World's Foremost Bank, a Division of Cabelascredit card acct management practices


First, as general information about World's Foremost Bank, it is a wholely owned subsidiary of the Cabela's retail store, catalog, and online sales operation. Unlike other companies, Cabelas actually owns the bank that issues its own credit cards. This isn't like a Sears card that is issued by CitiBank.

Next, Cabelas primarily (almost exclusively) uses credit reporting information from Equifax and DOES NOT use all three (plus Experian and Transunion) and then average them together. So if your Equifax score is lower than Experian or Transunion, your credit with them will not be as good. This is assuming that your information with Equifax is accurate as well because they will update or even verify any credit information without pulling a report which counts as a "hard hit" on your credit record.

Equifax information is considered significantly more important than your own account history with this bank. Meaning if you have a good history with them, but have inaccurate or negative information with another bank, it DOES NOT factor into actions they take on your account.

Lastly, and this is the basis for my complaint, by the admission of several representatives of the bank, they "are a small bank" and this is their excuse/explanation of why they can't or won't offer any customer service.

Over the last several months, Cabelas and their bank has demonstrated a pattern of conduct that indicates to me that my business is not important to them. They have always received every cent that I charged plus interest and any associated fees. There has NEVER been an issue of non-payment, but this isn't important to them.

On several occasions over the last 6 months, I have received letters saying that my credit limit is being reduced. Coincidentally, it was always right after I made a payment and my balance less than or starting to approach less than 50% of my limit. But then they would reduce my limit making my card appear "maxed out" which is a "negative factor" on a credit score. This happened again when I paid off nearly 90% of my balance and they lowered my limit to just a few dollars above my balance. The credit reporting agencies don't care that the amount is relatively low, it just shows that I have a card where the balance is at the limit.

My limit is now nearly at Cabela's own account minimum credit limit. The fact that at one time I had a credit limit that was over 30 TIMES what is now is meaningless.

The Cabelas card is also a "points card" where you earn points towards their merchandise. They are earned at a rate of 1 cent for every dollar put on the card, 2 cents for every purchase made at Cabelas. They also keep a running total of your points. I currently have over $700 in points if that is any indication of what kind of customer that I am, that equates to over $70, 000 in purchases that have been paid for.

The sad part is that I really like Cabelas and their merchandise. I used my Cabelas club card as my primary card just so that I could earn points. I even used it for automated payments for things I would have written a check for normally like utilities. Either way, they made a fair amount of money from me via interest and such.

I know the economy is in a sad state and banks are failing left and right and I can understand wanting to protect your business. But why do they have to damage to my credit history every time.

I'm sorry, but the Cabela's Club just doesn't feel like much of a club anymore.


  • Valerie Aug 12, 2008

    My review on

    Re: Cabela's Tur-Duc-Hen

    I purchased Cabela's Tur-Duc-Hen for Christmas dinner and it was a nightmare...

    Bottom line is that whoever Cabela's has producing this product must put it through a brining process prior to shipment.

    After cooking the bird(s) and bringing up to temperature, I let it rest and started serving for a dinner party of 20.

    When served, I noticed that people were taking one bite and sheepishly removing said bite to the provided dinner's napkins. As I continued to carve, I cut a bite to taste for myself and was not able to swallow.

    It tasted like it sat in a brine tub for three days. Maybe this was a Friday bird that never made it out until Monday p.m.

    20 really disappointed people rummaged around the house trying to get full on the appetizers and ancillary food that was brought to the house in support of the main meal.

    Anyway, I asked for my money back and Cabela's countered with a refund for shipping and a $15.00 gift certificate.


    I saved some of the bird and offered to send it back frozen for a taste test, and Cabela's refused to take me up on the offer.

    The entire Tur-Duc-Hen went in to the trash.

    This will be the last product that I will purchase through Cabela's in view of the lack of responsiveness...

    Consider yourself duly warned...

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  • An
    Angie Dec 04, 2008

    How often did they send these letters? I got one yesterday saying it had reduceded it to a certain amount and then got another one today reducing it even more. What the heck??? We have never been late with them. I am really starting to worry...

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  • Gg
    G. Grier Jan 21, 2009

    I did miss a payment, but it was promptly paid.
    I was very disappointed with the harassing phone calls from 8 am to 9pm on weekens and holidays.

    I understand the economy is struggling and they have seen their share of unpaid balances, but to harass a loyal customer with a low balance of $300 that has a good credit history is very poor business practice. You will lose my families business and many more.

