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St Oct 08, 2019

The girl called me on September 27, 2019, told me the next week when i made a payment that i could turn around and renew for $831. The nect week when i called I was told by another employee i was only eligible for $62...
Now i have had 7 years of on time payments with all mt creditors. And because of her calling me lying to me that day, i can;t even pay my light bill this month, and all payments are going to be very late.

  • Updated by stacey1972, Oct 12, 2019

    And the world finance loan office in Greer South Carolina customer service rep Casey told me I can renew a loan for $831 the next week when I called they said I could not because I get paid cash and I don't know how to check stub I never been late with a payment in 6 years and because she lied I now owe every single bill that I have for the month of October and don't even know what I'm going to do and late with everything because she called me and told me that this and didn't check further about what I needed and didn't need she's ruined my life.

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