Wright & Metcalf Attorneys at Lawcraig wright exploits the terminally ill for profit.

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Michigan estate planner Craig Wright, apparently having had an epiphany that mortuary services and churches were hogging up all that sweet, sweet death money, started advertising in newspapers that he would hand over two grand to any terminally ill individual willing to furnish him with their signature and other pertinent info.
Not content to wait for the near-dead to come to him, he also personally solicited the dying, paid visits to AIDS patients, and talked to the friends and families of the nearly deceased -- he got their information, and they got enough money to make all their bucket list dreams come true (assuming their bucket list consisted solely of "have a couple thousand dollars").

To a functioning member of the human race, it almost seems legit: People suffering from some debilitating illness can't exactly go out and work anymore and, hospital and funerary costs being what they are (i.e. absurd), every little bit helps, right? But hey, what did he need those signatures for, anyway?
Well, see, there are investments (such as certain annuities from insurance companies) that pay out death benefits should the holder die at some point. So, using the information he collected from the dying, Craig Wright set about purchasing these in huge quantities, funded with investments made by his clients, friends, and family. Whenever the Grim Reaper came along, Craig Wright's cadre got a nice payout (that was NOT shared with the family of the deceased, who didn't even know about it), and he was finally able to realize his dream of profiting from sad, lonely, protracted death with the best of them ... to the tune of millions over the years.

Craig Wright got five years in prison for trading mortality funds and, in an effort to demonstrate that not all judges are completely bereft of a sense of irony, he was also sentenced to 2, 000 hours of community service specifically benefiting the elderly and the terminally ill. We bet he's totally not using that time to set up some sort of retirement home Hunger Games for the amusement of his investor pals.
Wait, did we say that a lawyer exploiting his clients can't get much worse than this? Well, that must have been before we found out about his partner Jason Metcalf !


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      Nov 05, 2017

    Known pair of Shysters, professionally unscrupulous especially in the practice of Elder law.

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      Jul 02, 2018

    @JosephMI To: Genesee County Courthouse and Joseph, MI: You are being sued in the Circuit Court for Genesee County in the State of Michigan in a lawsuit titled, Craig Wright et. al. v Jane Doe, Case No. [protected]- CZ (“Complaint”). The Complaint presents claims for defamation together with other claims against you for this and other online postings and seeks to obtain your identity via a subpoena issued to this site and others listed in the Complaint. You may have the right to file objections to the subpoenas in court which you may seek to do with or without an attorney. To obtain a copy of the Complaint contact the Genesee County court clerk at [protected].

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