    G. Grier

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  • Ej
    EJake Feb 01, 2009

    Same boat. Never missed a payment. Always paid in full. Rarely, if ever, had to pay any interest or late fees. I had the card since 1999. They cancelled my card. When I called and asked why, they said it was because of a $48 outstanding payment on a BP card. (I resolved that account a month earlier but it was still on my credit report) I explained that to them. I also explained that BP was happy now, and that the $48 was outstanding (for a whopping 2 months) because they hadn't sent a statement since we moved our offices.

    I also explained that I had their card for nearly 10 years, owed them nothing, and never missed a payment. She said that was "immaterial." Oh but a $48 payment to BP is!

    My credit limit was $11, 000. I had over $400 in points this year, but that didn't matter.

    I felt like they were saying "Take your business elsewhere, jerk."

    So I shop at Gander Mountain now.


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  • Ke
    Kev Feb 04, 2009

    I'm not going to say that the previous comments were illigit, but i have been extremely happy with my cabelas visa. I have had a few late payments with cabelas, and they hit me with a late fee, but the representative that i spoke with was more than willing to help with it. Also my second late payment was never reported to the credit bereau which i check with every week. I couldn't believe it, I thought after my second offense, they would have reported that and dinged my credit score but nothing happened. I have nothing to complain about with my card. In addition, I couldn't believe that my cabelas' points never expire.

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  • Li
    Lisa43 Feb 09, 2009

    I had a cabelas card for over a year, never used it and than I charged on it when all this crisis in America was happening. I payed half of the charge off and than they lowered my credit limit. I called and they said they checked my credit and had lowered it due to the credit score. They lied, I had a better score than when i signed up for the card. I think they just like to do this to make people's score lower. My score lowered after a month of them lowering my credit with them. I finally am fighting back. I will pay the card off and save money, but I will when i feel like it! I will never use my cabelas card again. They showed me they don't care about people that do make their payments on time. I feel this company is the kind that plays the game to keep people from having higher scores on their credit report.. I will win the game with them when i pay this off and never use it again!!!

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  • Ch
    chris Feb 11, 2009


    This is exactly what happened to me. I had a 4k limit, 3k balance. Paid $2500 and found the next day my limit was dropped to $900. Cabelas has seen my last purchase!!! Never missed a payment, never paid just the minimum, never went over my limit.

    I will not stop until I've told 4k people about my story. One person for everyone of my intitial credit limit dollars!!!

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  • Bo
    BooHoo123 Feb 18, 2009

    As a former emloyee of WFB (Cabela's bank), in two different areas, but with a very thourough knowledge of how the credit dept. works, I know what most of you people are talking about. The sad truth of the matter is that this is how almost all credit card companies/banks operate. And if they dont, it's how they should and will be - with an increasingly strict standard of who they loan credit to.

    Look at it from a business aspect - if YOU owned the bank, you would attempt to minimize as much risk as possible. Especially in these dire straights we're in, if you dont use your card and you have an $5k limit, then all of the sudden you start to use up near or above 50% of your CL, that could appear as a potential risk. There are people out there that roll through card after card, maxing it out and ditching it. The bank was absolutely justified in reviewing your credit information (which they would've eventually done anyway as they review on a quarterly basis). As mentioned before, the bank primarily uses Equifax; the score you say had increased very well might have, but it probably wasn't the Equifax which is the one that would've counted. This brings up the point of having well rounded credit information no matter what score a company is going to go off of.

    On a side note, you earn points on what you spend, not what you pay back to the bank. So, yes, you've received your $700 in points by spending $70, 000...that doesnt mean that $70, 000 has left your pocket. Big whoop because in the grand scheme of things, the money the author/responders to this thread have spent through this or any bank and the 4000 people you've all told, are less than a drop in the bucket. A plain and simple truth. All credit card companies are essentially crooks, bottom line. Got a problem with that? Go call Dave Ramsey and he'll give you a solution...he'll euphemistically call you an idiot and tell you that you never should've gotten a credit card in the first place.

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  • Jo
    joe29 Feb 27, 2009

    I've also worked for WFB in their credit department. And I did so for several years. Most of what the other complainers have said is completely true, but it's also completely justifiable. It continually amazes me how many people are outraged by, and don't understand, these practices.

