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I have tried to be in contact with Wilbur and Associates to figure out how I can pay for the damages that I caused last year. However, whenever I call them, I get an answering machine, and no one ever calls back. I would like to get ahold of them so I can get my license back.


  • Jo
    Joss Apr 01, 2009

    These people use the usual strong arm tactics and call themselves 'attorneys' thinking they will intimidate you into 'paying up' and in fact paying using your checking account electronically or your credit card. There is no way in HELL or Heaven I would give these people access to my private financial information. They are working on a commission basis and they get a commission when the money is paid in full. Be sure when you speak to them that you record your conversation and tell them you are recording; then provide that tape to your real attorney. No matter what you 'offer' to pay them; they will say its not enough depending on who calls you. They are trained to do that. Enough is what they say not what you offer. If they can extort more out of you and get it sooner; ' that's what they do because again, they are working on a commisson and you paying as soon as possible means their commission as soon as possible. Most of these so called 'attorneys' at Wilbur seem to me to be uneducated lower income level employees; they don't speak with diction or intelligence - speak like the usual collector - like the ones you saw out back of a company on TV this weekend on Dateline NBC I believe it was; smoking and talking about the illegal ways they strong arm people. I would love to visit this 'law' office and see how many of these 'clerks' have a private office in a professional law office. This is just another case of collectors gone wild - they are trained in intimidation tactics. Don't buy into it. First of all, you don't owe THEM money - you owe the claimant, the insurance company or whoever. I would contact them and try to resolve it and show good faith by sending them money. And Wilbur .. you are nothing more than collectors hiring bottom of the barrel clerks to do the dirty work for low commissions - we know your game - and our attorneys will not be intimidated by your worn out tactics. We pay our bills - we just won't be subjected to extortion and threats from people who are on the lowest rung of the employment ladder.

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  • Nh
    nhfisherman03042 Apr 12, 2017

    I was contacted by this company for a car accident my vehicle was involved in. The accident involved bumper to bumper contact which caused a scratch to the other vehicles " TOW BALL HITCH COMPONENT" just a simple scratch to the unpainted metal 2 and 7/8 " ball. Replacement cost is $20.I spoke to the Wilbur representative and requested a estimate from a repair shop.
    I received a estimate for a parts inside the car, a child car seat and seat belt, none of which pertaining to the actual minor damage caused to the tow hitch ball. My car which is a Hyundai elantra with a plastic bumper did not even have a scratch from hitting the ball hitch. The reason being that 2 mph bump rarely causes damage to plastic never mind STEEL BALL HITCH.
    I'd like to file a law suit for harassment and fraud.
    This is the major reason why INSURANCE costs have tripled and rise every year.
    ### LAWYERS and ### INSURER"S looking to suck the blood out of society.

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