Wisdom Overseas Medical Educationfraud education consultancy - fake information and cheating money

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I am an student studying in Philippines. I go to south western university in Cebu. Mr.Ravikanth tell all false information about university.

South Western University has problem in their management. There are two south western University in Cebu. MAHAM and Phinma.

Only MAHAM is recognised by MCI and not the other one. they took to the worst campus in Philippines.

There is no university hostel available and the university is located in a undeveloped village. no proper facility available in the college.

Wisdom overseas gives all fake commitments about the university.
they say we get full loan amount and no students get loan in the college.

they told all students scholarships available, but there is no scholarship available in the college. The building is of worst quality and no proper hospitals for practice.

Before getting admission they show lot of videos and photographs.
They give parents reference numbers but none of them are true parents, they are fake people speak good about the college.
The place is worst and students here feel more dis comfortable . All seniors change their college after BS.

No classes conducted properly.

More students are struggling without paying fees . Wisdom overseas promised all of us they will get scholarship and loan. Around 70 students here are struggling and did not get loan . Now everyone out of college for not paying fees.

Never go to to wisdom or southwestern university through them. worst consultancy

Now they are forcing all students to pay fees. Every one depending on loan have no answers here

Be aware of this fraud

fraud education consultancy - fake information and cheating money

  • Updated by Suman002 · Aug 16, 2018

    Dont trust these people.. All the above said are true.
    People who ask these are failed and not allowed to go for MD first year.


  • An
    Anirudh Ani Sep 01, 2018

    Hello everyone, This is anirudh. Right now I'm studying in Southwestern University of Philippines. The information posted above was entirely fake. I have been in this university since 2 year 5 months. I never faced any problems as mentioned above and when it comes to teaching faculty of Southwestern, it's better when compared to others because in most of the universities they just provide BS major in psychology but in our university they provide us the best advanced education and the best curriculum.

    There are lot of fake informations have been circulating to destroy the reputation. For this sake I gonna provide you the MCI list where you can see the university name too. If you want more information, you can contact me anytime. I can get the proofs too for everyone. Nothing to worry with this fake news. Moreover the grammar he used in the post clearly explains us that he can't even form a normal sentence properly. How could people believe that he is studying in abroad university without even knowing proper English?

    Please be aware of fraudsters like SUMAN SHANKAR. I can even provide my school Id as a proof that I'm the student of this university. Can SUMAN SHANKAR post his school ID here if he is genuine?

    I have attached the screenshots from the official MCI website for a review to make clear that this university is MCI listed too

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  • Sa
    Saikiran Yadav Bandi Sep 01, 2018

    Hello everyone, I'm one of the student from Southwestern University. All the information given by Suman was entirely wrong. He has been using vpn in order not to get tracked. Brother, if you dare to express this, then express it with your identity. No one here know whether you are a student or not. I have been in Philippines since 1 year 5 months but I never heard your name in our university itself. I can post the school ID here to prove that I'm a student from Southwestern University. If you are a student and if you really want to help others then you post your school ID. Don't pass fake information here. If you are a genuine guy then why you are using two ids with same name and different locations?

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