L Jan 06, 2020

I arrived at the restaurant at 8:50 AM on 1/6/20 and saw on the door they opened at 9:00 AM. I ran an errand and came back at 9:05 AM. The doors were still locked. I checked the web site and it also said opened at 9:00 AM. I waited outside by the door. At 9:20 AM, I looked inside and there was an employee working. I called the phone number and no answer. Finally at 9:30 AM, the employee saw me and waved. She came to the door and said this week they aren't opening until 10:30 and was that ok... I said no it wasn't. There was no sign on the door stating it would not be open. There were other customers waiting also. This was extremely poor Customer Service. They could have put signs on both doors so people didn't wait. The Manager was also very rude when she talked to me. I then went to McDonald's for my breakfast.

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