Wizardgate cattery (Ed Manning)fraud


I bought a cat in 2009 for $3500 over the internet from Ed Manning based on his TICA cat association credentials as a judge who travels worldwide for shows. The written contract requires mutual agreed upon replacement kitten if the cat must be returned. In Feb 2011, the vet determined the cat could not conceive. Ed demanded she be returned for a replacement. She was returned in April 2011, but Ed has backed out of numerous replacement agreements over the past year. I can not trust him to ever send the replacement kitten, now almost a year later. I have even contacted TICA because Ed registered my cat as his own even though he has not paid me for her and I did not sign her over to him. TICA would not help me but they did help Ed to write emails back to me. It is illegal crime for him to register my property as his own when he has not paid me for it. I have all documentation in writing and can provide it to you. At this point, I want a refund because he has backed out of sending me so many replacements and he has registered the cat as his property. Please help me.


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    Lena-lip Jul 19, 2012

    I beg you, Ed Manning return me my money -3500 dollars or kitten.

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    wizardgate Jul 31, 2012

    my contract does not cover pyo on a 2 plus year old cat.. i offerd not one replacement but 3 different options for you and you refused. Said cat in question has been shown in tica. bred and has had live kittens with no issue. said cat was even offered back to you.. you have been slanderous, and rude and i can not say those words on a public forum. My dealings with you are done i assure you.

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    Lena-lip Nov 03, 2012

    Ed Manning, you're lying!
    You wrote me that you do return for another kitten, you're asked to return the cat and said that you have a pretty boy for me. I agreed, of course! I trusted you! You judge TICA breeder you, and I did not expect fraud ...
    A little later, you sent me pictures of the boy, his name Wizardgate Newton. And I was waiting for a meeting with my boy!
    Finally, you said that I can take him! I was very happy!

    In June 2011, my courier Yana Ricotta flew to Rolly take the boy and bring him to Russia. But you did not come to the airport! Ed! You did not bring me my boy. I paid for the courier flight Russia-America $ 600!
    You said that the flight was delayed and you could not wait for the flight 20 minutes because you have more important things to do.
    So I did not get a kitten from you.
    3 weeks later I found out that you're my boy sold to Ukraine, nursery DE Bliss! I was shocked! It was very painful to see my cat, my boy from another breeder.
    Ed Manning, you lied to my cat gave birth to kittens in your house! But my Sunshine could not have children! Ed, you sent in photos of kittens and it was not my Sunshine! You lied to me again.
    I began to write letters to the TICA, I asked for help, because you robbed me. You took my Sunshine, you promised to replace and not give anything!
    I want you and no one has ever done so painful as did me ..
    Ed, I hope that you will give me my money $ 3, 500 or kitten.
    I'm sorry if I offended you, but I am very worried about this situation.
    I ask you to repay. Other people's money will not bring you happiness .. Trust me ..

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    Lena-lip Nov 03, 2012

    Ed, you sent me photos Wizardgate Newton...
    I waited for the boy! I never abandoned my boy.
    But you're my boy sold for $ 3000 here:

    it's horrible fact ...
    You took my Sunshine
    you sold my boy Newton ...
    you took my money ...
    you took my heart ... :(

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    Lena-lip Nov 03, 2012

    Ed, this is your letter to me ...
    Please tell me, where I refused to take my boy?
    I hoped...I was expecting ... I was dreaming ..
    But you said, no!

    sunshineОт кого: [email protected]
    Кому: [email protected]

    27 сентября 2011, 04:00
    hi elena,

    i will not be bringing the male kitten to you. i brought sunshine home after the tica annual she was calling there bred her on sept 5 and sept 7. had her ultra sounded today and there are 4 babies in utero at this time. so i am not replacing her if there is no problem. you are more then welcome to have her back after this litter is born. i will make the arrangements for her to go to you.

    she is now also a sgc in tica in just 4 shows... and weighing in a 9 and 3/4 pounds.

    good day. i do not want any issue with this decision i have thought long and hard and was waiting for the final yes or no today from the vet as to her being pregant. there has been no issue here with anytype of discharge except when i first received her. she is in excellent health.

    Ed Manning
    Wizardgate Cattery
    Cat-N-Around Feline Fanciers
    Elliotte's Pet Spa & Salon

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  • Ex
    Ex employee of Ed Manning May 15, 2013

    I worked for him during this time and yes he did do this Elena! The kittens he posted were not Tuesdays!

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