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Woodhouse Ford Blair review: Used truck sale from Woodhouse Ford Blair Nebraska

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Didn’t keep their word about making right anything I found wrong with my purchase of a used 2016 Ford F-150. And there IS plenty of things that need fixed. My trade in was a 2013 Ford Edge Limited in excellent condition. I’d take it back and give them their truck back. They’re only going to pay $1000 of the $1795 for the front shocks to be replaced and they’ve had my truck a week and it’s still not fixed. They already had to give it a tuneup just a week after I purchased it. Also the back seat won’t lock down which is a safety feature. I want this truck gone through and fixed at their expense. I’m paying $34,000.00 for a truck in need of much work. The wiper’s need replaced and the squirters don’t work. They held me off long enough on the fixes and I think it’s because they were hoping my warranty would cover some things and the warranty isn’t good for 30 days after purchasing it. I was told at the time of sale that they’d take care of the problems I found. I want them to keep their word or let me pick out a different truck.

Desired outcome: They fix whats wrong or put me in a different truck.

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