our clients for years we have and do get all our clients maximum funding with assistance in business consulting to be able to pay back every penny and to grow their business.

Also we have never had 1 charge back or charge back attempt in 8 years and we can proof it and anyone can ask us for permission to contact our merchant account.

On top of this completely bogus lie from tina conely because you keep posting slanderous lies for years now scamming ... We don't ever sell any product first with out a client getting funding first or we don't sell because our main business is funding as everyone knows and also anyone can see the 8 million dollars proof of funding our website with tons of credit repair proof and if anyone brings us a fundable file we guarantee for a fact and can prove it we can and do out fund anyone on the internet with all our private money, private equity, private venture capital and business assistance partners.

We don't and are not in the business of scamming like you are selling lies for cash which we do not even take and we don't do scammer things like you do like : call screening hiding from all your past victims you have ripped off multiple times with your proprietorial career criminal high pressure cash scams and all your bogus alias and new ad and domain changes. Keep posting lies and we will keep posting the truth.

Sorry tina conely we are not in the business with anyone except ourselves nice try again on yet another one of your never ending bogus lies. ... Just know your lies to hide is going to end very quickely since we have a list and have been working with the authorities with all the clients you have ripped off over the last decade and its going to end very bad for you. Keep slamming on us with lies and we will keep telling the truth and assisting all your victims and they ll keep finding out where to go to burn your a*s as you have burned them so we love the chance to assist in locking you up where you belong.
... {false statement that we are scammers in order to discredit us so the real scammer who takes cash can get business and scam since we bring all her cons to the attention of the public and her techniques to the public}..

Haha what a lie again more lies from tina conely hahaha capital cash takes credit cards and can prove never had 1 charge back attempt even not one and any one can contact our merchant direct and we will give them full permission to do so.

Hahaha only person writing all the bogus lies and bs false reports are you .. Tina conely .. The career criminal in atlanta and under investigation.

Everyone on internet in financial has been ripped off by you and all your fake hiding scamming companies with all you call screening to hide from the people you rip off multiple times over the years with all your alias's.

Everyone see's all your constant company name changes all with your same bs ad to collect payment by cash. If you been ripped off by this scammer con b***h contact atlanta bureau of investigations as all the other victims have and she is under investigation.

Do google search see where clients posted copies of screen shots of website domain and ad changes and all from atlanata ip all her and tons of clients reporting her. Pot calling the kettle black, ebonics crack head black thug career criminal the roach tina conley hiding and scamming.

If capital cash.Co was a con like her we be hiding and using call screening too instead of being here same office, same website same phone and on bp / cl 8 years now with more proof of everything & references than anyone.

Keep trying to bring us down you just keep driving more your victims to us and we tell them who to repor you too you lll see cause you ripped us off years 10 years back and we have list of others you ripped off keep making false reports your list of victems never going away and your going to see what happens to professional cons.

Scam alert primaries career criminal w tons fake new ads! Credit mark financial / daniel mcknight sales primaries

Daniel mcknight sales agent
[protected] hours
[protected] ext 131 9am to 6pm

Q&a and price list

Buyer beware total cash scam from career criminal

[protected] or email


This con tina c**k roach conely uses tons of fake name and new domains and also biggest scam on net daniel mcknight sales agent

Biggest scam on net daniel mcknight sales agent

Aka tina conely on her 7th domain change aka jeff weisman weisman financial, aka was gms financial aka was denver credit aka was us shelf corps

Slime bag con been ripping people off for a decade look up her name on the search.

She is in atlanta under investigation, report your losses to a bureau investigation they are building the case on her.

Do not send her cash you will never see it again.

See all her scam copanies and proof of it her and her bogus slander against capital cash since she can not operate her scam successfully when a legit real lender is marketing taking her business

See proof of

See screen shots of just some of tina conely s aliases bogus ad and domain changes to rip off people below that we posted to warn people of on bp/cl and see the proof yourself and why she is always attacking us or send her your cash and see it in action. See all her changes of same ad from now daniel mcknight sales, denver credit, gms financial, midwest financial, seasoned primary tradelines

Back to usa shelf corps and see below the website is same and ad same all changed but the same all from same ip as can be seen on scam report too from other victims yet scammer loves to say capital cash is one scamming haha well since we expose her she retailates and wants us to go out of business but that's not gonna happen.


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