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M Sep 28, 2019 Review updated:

Tonight I just went through drive thru @ approximately 10:25 pm and the service was awful. I placed an order for 6 piece nugget and side salad. Quoted a price of $4.30. Ok o drive to window she quotes a price of 7.20 I persist to tell her I that's not my order with attitude she ask what I got then? Then her attention is caught by the rest of the crew laughing in the back and acting very unprofessional saying it's no lettuce n they not cutting up none. So I get her attention finally ask is there any lettuce. So she laughs n pause n turn to them n ask them are y'all playing t is it any lettuce. At this point I'm not wanting anything out of this restaurant watching all employees walking back and forth laughing rubbing their faces and one outside smoking n comes back in without washing his hands and I figured that because of the time frame was to quick to stop n do anything. This my third bad experience with this same Wendy's. This is the worst Wendy's ever. I really loved the food but it's sad the employees makes it difficult to eat there


  • SubSquirrel Sep 29, 2019

    Two bad experiences didn’t convince you to stop going there?

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  • Me
    Merici Oct 01, 2019

    @SubSquirrel No because I have eaten there a lot n had great experiences when I go in the day n eat inside. I’m 8 months pregnant n have cravings n it seems all my drive thru experiences have been awful but this particular one was the worst n to unprofessional for a restaurant. N y give up after one or two but third time is over

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