Vonsselling outdated food & rudeness


I bought a Tombstone frozen pizza on 08/08/08 at Vons, 516 N Glendale Ave, Glendale CA 91206
That night when I baked it, I noticed that the cardboard was dark, saturated with grease. It came out of the oven with the crust shattered in many pieces.
I called Tombstone, they told me the date 08105 on the package meant that it was expired in April 2008, the 105th day of 2008.
I took the package with the date, and the receipt back to Vons, and explained that I had been sold a pizza with an expiration date of April, in August.
The manager snapped very nastily at me. She denied that that was a date stamp. I told her to call the 800 number for Tombstone, and tell them that. Actually, I spoke nicely to her. She maintained her insistence that Vons is not responsible for checking expiration dates on frozen pizza because it is "a vendor, brought in item." She actually refunded me the $5, but with very bad grace, just call it Rude!


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    Lisa Jun 18, 2008

    Misread their established account, I pay my 87 year old moms grocery bill and shop vons online I have done this many times and all went well. Today I was informed they do not deliver to that address even though it has been on record all along. She has no food and I can't drive. No satisfaction after 2 hours. It my problem. I thought the customer was always right. ###

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    remember Jan 18, 2010

    Vons/Safeway in Newport Coast is the worst. The online shopping department is not disposed to sell. They are totally disorganized, waste of time. I will never use them again, if I can help it.

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