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West Coast Dentalfraud/mal practice/unethical practices

March 2008

My first visit to the west coast dental office located at 5162 whittier blvd los angeles, ca 90022 was on a friday in the middle of march 2008. Upon my arrival I checked in with the receptionist sam. Sam requested my medical card and in turn provided me with the necessary forms for me to fill out. I completed and returned the forms and given my medical card back. Sam then requested my driver’s license. I turned over my license. Sam did not return my license and soon after I was called in to see the dentist. I had x-rays, a check up, and the treatment consultant who was supposed to consult me on the condition of my teeth simply told me I had 19 cavities that needed to be filled. I had a few filled that same day. By the time I left that day the office was closed. When I went up front to make my next appointment I asked for my driver’s license back. The women up front at this hour, was the actual manager who claimed she could not locate my license and told me she had to assume the receptionist must have taken it home. She asked if I could come back on monday to pick it up. I clearly stated this was impossible and it is illegal to drive with out a license. I requested she call the receptionist and ask to bring back the license as not only it is illegal to drive with out a license but my identity is at risk. After a 10 minute wait, sam, the receptionist came back to the office to return my license. Without word she handed me back my license and walked away. This office failed to uphold the privacy of me as their patient. My identity has been at risk of theft since this date not excluding the risk of medical fraud. Who is to tell where she went with my driver’s license. They are responsible for their employee’s actions and to take another’s identity off the premises calls for serious reprimand. When I returned to my home and gave my self some time to allow my mouth to regain its feeling I called the dental office and left a message expressing my concern for their employee’s unethical behavior and the manager’s little remorse to retrieve my license. The office is liable for any confidentiality breach. This is a serious offense in its own. The removal of my license with the receptionist’s prior knowledge of my medical information puts at risk my identity and my medical account which people are known to commit fraud with this information at hand. I don’t have access to my dental account online and willing to go line item by line item to verify the services charged to denti-cal are legit if you wish.

A few weeks later I received a message indicating that my cleaning had been approved through medi-cal and I should make an appointment. This message had me questioning for the fact that a regular cleaning would usually not require prior approval. I called the office back to reconfirm the voicemail. I spoke with brenda. Brenda said I was approved for a deep cleaning. I informed her that I was never consulted on my last visit about a deep cleaning. She replied with “oh dr. Kim didn’t tell you?” I told her that dr. Kim, nor anyone at the office, consulted me on a deep cleaning. I ended up making the appointment for my deep cleaning despite the fact that I had no previous knowledge or consultation that I needed this treatment. I also scheduled, in the same day, the reaming fillings I needed completed. When I went to this second appointment my pockets in my mouth were never measured nor in my prior visit was this procedure performed. This type of consultation and measuring of the pockets are part of the process to obtaining approval of deep cleaning for patients. I find this questionable and believe this calls for a serious evaluation of the practices this office is performing. I believe the office is not providing thorough consultation nor following the general guidelines for obtaining approval for work..

Two months after the composites in teeth #7, 8, and 9 were done one of them fell out. I went in the next morning as an emergency visit to have the composite that fell out corrected. After waiting 3 hours I went up to ask for an estimated time I would be seen. The girl at the receptionist, whom was extremely rude, told me I was not actually an emergency patient and I will have to wait till the doctor. Was done with his other patients. I waited the entire day. I believe the office has more than enough patients than they can professionally and ethically provide dental and consultation services to. I believe that it was not the place of the receptionist to make judgment on whether my situation was an emergency or not. I feel this office is in clear discrimination of my insurance status. I would like an investigation of the office’s practices and in part the volume of patients they are serving and if this is evenly humanly possible. I don’t believe any doctor should rush through a procedure. The over booking that takes place in this office has caused poor quality in the doctor’s services with unreliable treatment and virtually no consultation services medical call is in turn billed for..