    Think of it this way - your credit score is basically your reputation as far as credit is concerned. If you had a babysitter who watched your kids on a irregular, non-exclusive basis, and one of your neighbors suddenly started telling everyone that this babysitter had done something horrible to one of their kids, would you take the risk and keep that babysitter? Even if YOU never had a problem with this babysitter, wouldn't you be a little skeptical about asking that babysitter to watch your kids again? Or, if a man had a reputation for beating up his girlfriends, would YOU want to date him? This is what your credit score represents to WFB. It is your reputation, and if another bank says they've had problems with you, WFB is going to minimize its risk by lowering your credit limit or closing your card.

    WFB's basic policy is that if you are not paying other companies, or carrying high balances from month to month, or have any other credit problems, as indicated by your credit score, then you are MUCH more likely to, sooner or later, not pay on your Cabela's card, and the bank is going to do whatever it can to minimize the risk of that happening. Bottom line: if you're looking for a credit card company that doesn't care whether or not you are paying your other bills or how you're handling your other accounts, then this is not the card for you.

    Oh, and it's absolutely asinine to suggest that the bank actively and intentionally tries to lower someone's credit score. Having customers with low credit scores hurts the bank as well as the consumer. The bank will only lower or close your account if you ALREADY have a bad credit score. And yeah, that might hurt your score further, but your score wouldn't have been very good to begin with. If you don't want this to happen, take a preemptive action and close the account yourself. Plus, the employees at WFB absolutely LOVE taking calls like this... There's nothing more pleasant than having someone yell at you "But I've always paid YOU! You always get YOUR money! Why should YOU care how I handle my other accounts? That doesn't matter. That is NONE of YOUR business!" Yeah, that's always fun.

    Yes, the credit bureaus do screw up sometimes. And yes, the people at WFB know this. But almost everyone who has their credit limit lowered or account closed says this. "It's Equifax's fault... It's Citi's fault... It's Wells Fargo's fault..." That might be true, but there's no way to know for sure without looking at a credit bureau. If you get it fixed with the other bank or the credit bureaus, WFB will ALWAYS reevaluate the previous decision based on the updated credit bureau info.

    I mean, I don't even work there anymore, and this just irritates me. The people that work there are wonderful, and it sucks when people like this call in and scream and yell and curse because of their own bad credit. And I sincerely hope that the petty person who is going to tell 4000 people about this, tells those same people that the reason for this happening was due to their own bad credit.

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  • Dk
    dko Mar 03, 2009

    Nearly the same thing happened to me. On top of everything, they raised my interest rate. Additionally, they changed the terms of my agreement to include automated phone calls to my cell phone, business phone, or any other phone number I may have called from. I have never been late or missed a payment. I canceled my card the same day I received the notice.

    I have been a loyal customer of Cabela's for well over twenty years. Not only did I cancel the Cabela's Card but I will never shop at Cabela's again. Ever. I too am telling everyone I know to stear clear of Cabela's Club. I hope they go broke.

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  • Pc
    PckerFan414 Mar 13, 2009

    I work for Cabela's, and I've seen your review on a few other websites. We're not going to give you all your money back because you don't like how something tastes. Get real. It's just like a grocery store. If you don't like it, that's your problem

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  • Cs
    CSR Apr 01, 2009

    I love that people complain about their accounts being closed when in all reality, it's YOUR own fault. Part of keeping any credit card account is having and maintaining a good credit bureau score. This is your responsibility to moniter and track. If your account has been closed or your credit line decreased, it's because you no longer qualify for that limit or to even have the account anymore based on YOUR low/bad credit bureau score. So maybe instead of blaming the company or the bank, you should take some responsibility for your own actions and stop complaining and maybe do something about your BAD credit!

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  • Zu
    zuke Apr 01, 2009

    I am glad to see I was not they only loyal customer screwed by the worlds foremost mafia! I always paid on time and used my card for hunting and fishing only. I had just cleared up some stuff on my credit and was preapproved for a home so things were going well. I get a notice in the mail they were cutting my limit from $7000.00 to $3700.00. When I called to ask why they said it was because my credit score had dropped. I looked at the report and score I pulled before they said they had checked it and one the day after I got the notice and do you know what dropped my score? These A*&holes reduceing my limit! That was the only thing different. When they dropped it I went from having over half of the card available to it almost being maxed overnight. I will probably never go there again and will sperad the word that they crap on loyal customers. I am in the military and will spread the word every where I go.

