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Westgate Cruise and Travel review: Cruise booking

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Westgate Cruise and Travel is the worst place to ever book a cruise. They will promise the lowest price on your cruise and then pull a bait and switch on you! Buyer beware! We are elite travel members and have been using them for 14 years. We will never use them again. We booked 3 rooms on a cruise in June 2023. They gave us the special price of $1582 a room for our cruise. We considered getting the drink package for one room and we’re given the price of $2158 to include the drink package. We decided against the drink package and wanted to just get the room for the $1582 price. We booked the rooms the very same day and same time but were told they could no longer honor the special on the 3 rooms, only 2. They charged us $2585 for the 3rd room. We got no drink package and nothing special for that room, just the additional charge of over a $1000. Does that sound like the best price guarantee? I wish we had never booked through them and went through the cruise line instead. Their customer service puts you off and there is never any satisfaction, just the promise of a call back from a supervisor that will never happen. I hope the additional $1000 they screwed us out of is worth our discontinuing using them forever. They will never get another red cent of our money!