One month after the composite that was redone fell out again. I had to take another unpaid day off of work. This was the third time for the same composite. I need to mention here that I told on my previous visit that I may need two root canals. On this visit I asked for the treatment of the root canals to be explained to me. The girl working at that time, brenda, asked me in turn “don’t you work at a dental office?” I do in fact work at a dental office; however, I just started working in a dental office and as a medical insurance biller not a dental assistant who would be familiar with the details of a treatment. I shouldn’t have to explain to anyone what my profession is and the answers to my questions about major work should not be the basis as to how much information I will be told. Being that I was a patient there I complete explanation of the treatment is due.

Not sure of the exact date when I went in for the two root canals, I was told they were for tooth # 30 and 31. When I sat down with the dr. I was told 31 was not needed. He started on tooth 30. I assumed that he would fill it permanently after the procedure, however, uncertain because brenda never explained post root canal treatment to me. When the doctor was doing what had to be done or could be done in one day I went back to the receptionist. I asked him if I had to come back to fill it. He smirked and said “oh no, of course not. You need a crown. Brenda can help you with that.” I went over to brenda and before I had a chance to ask anything she said “ok so, total for all your work is $2, 000”. I was in shock. The emotional stress this moment caused me is unspeakable. I asked her how she came to this total and she said “well for the two crowns and core build up”. I asked her what was a core build up and she sighed and made it seem like explaining the treatment was a big inconvenience. I asked her why someone didn’t tell me that I would need a crown after the root canal so I could have been better prepared financially. I am a medical recipient and even if I weren’t I don’t know anyone who can afford that price. She said she didn’t know why no one ever consulted me on the fees and someone should have. I had no choice but to apply for two plans. I wasn’t approved for either of them. The dental office suggested I ask neighbors, friends and family to open a line of credit for me. As embarrassing as it was I brought my friends in to apply. All failed. I asked brenda what other option did I have left. She said to pay it in full. I told her that that would not be possible at this time. She said “well then there is nothing more that we can do”. I told her that because I don’t qualify for carecredit nor do my friends and family then are you telling me I can’t get treatment?” she replied with “no”. I left the office with no other choice but to stay with the temporary filling on #30. This could have all been avoided had the office done the correct thing and informed me of any out of pocket expenses I would be responsible for beforehand. I would have shopped around or gotten a second opinion or even better found a dental office that had an in-house credit terms. I am sure they billed medical for preventive services and which includes consultation. I never received such services.

November 26 2008 another front composite fell out and I went in to get it filled. While I was waiting in the dental chair the assistant came in and I told her that I was curious to know what my perio condition was such as big pockets. The assistant looked threw my whole chart for about 5 minutes and couldn’t find my pocket charting. I told her I had a feeling that this was never charted because I never heard them go through the process. The assistant then said that perhaps medical kept it. The doctor came in soon after this conversation. This time it was a male dr. That came in to take a look at my tooth that needed to be refilled once again. He rudely said “if this falls out again i’m not going to redo it”. Feeling intimidated by his tone and comment I didn’t know how to reply. He numbed me and redid it. When I got home I rinsed my mouth out and realized that he had made a big gap between my teeth. The gap was not there before and now there was no contact with my other tooth. When I flossed it there was no contact the gap was so big. I went back and asked if the dr. Can fix it. He said there was nothing to fix. I again showed him what I was talking about. When I questioned why he shaved off so much of my tooth he was extremely rude and made an unprofessional remark about how only god can give me nice teeth. All I asked was for him to make it the way it was. The composite was more on the lingual area and there was no reason for him to shave so much in between. I told him if knew he had to do more obvious shaving of my tooth why didn’t he consult with me before permanently damaging my tooth. I was very upset I could not even gather my words and thoughts to defend myself in this humiliating moment. My sister, nicole, was helpful in calling the office and contacting the regional manager teresa. After nicole had an hour long conversation with teresa and explain to her the experiences I have had since the beginning of the year, the regional manager called me at home and apologized for the way the dr. Acted towards me. She said she was astounded at my previous and current experiences. She asked me if I could come in 11/29/08 so another dr. Can look at my tooth that the male dr. Damaged and see if there is anything that they can do to fix the damage. I agreed.