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  • Zu
    zuke Apr 01, 2009

    Hey CSR maybe you should not blast people blindly! The score I had when Cabelas gave me the $7000.00 limit was actually lower than the one I had when they cut my limit! Some times the big companies just don't give a crap about how loyal there customers are and look only at the bottom line.

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  • Zu
    zuke Apr 01, 2009

    To the two WFB suck ups who are slamming people on here, I use Equifax to moniter my credit it was Equifax customer service who helped me figure out that the ONLY thing that dropped my score was WFB cutting my limit and I have months of reports and scores to back it up! These people are not saints and you yourselves said the are covering their own butts.

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  • Po
    PO'd Local Customer Apr 13, 2009

    Background: I had a bankruptcy 5 years ago after my wife had a heart attack and was out of work for two years. We are paying back every cent...not skipping out on the debt...just re-arranged it.

    Cabela's (there is a store in my town) gave my a $3k line last year. I've made every payement ahead of time, always more than double the amount due. In fact, I've had the card down to a zero balance 3 times in one year after having over $2k.

    Two weeks ago, I paid $500 (min due was less that $50) then went and put $400 on it 2 days later.

    Last week got a letter in the mail that reduced my limit to the next $100 over the balance owed. In other words, left me with a $53 available credit.

    I've worked my ### off to re-establish my credit. My wife had a *[email protected]! heart attack and couldn't work for 2 years.

    Needless to say, the card is not in my wallet anymore. I'll pay the balance off in the next 2 months and not use it again. I bought most of my clothes there (better quality and prices than other local stores) but now I'll go to Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, etc for needs. They never had fair prices on firearms anyway so I never bought guns there.

    I'm betting the next $500 payment I make, my limit will drop again. I'll be reporting this to Equifax. Since filing bankruptcy, we've never been late on a payment, always sent in more than the court designated amount and have kept up on all of our bills.

    Thanks for nothing Cabela's and WFB.

    Can't wait to return birthday and xmas presents. Seems that my whole family shops that "shopped" there.


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  • Wa
    Walton Apr 16, 2009

    Cabelas canceled my credit card a few weeks ago. I've shopped there for years. I just paid cash for 2 Cannon electric downriggers with accessories. My balance has been $0, and have never been late on payments anywhere. They keep sending me Cabelas Spring Event Club savings coupons. I called and told them to erase every memory of me they have, as I will never shop with them again. We have over $700, 000 cash in investments. I've canceled them, as they have me.

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  • 12
    1234 Apr 20, 2009

    I went to use my card about a month ago, and was denied. I called Cabela's and discovered that they had (thank God) put a hold on my card after they noticed some suspicious transactions. After being in contact with WFB fraud department (because there was INTERNET fraud committed with my Cabela's card), I received a letter from Cabela's credit department lowering my limit. This came the day before their fraud dept finally sent me an affidavit to sign and return regarding the fraud (WEEKS after the fact). I called Cabela's credit dept and asked them if their lowering my credit was DUE TO FRAUD that had just been committed with my Cabela's card. The answer was no, I was delinquent at some point in the past few months. I'm getting my credit check tomorrow, and I'm going to find out exactly what was "delinquent". If I find out it was Cabela's lowering my limit instead of some delinquency, I will cancel that card. In fact after what I've read here, I might just do that anyway. At this point I'm even wondering if there was a breach of security within the company somehow that caused the fraud and that's the reason they are so backlogged with cases. Since the person assigned to my fraud case cannot seem to even read the information I have sent or verify my questions, I will be reporting this fraud to the FBI and State authorities, and anybody else that might be able to help me - and actually are concerned. So beware if there is internet fraud committed with your Cabela's card, they may lower your limit too. Or worse, cancel your account, or act unconcerned while you're panicking because you've become a victim of theft. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem as me??

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  • Be
    bellerive10 Apr 20, 2009

    My husband and I have had this card for several years now. We have a credit score (according to all 3 bureaus) of 784, and had 67% of our credit still available. We now have 62% thank to our Cabelas friends! WE HAVE NEVER BEEN LATE ON ANY PAYMENT!!! Thiers or otherwise, yet they still closed our account due to "inactivity" right after we made a purchase! I have worked hard to keep my score up and am extremley disapponted they would choose to loose a loyal client. I for one will never purchase a thing from Cabelas again. Bass Pro SHop will be getting my business from now on. I find it amazing how I can be looking right at all 3 credit burea reports and they tell me thiers is 100 points less than I show. Can someone explain this madness??????

