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Ch Sep 18, 2019 Review updated:

I go to Whataburger in Crockett Texas two to three times a week for a Whataburger. I go early in the morning, take my burger with me to work and eat it..Today I ordered the same : Whataburger all the way, mustard on both sides, well done. The girl at the window took 4 dollars that I gave her. The burger cost $3.75..After she took my money, she hurried off to the front ( out of sight for me). Soon a young man comes and brings me my bag, and I told him I was waiting for my change. I told him that I gave her 4 dollars, and my change would be a quarter. He told me that he thought he had given me my quarter, and I asked him how. He had not even opened the register and I had not seen him til he brought my bag to me. He told me to hang on, ran to the front (out of sight for me) and came back with my quarter. I told him I had a question for him. That was, why did he not take the quarter from the register that I was rang up on? He turned white as a sheet. I then told him, that it would have probably caused them to run short at register closing. He said thank you, I thanked him, and I left..Got to work, opened my order and all I saw was Texas Toast. Meat hanging out the sides, but not a burger on a bun. A Hamburger..Its simple. I looked at my ticket, and it did say Texas Toast. But I did not ask for Texas Toast. So off I go back, got what I ordered, and left. The girl who did not give me change was tall, skinny, with long (nasty) fingernails. Went up the street for a bottled drink and told the lady working there what happened. She said she knew all about it because she used to work there. A quarter is not much, but it is the principle of the matter. And I have been going there for years, sometimes morning and evening. The ticket info for my order is: Crockett Dth#4004 9/19/2019 6:36 AM ..I Will Not be going back to this Whataburger. And this one needs to be careful because a new Burger King is opening soon here. But I will never go back to this Whataburger. Thought you may need to know, not so much about the order mess up, but about the money...THANK YOU !

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