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Bo Apr 14, 2019 Review updated:

This has been an issue with me for several weeks. The waiting time for drive through service at your store #[protected] is awful. I have noticed over the last several weeks that it has gotten from bad to intollerable.

The average wait time I have noticed is about 4-5 minutes per car. If there are 4-5 cars ahead of you which happens often at this location, that a 16-20 minute wait. Add 10 minutes more and I can cook my own meal. This is NOT fast service.

I asked the clerk at the window, on a previous visit, why it took so long? her response was that they were short staffed. I said this same thing (long waits) happens often. her response was 'oh well' and then proceeded to walk away.

This same thing happened again today (4-14-19). This time not only di I have to wait yet again 15 minutes for my food, but then had to wait an additional 5 minutes in a parking spot as the food was being prepared. Upon complaining to the asst. manager she apologized and said they were short staffed. No offer to comp or discount the meal just we are short staffed. She then left to go back behind the store dismissing me.

I have been deciding whether or not to continue eating at Wendy's as I beleive the value of your products are better then your competitors. However after today's visit, I beleive I will go to your competitor down the street. Their drive through times for 4-5 cars is about 8 minites... Much better id say.


  • Updated by Bob Deckert, Apr 16, 2019

    To the last person's comment. You completely missed the gist of my complaint. She was the manager of the Wendy's store it WAS her fault that they were short staffed. I am 61 years old and defintiely can afford my meals.. My complaint centered around the time it took to get served in the drive through then the blatant dismissal when I reported it. A good manager SHOULD have said "I am sorry for this lengthy delay, here let me give you a half off coupon for another visit'. THAT would have been customer service. From what I have read elsewhere, lengthy waiting times at Wendys stores at drive throughs seem to be a regular issue

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