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  • Wa
    Walton Apr 26, 2009

    Since I posted my complaint here, I've bought 3 shrimp pots, 3 buoys, 1200' of lead line, and a pot puller from Sportco to gear up for Shrimping. I will never buy another item from Cabelas. Sportco was happy to get my business.
    I told my story on the Cabelas forum, and the moderator banned me for life. This just shows the bias of its product reviews. It is nice to know that there are other forums to voice your opinion.

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  • Ca
    Cabelas Victim Apr 28, 2009

    Maybe Cabelas is about to go the way of the other POORLY MANAGED companies unable to survive the current recession. They cut my CL by 2-thirds overnight, no late or missed payments, FICO rising monthly since I got this card, poor business. I will pay off my balance and be done with this un-grateful company.

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  • Jo
    jon May 20, 2009

    The Cabelas CLUB VISA is a great card. I am a employee and hear these complaints everyday. These times are hard on everyone and I understand that people are frustrated and angry about some of the situations that they are in or are going to be in due to job loss. Your past history is taken into consideration when reviewing accounts, but unfortunately the Cabelas Visa just as other credit cards are unsecured lines of credit, which means there is no collateral or anything if someone was to stop paying on their debt that is owed. Another thing too is that a credit card is a luxury and it is something that people have to earn and prove they can handle the responsibility of borrowing money and paying it back.

    The customer service you get from this card is outstanding compared to other cards all of are representatives are in the United States so you are not getting transferred off to India to be handled by a third party that can not understand you and you can not understand them this is something that is very hard to argue against. No one is every fully satisfied with their credit cards company no matter what benefits or rewards they offer this is something that i hope everyone understands. Their are Pros and Cons for every credit card that is out there. The Cabelas Club Visa does a great job of helping out people who get fees or get into financial problems all you have to do is ask and when you ask call calmly and understand that the person behind the phone is just doing their job. Also the cabelas visa only reports any late fees to the credit bureau that are more then 60 days late. Name another credit card company that does that most credit cards immediately report a late that is one day late.

    Now Getting back to the credit bureau score or also known as a FICO score. This is something that is looked at very seriously and it is a rating of an individuals past credit history and everyone looks at it when you apply got a home mortgage and or an auto loan some employers even look at when looking to hire someone to see if they have handled their finances well in the past because if someone can not handle their own money they are very unlikely to treat someone else's money with care. It can take sometimes 60-90 days for the credit report to update so if something is reporting incorrectly in your credit report it can be a while before it is fixed and corrected. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for a credit bureau is just takes time and patience for things to iron out. If your account is lowered or closed and it is because of your credit report score contact equifax (efx) and find out what is reporting wrong you do not know how many people have called in angry and then called back and said they are thankful for the letter and they were upset at first, but now are thankful that we notified them of the change in score so they could get everything corrected in their credit bureau.

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  • Mi
    Minnie Jun 03, 2009

    To the above person who works at Cabela's, Do you really think it is a good idea to start off your comment by stating that you hear these complaints everyday? Did you read these people's complaints? They are just as qualified as you are to understand how it works. If you are hearing this type of complaint everyday, you have a clear problem.
    Here is another one for you...I previously worked at Cabela's and had the card. When I lost my job, I lost the card. I too had never missed a payment and always used the card and was a clear advocate of the company and that is how I was treated. The reason they took the card from me, is not because of anything I had actually done, but their different policy of allowing employees to obtain the credit card who carried a lower credit score than an average customer. So, when I lost my job, I didn't fit the "average joe" criteria, so they cancelled the card. What's worse and not entirely legal is that they also took a couple hundred dollars of points that I had chalked up due to purchases and I was not allowed to redeem them. Cabela's is becoming a mismanaged joke of a company.

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  • Mi
    Mississppi Hunter Aug 20, 2009