November 29, 2009 as scheduled by the regional manager teresa I went to the dental office. When I went to sign in and the male receptionist I believe his name might have been david asked me if I had an appointment. I said yes and I told him the time and who had scheduled it for me. After about five minutes of waiting the male receptionist informed me that my appointment was not for the 29th but rather the prior day, the 28th. Please note, this is not the first they either overbooked or changed my appointments without my knowledge. I asked how can that be considering who made me the appointment was a regional manager. He said he didn’t know. I wanted to trust this dental office and their practice and this was my last chance I was giving them to reconcile before my final decision to make a complaint. I left the office and went home after the receptionist made it clear I had no appointment scheduled. The regional manager had given me her cell phone number in our conversation in case of any problems. I could call her. I left her a message thanking her for trying to make me that appointment but her office still could not help me and sent me away telling me I had no appointment and that it was schedule for the prior day. I also informed her that I would be making a complaint. About five minutes later I received a call from the male receptionist at west coast dental apologizing for the mix up he had received a call from the regional manager that I in fact did have the appointment for that day and not the day before. By this point, I was so fed up with the poor communication at this office, unethical practices of the doctors and billing department and careless inconsiderate mistakes.

I finally went online to look up other providers. I found a new dentist, a great one in fact. On my first visit they informed me that medical in fact does cover some type of crown and medical will cover the core build up. Those services I was told I was responsible for at west coast dental in that west coast dental told me medical did not cover the cost whatsoever.

I feel coned, deceived, and discriminated against in the ways west coast dental tried to take my money. I was taken advantage of and in the process lost part of my tooth. I don’t have money to correct the tooth myself. I don’t have the means to take them to small court. I believe west coast practices need to be investigated further. I hope matters will be addressed appropriately.


  • Jo
    johm Feb 17, 2015

    The manager at Buena park office is a big liar.

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  • Pr
    Princess Grace Oct 20, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What about the fact that maybe they are double charging you. Example: Smile Care/Coast Dental submits your claim to your insurance company they might received some are most of the charges however you are still paying them out of your pocket! Smile Care/Coastal Dental have contracts with some of our dental insurance companies and has agreements that Smile Care/Coastal Dental can only charge base off their (insurance company) written agreement! Sounds like fraud and it is thriving very well.

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  • We
    WestCoastMental May 27, 2014

    West Coast Dental has multiple lawsuits pending against them. I suggest pursuing legal action if they have done anybody wrong. I'm a victim of fraud personally. They billed my credit account for work I have never gotten done and not to mention they overcharged my insurance company for the same work they never finished.

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  • Fu
    funstuff Oct 31, 2013

    West Coast Dental is the worst dental practice I have ever encountered as they will make up work to be done on your teeth and tell you things that are untrue and charge you an arm and a leg. Someone needs to report this company and take away their license for being such liars. I would love it if someone investigated this company for fraud. All their records should be investigated and patients should be refunded for such high over-charged costs! Is their any attorney that would want to take on this case?

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  • Wi
    Will fight for justice Jul 28, 2011

