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this fake scam website"' scammed me 600 usd last week on october 5th for a fake passport and identification card that I wanted to use in a certain way.
I made an order and paid through moneygram. the money were collected in kiev in ukraine by tetiana fadieieva. the owner of this scam website is johnson thompson: a terrifiant scammer whose job is to take money from all clients who need documents. here is his phone number from ukraine but it does not work: +380443912231
never try to order anything from this scam website. if you try you will lost all your money but you will never receive what you pay for. real and dangerous scammer scam scam scam

  • Updated by Takeni 777, Oct 10, 2019

    Hello everybody

    Never try to buy anything from They are absolutely SCAMMERS. They took 500 USD from me for passport and ID Card. They are located in Ukraine: City: Kiev. The person who receives money is TETIANA FADIEIEVA: Their fake phone number is +[protected]; A Total group of scammers who rip off everybody.

    BUYREALFAKEPASSPORT.CC scam website-SCAM-SCAM with Johnson Thompson. I have reported him to the police. The Police argued that they had been looking for this Scammer for a long time. He used a fake name : Johnson Thompson is not his real name. SCAM SCAM SCAM BUYREALFAKEPASSPORT.CC SCAM SCAM

  • Updated by Takeni 777, Oct 10, 2019 is an international scam website: email Address: [protected]
    Location Ukraine in Kiev.
    scammers : John Thompson via TETIANA FADIEIEVA
    Fake Phone Number: +[protected] SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • Updated by Takeni 777, Oct 13, 2019

    TETIANA FADIEIEVA and JOHN THOMPSON of "" are real SCAMMERS. John Thompson is the owner of the website and he clains to produce documents. The payments are received buy this Fake woman TETIANA FADIEIEVA who lieve in Kiev-Ukraine.
    They took my Money 800 USD as first payment regarding the three documents I ordered. Only the senseless scanned documents were sent to me to make me finish their money. After the last payment they did not reply to any of my mails. I wrote them many times but they could not reply again. is a TOTAL SCAM SCAM
    Don't send money to these scammers: TETIANA FADIEIEVA of Ukrain-Kiev SCAMMER Woman scammer. John Thompson SCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER

  • Updated by Takeni 777, Oct 13, 2019

    INSTAND DEATH SPELL TO KILL ENEMIES is a TOTAL Scam website. Never try to order an item or a Spell from this dangerous Website. They claim to be real but they just take your money and show you the photo of a small box telling you that your spell has been well conducted. But you will never get a result. They DON'T cast any Spell. They take 100 USD for each spell and sometimes they propose One spell at 100 USD plus BONUS of 3 other Spells; that is only to attract people and SCAMM them. They did it to me and they SCAMMED me. No spell were cast.
    https// : INSTAND DEATH SPELL TO KILL ENEMIES/ Email Address: [protected] Avoid this SCAM Website. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM mothergod scam scam

  • Updated by Takeni 777, Oct 13, 2019

    BRUNO FERNANDES of Portugal is a dangerous SCAMMER via Fake Passport. He receives the money for payment through Bitcoin/ Western Union/MoneyGram and Bank transfer. Here is the email Adress he uses to scam clients on Internet: [protected]
    Scam Bank Account Number: PT50 [protected] 9
    His Bank: BEST-BANCO ELECTRONICO DE SERVICO : country: Portugal
    He scammed me and i don't want other people to be scammed by this fake scammer BRUNO FERNANDES of Portugal.
    His website: "" scam scam scam scam.
    I reported it to the police. BRUNO FERNANDES of Portugal SCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER

Oct 10, 2019
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  • Ro
      Oct 11, 2019

    I have also tried this site long ago and then, even worse, I had a bad experience trying pass toke com.. they are scammers as well.. I can post their messages here if is possible.. someone else tried them ??

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  • Ma
      Oct 11, 2019

    pass are the greatest scammers ever.. they spam their videos everywhere but in these last months seems YouTube deleted mostly of them.. after your order they show a short video and a scan of your pass. but they will never send anything.

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  • Wo
      Oct 13, 2019

    I agree; everybody knows: pass changed name in the last few years but they are the same scammers located somewhere in Ukraine. If you wanna lose your money, then just try them)

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  •   Oct 13, 2019
    Best Best Advice

    omg it says it in the name FAKE!!!



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  • Bi
      Oct 14, 2019

    Well after some years I must admit that nothing changed../ someone is still buying fake passports or IDs through websites??? That’s weird..
    Also I see the famous YouTube and web spammer and scammer of “ pass “ is still in “business” scamming people all over the web..

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  • Bi
      Oct 14, 2019

    I don't understand why my comments are not visible...

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  • Pi
      Oct 14, 2019

    Hello everyone! I also fell into their trap and lost 900 usd.. they asked at first 200 upfront and then the last...
    They do not use only this site but also they often use this scam pass ..they are the same guys of the site mentioned in the complaint and they are from Ukraine..

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  • Wo
      10h ago

    Pierre to discover the trick they use is simply: before sending a single penny ask them to meet in real, if they don't accept then it means they are obviously scammers..

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