    I have been a Cabela's Club member since 1995 and have never been late with a payment. I paid my balance off every month except for 2 or 3 times during the 14 year period. I intentional charged everything that I could to my card just so I could earn points to purchase all of my hunting needs from Cabela's. I recently added a patio to my house and installed a ice maker, TV, grill and a lot of other items and I charged them to my card so I could get all the points. I had a $15, 000 limit on the card and had a little over $10, 000 charged on it. One day I went to use the card and it was denied. I called and asked why it was denied and I was told that they lowered my limit to $10, 000, which made me over my limit and I was being charged an over limit fee. I told them that I would not pay the over limit fee and they agreed and I also told them that I would pay the balance off in full, which I did. I did not mind them lowering the limit, because up to that point, I had never reached it anyway. But, I did not like the way they handled it and it embrassed me when my card was denied. Since then, I have been struggling with the decision to just cut up my Cabela's credit card. I love Cabela's! Their Customer Service is the best I have every seen. But, I do not like what they have done and in my opinion charging anyone 24-25% interest is just wrong. Look at the credit card rates. Libor plus 24%. I agree with the other person, this just doesn't feel like a club anymore or a club that I want to be part of. I will still shop with Cabela's and I still want the points, so I guess that I will just have to keep using the card and make sure that I pay it off every month.

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  • Pa
    Paddieo Sep 13, 2009

    The last time I put something in an online shopping cart at Cabelas I got an offer to take money off my order if I would apply for their card. I've done business with Cabelas before, liked what I bought, and thought that would be okay, but supposedly I didn't get instant approval, which meant no money off the order. Technically that gave them authorization to use my info without giving me a card. This is a kind of a scam, and very disappointing from a company I took to be reliable. Their offer claimed no tricks. BS. These comments from "former employees" are bogus. How would somebody who rolls through card after card get another card unless the banks were just careless? Either way, that means Cabelas wants to punish good customers for bad business, and as other comments have pointed out, Cabelas won't make more money by annoying reliable customers. This is a company on a downwad turn. Watch out.

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  • Ra
    ralph888 Sep 16, 2009

    One thing outsiders don't realize is that Cabelas uses the interest from the cards to offset losses in retail store operations and to make payroll on the retail end. They also use the club card referrals to generate revenue ( or future revenue) in order to calculate payrolls. Lastly the new CXP or Cabelas Extreme Protection program is a means of limiting actual warranties and again generating income for the company. This is why when you go into a Cabelas store you get hit up several times to get a Cabelas club card. They are also pushing the use of kiosks for customers to order things. The kiosk shows the order generated from that particular store and not from a catalog or internet sale. Again justification for being in existence.

    As an insider I can only say that the company has been rife with internal abuse, incompetence, favoritism, theft you name it for years.

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  • Li
    Lisa43 Oct 09, 2009

    Everyone needs to close there cabelas account first than pay balance owed off. Cabelas is open because "we" shop there. We all need to boycott this store, there are better stores out there that we can get better prices and products from. The way cabelas treats there long time Good history customers, they should be ashamed at themselves! The more people and sites I write to and let people know Cabelas bad tactics the better I feel. I don't care about this store . They showed me and reading posts that they are ###! I will Blog as many people and places as I can to get this store not to have customers.. The only way they will change is to lose customers and lose money! So boycott this store and make a change...

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  • Co
    cowboyfiherman'smom Nov 01, 2009

    I was treated just like Walton. I had the card since they started offering it. I had a 15k balance and always paid in full, on time. Last year they started lowering our credit limit without informing us. My husband was hot the first timee his card was denied. He was embarassed and humiliated. I called Cabela's to see what was going on and was informed that our credit limit had been lowered due to our credit score. At the time, we were enbroiled in a law suit with some deadbeat tenants and we thought a law firm that we fired had attached our credit. I did not know what a credit sco8re actually was. I have never needed to know, we always pay cash and don't have any debts except for what we charge for that month on our credit card; We also used Cabelas as our primary card in order to get the Cabela points. When our limit was finally lowered to $850, I juat paid it every week. When it was time to receive our new cards, I got a letter instead saying that our credit score was too low.

    I called Cabelas and I was nice to the customer service person. I know if someone is answering phones, they do not have a very high level job. I was informed that we had an excellent payment history with Cabelas but our credit score was too low. I finally was told how to get our credit report and did so. We onl have four credit cards, Cabelas being one of them. There was nothing negative on my credit report so I called the credit reporting company to find out why my score was so low. The lady who answered the phone told me that I was unemployed, did not live in a house and did not own a car. I asked her how she knew this and she said my credit report did not list any payments or W2 forms. I told her that I owned nine houses, was self employed and owned a cattle ranch, all of our vehicles are paid for and I used a post office box for an address because we live out in the country. She said that there was nothing she could do about it.

    A coouple of days later I was talking to our general lawyer and he said to call up Cabelas and ask them if they would like mee to send them some of the preliminary title reports that I have showing that I do not owe any money. I called WFB baci and asked the man who answered if I could send them some copies of preliminary title reports and he got livid. I do not think that he knew what they were.

