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M Mar 12, 2018 Review updated:

I am a fairly lazy individual and I only write reviews for two reasons: 1) when something or someone is exceptionally good 2) when something is exceptionally bad.

Buyer beware!!! Stay away!!

My boyfriend and I did a ton of research before we decided to go here to get a bernese puppy. We read the risks about bad breeders etc, and what to look out for. We did our research and asked tons of questions. At first sight, the breeder, leigh blevins, appeared to be a caring, knowledgeable individual who bred for the love of the breed. Wrong.

We missed the first warning sign, that the parents of our puppy were only 2 years old.
We missed the second warning sign, that there was a litter coming immediately after ours. These two things point to the fact that leigh blevins is only in it for the money and doesnt care about the well being of her animals.

At the time we got the puppy, we didnt know that in some states, it is a crime for the bernese puppy to leave his parents before 10 weeks of age, and that a bernese leaving earlier than this can hinder his development immensely. We were due to pick up our puppy at 8 weeks of age, however, towards week 6, leigh asked if we could submit our payment upfront as she was in need of the money, and in exchange, she would let us take the puppy a week early. We did not know this was detrimental to his health. : (of course we agreed, joyful to receive the puppy.

When we got our puppy, we noticed that he smelled very heavily like dog. I mean, not your average dog. He smelled bad. Like he hadnt gotten a bath since he was born. His breath was extremely foul too. When we stated that the puppy needed a bath badly, she admitted that she was "bad about those things," basically admitting that he had not been addition, the breeder gave us a syringe of medicine which she at the time stated was a preventive medicine to treat coccydia. We asked if the puppy was sick and she insisted the medication was preventive.

We immediately took our puppy to a veterinarian for a check up. Fortunately he poo'd at the vets and there was blood in the dogs stool. They took a fecal sample. The vet informed me that typically this means the dog has parasites. Concerned, I messaged the breeder to let her know. Once I told her that I would not receive the results of the fecal sample today, she became angry and demanded that I demand that the doctor give me the results immediately as they could simply look under a microscope and tell me the dogs diagnosis (the vet actually sends it to a lab, as lab results are more valid than an in-house assessment).in addition, when I asked the breeder about who her veterinarian was, she admitted that the vet has never seen our puppy but "knows the litter." basically she never took him to get checked up. The breeder became defensive and stated that our vet was ripping us off and that we should have gone to her vet instead. She harassed me the next two days to find out what the diagnosis was. I later found out this was so she could self-medicate the rest of the litter instead of taking the dogs to the vet to get diagnosed.

Two days later we got the results. Our puppy was positive for giardia, a parasite which is spread through fecal matter. Everything began to make sense. We were told that a dogs breath is a reflection of what hes eaten and his breath was putrid the first day. He must have been eating poop. Giardia is very highly contagious among dogs and can passed on to humans as well. It affects a dogs ability to gain weight and grow and if left untreated could kill a dog. Oh, I forgot to mention, at the time we got our puppy, he was extremely underweight too. He should have weighed 12 lbs and only weighed 6.

Anyway, we immediately purchased medication for the puppy and I texted the breeder to let her know that our dog had giardia and that hers probably had it too. I stated that they should get checked out.

Fast forward a week. Our puppys condition was getting worse. His diarrhea was getting more frequent, he wasnt putting on weight and wouldnt eat. We thought he was going to die. I cried myself to sleep several times fearful of what would happen to this little pup who immediately became a part of me. We went back to the vet for more medication and probiotics to try and help him. During this time I asked the breeder how the other pups were doing, and she stated they were doing great! I asked if they had diarrhea and she denied it, I asked what the vet had said and she stated that she had never taken the dogs to the vet and was self-medicating them with metronidazole. I asked her how she would know if the dogs were sick when she gave them to the new owners and she stated the medicine should fix it. However, giardia isnt something that is easily cured and requires aggressive treatment and disinfecting procedures. Things escalated and eventually leigh and I got into an argument because she stated she was not going to tell the other buyers that the puppies were sick or carrying a paraiste. She stated that giardia was not a sickness, that all puppies get it, and that it wasnt a big deal. It was at that time I realized that she probably started giving our puppy the syringe of medicine for coccydia because she knew he was sick with something but didnt know what. She lied and had told us it was "preventive" but really she knew he had diarrhea and something was wrong!!!

Anyway the medication, vet tests, and clean up supplies ran us about 150 dollars. She refused to assume financial responsibility even though the puppy was given to us already sick. She stated we could bring the dog back for a full refund if we were unhappy with him. How can you refund a puppy?? We were already attached.