    Dental group of arcadia which is west coast dental is a big big big scam! I wanted to get ortho so I called 1800 dentist and they referred me to a dentist at that location... so I went... but they said I needed to get check up by the general dentist... and they said I had 3 cavities and charged me 1000 dollars... trusting them I paid... and I got the top braces... but then my sister in law is a dentist and she had checked my teeth before and she told me that they were not severe enough to drill holes in.. and she told me groups like west coast dental do this on purpose to make more money... anyways I still had my top braces on only but after 2 days one bracket fell and I called them... but I could tell they were annoyed and was like it doesnt really matter... anyways I got mad so they booked me on a saturday... (btw they only open on mondays and one saturday of the month... but they never told me that... only after I got my braces and was about to make another appointed did they tell me... but by then I have already signed everything...)... anyways.. I couldn't go on saturday so I called on friday telling them to change my schedule so I changed it to the same day as my check up... and made sure it was an hour appointment... but I called them a week earlier of course on a mondy since they are only there on mondays... but they told me my appointment was never set so it would only be a 15 minutes appointment... by then I was soooo annoyed... so I argued and they said "maybe if they have time they can fix it"... but on my appointment day I went and my original dentist who consulted me and told me how he was going to do the process was not working there anymore... so I was pretty upset.. because I went to see my dentist that I was referred to.. not some random dentist... so I decided not to do the braces and told them I will take them out... but they were charging about 1400 but then the dentist came and talked about xrays so the money manager, sandra was like "oh I have to put that in to" and charged me 1800... so I was upset and called 1800 dentist to complain but they ignored me calls and never got back... but they called the manager at westcoast dental of dental group of arcadia.. and he called me with a attitude and was trying to argue with me,... but I was like you guys changed doctors on my and you guys are the ones that said that only one doctor should see each patient and their cases... then he was like then just bring 1000 dollars cash.. no checks... this is just the simplified version... there is sooooo much more!... never call 1800 dentist or go to westcoastdental.. but be aware some of there offices dont say westcoast dental... like the one in arcaida.. it was called dental group of arcadia...!... I am going to do my best to let my story known so that this does not happen to anyone else!

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  • Jk
    JK D. Jun 18, 2011

    I hated the west coast dental and their services. the w.c. dental that I go for my son is at 2604 s. vermont. ave. suite f los angeles, ca 90007. I paid for the orthodontist over $4.000 for my son braces. when I came to their office and ask about how my son teeth doing. is everthing okay. and I never get the answer. they don't ever let me in to talk to the orthodontist. my son have school test. I called to re-schedual and they didn't give me the following week but gave me a month later. and the month after he had final text we can come right on the appointment but I was calling them week a head to re-schedual and asking them can we wait after his test, first they said they not guarantee I said it's okay we can wait because I don't want my son teeth getting worser then before he gets braces. but then the receiptionist said no to me she stared getting angry voices with me. I told her calm down I just want your help I try to figured it out how can I make a nother shortess appoitment for my son to see the orthodontist. I am not calling to make you angry or argued with you. and she was put me on hold for while and transfer me to another female so she can re-schedual me to the following week. and now today I recieved the letter from there office saying that I didn't bring my son for over 60 days. and they said if we failure to folow the orhtodontist's prescribed treatment visit frequency can compromise the final outcome of our case and can also extend beyond the original contracted length of service. orthodontic treatment performed beyond the original contracted length of service would have additional fees for us to pay. which is they didn't get us in and try to push us back drag more times so they can rib more money from us. I really regret that I choose the west coast dental for our sevices. if someone can help me how to get the money back because I was paying in full amount for them already. I know they just want the money but the services they don't care... after they got the money they didn't want to be nice with any patient anymore. when ever I call the said the orthodontist deparment they not in today. most of the times they said it. it really because it was close by my son school that why we choose them other wise n o I don't like them not even a bit and beside that if I know they this worse even close or closer I don't really care. I regret that I choose west coast dental as my children dental services. if you have a choice think carefully before you choose the west coast dental. because they are definitely not a good place for you to come and get your teeth done. ps. I never get any disrespect from any place like this place uh uh uahhh...

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  • De
    Denny133 Jan 02, 2011

    i hate thge one on gage street and avalon i think is huntington park - 1st of all they infected my teeth - change my grown and did a deep cleaning for 2370 abd they said i was insured for a year 6 months after i was having preblems again and thet wasnted to charge me 300.00 i told them you guiys said the payment covered a year if any complication they sais not the medication i hate this [censor]ing place they just want your money take your insurance somewhere else

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  • To
    Tongli Oct 09, 2010

    The West Coast Dental Group in Torrance is even worse !!!

    I just want to have a regular teeth cleaning after my teeth was cleaned 8 month ago with them. This time I was forced to take the X-ray again which is absolutely un-necessary, but my insurance pays so I did not care. Since I refused to spend $2760 with them again to fill up my two teeth, they asked me to pay $150 to clean my teeth and I told Susan, the office manager that the insurance should cover my teeth cleaning, then she told me that my insurance only covers the polish, not cleaning. As a matter of fact, them, they cleaned my teeth on my first visit after I told them I would like to fix my two teeth in the future after I have enough money.

