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I was trying to get into one of my programs, when this Pop-Up appeared stating I needed a Personal Antivirus Program. Being somewhat unsure of what it was, I signed up for what they said was a 'Lifetime Membership for $79.95. They sent me an e.mail: Subject: Personal Antivirus registration code for my name From: [protected] Date: Monday, May 25, 2009 9:40 AM To: my screenname They gave an Order ID [protected]-pb THIS IS A ONE TIME CHARGE Product/Service ordered: License for Personal Antivirus ACTIVATION INFORMATION: REGISTRATION KEY: AGB32-KLFV3-943VM-LVM800 Customer Support Service at [protected] or via email: [protected] Then we received a phone call from our Card Services at Bank of America, stating that they noticed a charge for $99.90 had JUST appeared on our account and asked us IF we had made a charge today! When I told them I had charged a 'Personal Antivirus Program' for $79.95, they did not FIND that charge, only the one for $99.90. They gave me the name of the company: with a phone number or [protected]! My wife (who was born in England) recognized the number as originating in the UK but when she called the number she was routed to Germany. She was told, There was no one there who could help us at this time and to send our request via e.mail! I went to: /link removed/ and saw that there several reports against this company (

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Sep 12, 2009 5:57 pm EDT is a scam site they charged me $30.54 for something i have no idea yet my back is checking it out they said the charge was in england so they are disputing the charge now i will let everyone know what happenes.

Feb 12, 2010 12:46 am EST

Oh crap..the same happen to me...last January 11...I have an unauthorized charged of
$79.9- plus 2.39 foreign fees from WCSPAY.COM. Thank God I found this.