In addition when we first got the puppy, leigh tried to sell us these treats called nuvet. Well my boyfriend and I love the internet and a quick google search revealed that these nuvet supplements are a scam. Basically there is no scientific evidence to prove that these supplements have any positive effect on puppies and the breeder receives a kickback when the puppy parents purchase it. I confronted her about it and she admitted that she receives a kickback.

Anyway im sorry this review was so long. I just want people to know what theyre getting into.

Tldr: breeder sold us a sick puppy, knew he was sick, didn't take him to see a vet even one time, and refused to inform the other buyers that the rest of the litter was sick too. Run.


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    Willowpond Apr 13, 2018

    Anyone that would like to check with my vet can do so. This crazy lady is talking about my Clover litter. I only have 3 females! Dr Dixon and Dr Martin are my veterinarians and they are the ones that do the wellness exams, fecals and veterinary work on all my dogs. They will vouch for my competence and that I get my meds for all my puppies from them and sometimes pass them on to puppy buyers! I NEVER said they didn't see a vet because they ALWAYS DO! That's how the get their dewclaws removed! I don't do that myself like some breeders do. I do however give shots and some meds but under guidance of my veterinarians ALWAYS!

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  • Wi
    Willowpond Apr 13, 2018

    This nut told one lie after another I never gave her metronidazole. I gave her toltrazuril for a preventative for coccidia! She got the metronidazole from her own vet. I never harassed her! She picked her own puppy out I went to a lot of trouble to get her to my house earlier so I wouldn't hand her the runt and that's the one she chose! I then offered her money back after she harassed ME and she went on PayPal to try and get her money back and keep the puppy too!

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  • Ir
    Ironsides Nov 05, 2018

    @Willowpond Nobody would return a puppy to you after the condition it was in when it left your home. Riddled with parasites and absolutely covered in filth. You had the nerve to lie that the reason you brought him out rather than seeing the other puppies was because you were gave him a bath. What a joke, even our vet was concerned upon seeing his state, blood in his stool, covered in filth, and less than half the weight he should have been.

    The truth is you prevented us seeing the other pups because then we would have realized how underweight he was compared to the others. You even talked about how big he had gotten, which was dishonest because you knew how underweight he was.

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  • Br
    Briansdad Dec 19, 2018

    Ive bought 3 Berner pups from Leigh Blevins and Willowpond. These are three different puppies from 3 different litters . My experience with Leigh has been professional and knowledgeable with 3 puppies that were and are of good health and temperament. Would certainly recommend Willowpond for your next puppy purchase. Paul Carlton..South Carolina.

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  • Bm
    BMDMom1 Dec 23, 2018

    I bought my first Bernese Mountain dog from Leigh Blevins and couldn't be happier, my Heidi is a healthy happy girl who is 3 years old today!! I found Leigh to be knowledgeable and very helpful with any questions I have. I took my pup to the vet the day after I picked her up and was told she was of good weight, good coat and no parasites. I have had no health issues, I am completely satisfied with my experience with Leigh Blevins and with my precious Heidi. If I were going to add another bernese to my family I would certainly buy from Leigh without hesitation.

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  • Jo
    Josh Edward Jan 10, 2019

    I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. I just wanted to comment because I have received a happy and healthy Bernese from Leigh. She was amazing to deal with and met me halfway to meet my new pup and his mom. She’s been very attentive and answered all my questions and concerns as this was my first Bernese puppy. I have already recommended her to several people who have inquired about my little guy

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  • Wa
    Wayne Maurice II Apr 12, 2019

    Ms. Leigh was almost too helpful in the process of purchasing my Dane. She always answered my calls and showed the utmost patience and professionalism even when I had the most silly of questions. As a new Dane owner she made sure all the early shots and paper work we're in order. As well as being sure I knew what to expect in the breed in terms of health and nutrition. It's reassuring to know how me she cares about her litters even after they have left her. Thank you a thousand times thank you!

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  • Ha
    Hayden Ratliff Jul 10, 2019

    Leigh was incredibly nice and helpful when I picked up my Bernese from her. She was kind enough to show me around the facility and let me meet the whole family, she then gave me the options of the puppies left from the litter. I can't even begin to explain how nice and insightful she was when I had a dozen questions for her, she even text me the next morning to check and see how our new girl was doing. Our puppy is very sweet, very healthy, and a very welcomed new addition to our family, she also came with all her papers and just for curiosity sake I called Leigh's vet to confirm everything and they did. I personally had a great experience and would definitely recommend Leigh, I can not imagine why anyone would leave a bad review for her as she is fantastic!

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  • Bo
    Bonnie Berrier Jan 19, 2020

    @Mysticaldawn41 - Did your pup make it and pull thru ??

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