    As far as the woman who scolded everyone for not taking better care of their credit and that credit cards are a priviledge, you are so wrong. When they start taking one's credit report as the Holy Grail, something is very wrong in this country. If someone who has filed for bankruptcy can get a credit card but someone who owes no money to anyone can't, there is something wrong with the very core of our country. Credit cards are not a luxury, they are a necessity. If I could live without them, I certainly would. I purchased a Vaio laptop last week from a Sony store and began to write a check. The sales clerk told me that they quit taking checks five years ago! It used to be that I could go into any store in our county and buy thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and not have a nickel or credit card in my pocket. You just signed your name and sent them a check at the first of the month. Some places didn't even make you sign. It was just, "Put that on my account, please" These days you cannot check into a motel, rent a car or purchase airline tickets without a credit card. We use our ATM card quite a bit because it has a Master Card logo on it but sometimes one just needs a credit card, especially when traveling.

    I was going to write a letter to a couple of the executives on the board but after reading all the other complaints, I won't waste my time. It is too bad that legitimate customers get dismissed as crack pots. We are doing more and more shopping at other places but if you need something, Cabelas usually has it. We still get all their catalogs, which must cost them a pretty penny to send. Especially the hard bound one that they send out twice a year. Because both my husband and I order, we get sent two of every catalog they send!

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  • No
    notthatstupid Nov 04, 2009

    My husband received a solicitaion from Cabela's stating he was "preapproved to upgarde into our exclusive Cabela's CLUB Visa credit card program" because he has a CLUB REWARDS card. "Simply fill out the application below." After doing so, he received a letter stating they need a copy of his social security card and drivers license, and his date of birth. First of all, this information should have been on the application if it was needed. Secondly, he is not STUPID enough to actually send a copy of his social security card & drivers license thru the mail to a bank he has never heard of. He will be withdrawing his request for credit with these people, in writing, with a copy of that request being sent to the credit reporting agency they use. He is not desperate enough for their points to open himself up to identity theft to get a credit card with a laughably high interest rate. I very much appreciate learning that this so-called bank is actually Cabela's.

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  • Sh
    Shooter_Reloader Dec 04, 2009

    Yes I agree with the crappy way Cabelas treats there customers. I am 63 never been late with a payment and always paid more than the minimum balance. They out of the blue canceled my card! Claim that my credit score went down? I think this is a load of crap and I do think it is because of my age and being retired. Have done business with them for years, but after this and the way I have been treated by the World formost bank (Cabelas owns) I will take my business to Gander Mountain or anyone else but Cabelas, they don't deserve my money and I will be dammed if I sent them any. I am posting this whole thing on every gun sight I know of, just to help them out of business a little faster.

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  • Ni
    nicolje3 Dec 16, 2009

    Seems to be a pattern with them. I had an excellent payment history with them. I only used the card to accrue 'points' and usually paid it off in full each month, which apparently they didn't like. I was informed via mail on two occasions that my limit has been reduced and then, out of the blue, the account was closed altogether. The customer service rep I spoke to was clueless.

    As much as I hated to do it, I have written to Cabela's to take me off their mailing list as I will not purchase merchandise any longer. I'm just one guy but I'm drawing a line in the sand. If you don't value me as a customer, I won't spend my hard earned money in your store.

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  • Ni
    nicolje3 Dec 16, 2009

    The so-called credit experts that commented on how this is all OUR fault are blinded by the rules of a broken system. Most of what you explained about "credit scores being your reputation" are absolutely true, if the system was fair and accurate, which it absolutely is not. How much analysis went into where the purchases on the card were made as another litmus test of the customer's creditworthiness? I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of purchases made with the card are IN THE STORE. Therefore cutting off a potential revenue stream for them. Secondly, how many of those customers actually defaulted on their WFB cards or did WFB just decide to minimize their risk and begin cutting their customers loose? And last, but not least, credit companies like Equifax are in the pocket of the banks. They work on their behalf, not on the part of the consumer. So when things start to go sour for the banks, they close ranks and work to lower credit scores so the banks can increase your interest rates and hit you with other fees. It's a silly little game that is stacked in favor of the bank.

    By that measure, I agree with you that it's our fault for trusting a small local bank to do right by their loyal customers. Fact is, they operate just like the big ones. They quit on me when times got tough for them. That's not the kind of friend or business associate I need.

