Wellington Business Ventures is stealing money from innocent people who work hard and given false hope of saving their business and they are lied to by the sales people. They are scamming innocent hard working people who could use the money to hire people instead of being tricked by these scammers. The people behind this scam set up shelf corps like Wellington Business Ventures and go online to buy new companies names that are defunct and out of business and rename them. Then lie to you about where they are located. Wellington Business Ventures is not in Utah. NO!! LAS VEGAS!!. These are the same scammer companies, just under different names. LOOK FOR YOUR SELF!! Previous companies and people that are associated with Wellington Business Ventures are Walker Incorporating, Thomas Walker, Valley Business Development Owners Mike Jones, Charlene Brown "COMPASS NATIONAL, INC. & QUID CORP." BOBBY FUSCO is the owner and also co-owner with Mike Jones who was the VP of the scam operation all in Las Vegas. Don't give your money to these crooks!


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    Pheww Jul 08, 2012

    Thank goodness I took the weekend to check on this company. I had planned to give them almost 4000 dollars tomorrow but wanted to look into it further and thankfully I found this. So, Wellington Business Ventures is a scam, looked into it and sad but true. I will not be sending them a check tomorrow, and I will stop at nothing to make sure no one else does. Keep posting the facts friend, thanks.

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