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This company is very unethical. I have placed the order on When I placed the order, there were one price, but when I proceeded to pay, the sum suddenly rose. I have wasted more money than I expected and it wasn’t great experience. I tried to speak with the staff and tried to get money back, but my efforts were unavailing.

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May 10, 2016 1:37 pm EDT

Hi, I was going to buy from them, created an account and fill the visa number so all be ready when i would buy. Two day later, my credit card got fraud for a total of 200$ ( they try more but it was fully loaded. The bank cover me but since they don't give info about they survey I Will never known if its was from this site but seem highly plausible. Yea cheap price but no customer service, + they look to sell credit card info from they own customer. Watch out from these toronto pi*ce of sh*t