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CB Credit Cards Review of Wirecard

Wirecard review: Card being declined

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3:24 pm EST
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My card constantly being declined/denied even so I’ve never asked for any restrictions to be placed nor that that my account ever been hacked. Same issue been for years now and even so for some sites or businesses they fix the issue soon enough issue re-accrues. I can’t express my self enough how frustrating it is to find your self in situation at the restaurant or supermarket gas station when you need to pay the bill and your car is declined or book a hotel or flight ticket that you can’t find same one later just because the card been denied and I’m talking the same sites or business that been used times before. Besides that I’m being charged by the bank for every declined transaction by the bank. And every time I’m calling the bank is the same story operators can’t do anything they have to escalate to upper management wait for 2-5 business days and most of the time nothing being fixed nor any explanation given. I can’t even transfer my own money to other banks. My name is Ramunas Oscyla and card issued/salary paid by Royal Caribbean cruise lines. For more info please contact me by [protected]

Desired outcome: Would like to be able to use my funds when I want as much as I want.

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