Wes State MortgageScam and stealing


This company offers a work at home directory including a bonus startup directory for low cost start ups. The company says that they have gone to great lengths to see that the companies are legitimate. When I got the directory i went online and typed in one of the companies and listed under the company was an online directory of many companies that are listed in the directory for free. I was then led to a site called rip offs and there I found several of the companies listed in the directory and decided not to resell the directory because like myself i too have been ripped off by the utah mafia for $3000.00 and counting just trying to set up a website. I was going to sell the homeworkers directory but i will not be one of those people who just want a buck. I am trying to set up a website to sell legitimate products for a good price without ripping off people. My site is hopefully going to be naturallyoutdoors.net. It is on the web, but it is an affiliate site so it is going to take some time to get it up and running. that is if i don't go broke getting there. thanks to this site, i am one less rip off artist out there. hopefully i can get my money back for the 45 dollar charter membership fee. good luck and if and when i find something to make money i will let you all know. I do believe i have it, but it will take a bit to get there. Signed, tired of being scammed.


  • Pa
    Paul Dec 21, 2008

    I have made moneywith Wes State. The info they give is worth the money spent. I have found them to be true.

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  • Ro
    RolandKC Oct 07, 2009

    Has anyone asaked Wes-State about these claims?

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  • He
    HEADINTHEGAME May 11, 2011

    Think about it do you all really think a company would get as far in the game as wes-state-mortgage.com has, without even being investigated. I mean really... THEY HAVE BEEN IN BUSINESS SINCE 1976????????? signed COMMON SENSE HEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOO WAKE UP

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