Winn-Dixie Store in Crawfordvillemanager conduct

S Aug 13, 2018

On 8/8/18 there was an interview performed by one of your managers Named Kourtney Durden. During this interview she question the future employee asking
"Do you have a brother?"
Employee replied "yes"
Kourtney replied "Is his name ..." (do not wish to disclose his name but she knew it)
emplyee replied "Yeah why"
Kourtney "well are you two close?"
employee "not really we there's a rather large age gap but why?"
Kourtney "well I'm pretty sure he's dating my husbands Ex wife, and just so your aware there relationship did NOT end well"
employee "um ok"
I do not wish to disclose the names of these people although Im sure you can figure that out. However this is completely irrelevant information to be given during an interview and highly unprofessional. This is now the second time Kourtney has disclosed my personal information to other employees and the first time had to be reported to the police due to it endangering my children. This needs to be corrected immediately.

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