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  • Li
    Lisa43 Dec 27, 2009

    Yep Cabelas is Just one card that people are seeing this with! PLEASE PEOPLE LETS FIGHT BACK... Cancel cards.. pay them off and make these banks suffer a bit! I think people whom work for them are ### too.. they learn the ### trade and work IT! too all you trash people out there.. we the people will fight back and win .. This is AMERICA all the companies have went over seas for there business, us AMERICANS need to not purchase or help these companies anymore! You know we are also helping employ those over seas.. think and cancel all your cards.. Pay cash.

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  • What do you all think of this? I paid my whole credit card bill off $5629.29 the other day. A few days later I receive a letter in the mail very rudely written. saying my account is being closed and all credit available is being canceled. I have never missed a payment and still had$ 2, 000 available credit. They owe me a credit of $30.45 but did not send that back. I will have to wait for the refund for a couple of weeks are more. I called the number in the letter to World's Foremost Bank and they said they just ran a review of my account and it was a low er credit score of a few points. I just got a loan from my bank to pay them and another credit card off so my credit is excellent. Other wise I couldn't have got the bank loan. So whats the deal here? I do not care who say they worked for them and they say how great they are. They are wrong. When innocent people are being pushed out the door that is a shame. Its all to do the the squeeze they will get in February and are treating their customers so shameful. The other day we received in the mail a huge catalog with a hard book cover that weighed about a pound or so. How much do these cost to send to everyone? I gave it away but now I think I should have burned the thing . I am done with Cabelas after years of having their credit card never missing a payment and being such a loyal costumer.

    'Angry' in Texas

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  • Ri
    Rich Miller Feb 17, 2010

    I have experienced exactly the same things from Worlds Foremost Bank. After being a good customer for over 10 years they began to reduce my credit limit after payments were made. They then closed the account making the excuse that I had a low credit score of 630 from equifax. I am a member of equifax and upon checking my own credit I found that I have a FICO score of 700. It appears that they have out and out lied to me for an excuse to call in the credit line. It is my guess that the bank is in financial troubles of its own making and is now running scared and taking it out on good long time customers. I would not be surprized If we find out that they are going belly up in the near future as many banks are these days. In any event I will not be using them or recomending them again.

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  • Co
    CONCORD NE Feb 18, 2010

    This may be partly my fault but here is my story. I guess there was a letter sent back in august that said the interest rates were going up i pay all my bills online and never did read the letter. My question is why would they raise there interest rate's on good existing customers and still offer the card to new customers at a lower rate. I have been a loyal customer of cabelas for years and spent thousands and was never late on any payment. Is this good buisness ? I own my own buisness and i try to keep my loyal customers happy as i can not stab them in the back

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  • Va
    valendino1 Feb 20, 2010

    I have to agree with all of you Cabela's and their worlds foremost bank suck they are crooks, cheats, and I hope they sink with their ship. They will never get aby more of my business again I am out to tell the world what they did and they will not get away with it. They canceled my credit card and gave a lame excuse of somthing on your credit report was our reason for canceling your account. I checked all that I could get and my scores went up the three months prior. They took all of my points that I had built up and basically said screw you. we are done with you. I have been to dozens of blogs, complaints sites and anywhere i can I hope they choke on their credit card.

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  • Va
    valendino1 Feb 20, 2010

    Cabela's and their Worlds Foremost crooks Are not client freindly they are no good crooks liars and cheats. Cabela's THANKS FOR NOTHING I hope your ship sinks and i am standing on top of it with the cork. CABELA"S SUCKS

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  • Ne
    New Mexican Mar 15, 2010

    I know the big banks are crooks. I know the laws are rigged by lobbyists to favor their underhanded, arrogant ways of dealing with people. The mistake I made is thinking Cabela's is different. They are not. They want to play BIG BOY and I will no longer have ANY dealings with them. I won't buy anything, I will not ever say anything good about them to anybody, I will never again set foot in one of their stores. They are a [email protected]@$ excuse for honest, ethical business. Time for them to be left behind in my dust.

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  • Ki
    Kim1214 Jun 03, 2010

    I just want to know how you pay the dam thing. We charged on our card two months ago and have yet to receive a statement. I have went on every online venue I can find to pay this damm thing off. Someone please help. It can't be this hard to find out where to pay it online, unless this is one of their ploys. I tried to pay it at the store and was told I should wait for my bill.

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