World ProfitScam artists


World Profit operates out of Canada, simply because they cannot operate in the USA as a company, they would be shut down.

They make a lot of claims, regarding how long they have been in business, how many books have been written,
(none actually published in book form that I know of show me a book in a public library, in the usa)

I actually had a discussion with this person who claimed to be a PHD, it was obvious that he had little or no formal education or perhaps he was just born that way.

I was online in 1995 and I can tell you that there were few companies with an online presence, and still fewer that had any real ecommerce offerings, they claim to have been online since 1994 yet the domain name was registered in 1995 so strike one.

You can always tell when someone is not honest, just question the way they do business and if they insult you or are rude, you know they are guilty, call it human nature.

I have interviewed a lot of frauds and scam artists and they all generally behave the same way, I am not impressed.

Scam Artists think you are stupid, they think that because they act like they are educated people will think they are educated, the problem with that is that with education comes knowledge and with knowledge comes wisdom, most of these people are just con artists.

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