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The manager here drinks vodka and tea from morning until night. By then he's falling over. His name is Noel Young and you couldn't get a bigger loser. Fat, toothless, shoe less AND clueless. His [censored] rented a home next to the park to meth heads (ya know, bc drunks make GREAT decisions.) They got evicted. Then they poisoned his dog. Because he's a broke, loser, he begged me, a real man, for help. I gave in, and I paid to have is dog: euthanized, cremated and to have a plaster footprint made. It cost me as a Disabled Veteran $298.--. It's been a year and a half and he's paid me nothing. Every month he has another excuse. When I finally confronted his [censored], he cussed and told me I have to sue him for the money. So now I have to take time out of my schedule to take him to small claims court.

So, if you want the WORST RV park in Pahrump, NV, just head to the [censored]hole RV Park! He was "trying" to harass me by talking [censored] from across the park, saying I had hacked his two CCs up to $24K each. He makes only $12,000 a year, because he's an idiot. Just listen,...

Noel Young
, US
Oct 24, 2023 1:53 am EDT
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your just to smart for me Deven

wow there is one more resin that you got booted your a story teller and hide behind your glass doors taking videos of me i don't care as to what you do as anyone that knows me knows i do not play i am a grown man and if you mess up over and over ill boot you as i did the people living here are doing that living and for myself i am happy that your gone i do hope one day youll find a good place in your life and be happy all the best please stay away from me our park and all is good say anything you wish as your nothing to me later