West Coast Dentalpatient privacy/ financial fraud on patients.

J Oct 03, 2019

Marisol the office manager cancelled my mothers appointment because my mom called the insurance to verify if in fact she had to pay $500 for a deep cleaning. Which turns out she did not. Her insurance faxed the office the coverage for my mom then Marisol had someone call my mom and cancel her appointment. Marisol was a friend of mine, and she would talk about my brother in law appointment telling me he had 6 cavities and he was dirty. That is customer privacy she was sharing. She would also had me refer my family and tell me for every referral i would get target gift cards which she would end up keeping and spending herself. Marisol brags on Instagram about meeting her numbers by overcharging patients and keeping the money she charges upfront. She is a unethical person, who makes her family yelp good reviews on her and makes sure they add her name. She talked about how stupid her receptionist was and that's why she fired her. Unethical manager representing this company.

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