    These people have no moral or purity, but try to rap you off and they are worse than some of the garage !! I have decided to file a formal complaint against them so that there will be less victims.

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  • Ac
    acg16 Jun 04, 2010

    If I would had known about the west coast dental before, I would have avoid the same problems like those 2000 or more persons affected. we just changed the dental office because the dds we had, she was like "whatever you want, i'll do it... even if doesn't work for you..." so we went to west coast dental on lakewood blvd in paramount, ca. I have a little experience with dentists because we have changed offices a lot of times, but this office is out of this world!! shanon pineda, the woman in charge of taking your money out of your pockets, oh my, she has no feelings and no shame, it seems they all are trained to act like that. the 1st time we arrived, she was nicer than the 2nd time: she said that I needed a deep cleaning ($70 per cuadrant) I asked her how she knew, and she said "that's what the dr recommend", so I told her i'd wait for the higyenist to confirm that, because I always have a regular cleaning every 6 months, I didn't think I needed that one. when the higyenist told me that I just needed a regular cleaning, shanon wasn't too happy about that, so because she had to charge me with something, she told me I needed a medication for $110, so I paid it. the next step was to know the price of 2 crowns. she told me I needed lava crowns and those were the only recommendation (the expensive ones like $1500 each), I said I only wanted the ones that my insurance covered for $130, and she said those kind of crowns were temporary, and they didn't use those for permanent crowns (wich I found odd and suspicious) I went out, I called the insurance, they called shanon, then the insurance call me back again, and they told me that shanon was confused about the codes, and she apologized with them, but finally, she told them, they didn't work with the codes neither with the kind of crowns the insurance covered. the insurance told me it was better to change the office (again) because they had the right to charge me for a crown with an extra price of $480 even if that crown was the same on the insurance chart for $110 copayment. I think somebody have to do something to regulate those kind of people that don't see a patient in you, they look at you like merchandise to make money or take it out of your pockets. don't go to that market chain.

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  • Undisclosed Jan 13, 2010

    File a compliant and if you have medicare/medical file a fraud compliant with them too. yes, everyone at that place are a bunch of #s. they take their "authoritive" positions and abuse them. save yourself time, money and look for a different dentist. I found my sister one in alhambra. great dentist and honest. I believe the receptionist/office manager's name is april if she is still there. let me know if you want the contract information for that dentist. sometimes we get so hypnotized with the abuse from doctors/dentists and we are too scared to question them or their staff. trust me on this, once you switch you will feel soooo much better. don't forget to get a copy of your entire file with most recent xrays included. let those maggots know that you will be taking legal action. dont beat yourself up over this! I allowed something like this drive me to the edge and now I just remind myself when I faced with someone who is trying to strange arm me that I have a choice! good luck. I am still working on sending a letter to the mayor of east los angeles. they need to know that our people are being taken advantage of.

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  • Co
    COMPLAINT23 Jun 18, 2009

    I would like to make a complaint against nora the office manager at west coast dental in east los angeles, california on whittier blvd. she is an impulsive liar, self fish, does not care about patient, or patient's well being. she and the dentist there advices patients to get treatment, treatment does not work, patients return and dentist tries the same procedures again. patients is still not able to receive money back to procedures that did not work. the only reason why patients get the procedures and pay out of the pocket is to receive the treatment that will work. nora request patient to see a specialist, specialist requested another treatment to be taken. too many treatment, too much money, but which is the one that will actually work? nora and dentists are straight liars, conartist claim this and that treatment will make, but then convince patients to get another treatment because the first treatment didn't work. is this fare for patients who are paying out of their pocket and by insurance. nora and dentists are coning patients and issurance that a patient need this but in reality it's something else. please put a stop to this. when asked nora to provide her manager's number she refuses, until I came into her office and demanded the number. the manager is teresa, she is aware of the problems but also ignore patient's complaint and haven't return patients call.

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