a black employee looked at me in a discriminating manner since im hispanic when i picked up a hair polisher, after i decide not to buy it so i left it on the shelf when i went to pay the employee came to me asking were is the thing, iwere is the thing humiliating me infront of the other customers and cashiers so i had to take her to it and show her, i asked to speak to the manager hironically he said sorry and that his merchandise was low like if we were to be blamed for that..this was the first time i have been there and i donot plann to go again///


  • Bi
    Billydude15 Apr 29, 2009

    there is a morale to this story

    if you look at someone with your own skin color funny it is okay, but don't you dare look at someone else funny or make them think you are looking at them funny other wise it is descrimination.

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  • 19
    197569 Jul 17, 2009

    I want the night shift manager to explain me how to use their pay phone. I have been tried for about one week. And it is supposed to come with a $10 credit.
    The manager Don seems to be very arrogant and does not want to talk with me. Later I get $30 card and ask him again about how to use it. His attitude is still the same.
    I will never go there again. And I throw their phone in the park lot and it breaks into pieces. I am regret that I did not throw it into his face.

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  • Ak
    Akihito San Jan 19, 2010

    My name is Mr. Tokyo Board of Director!! and I have to raise hell and ask Pavillions Wilshire/Barrington to sack their unperforming liability racist white fat cahier at counter 3/4 today Jan 18. 2010 at 6pm at the 3rd/4th booth from the wine section who was abrasive, loud, discriminnatory and bad for astruggling business.

    Im a regular customer and would buy daily at any Vons outlet, I was ask to show my ID and I did for my standard wine, meat and other home essential.

    He dismissed me shamefully in front of other white cuatomers to my chagrin and consternation despite my plea that DMV hasnt send my ID/License thats why it was 4 weeks expired.

    That liability then turned icily to his lady hispanic cashier and asked how to delete what he wanted to do whimpsically

    Apparently he was news or just have a familt problem he wanted to brring up against minority groups like me who can afford to buy.

    I swear that that i wont stop until that employee is dealt with severly!!!

    That racist musy be punished or I pull my investments off!!!

    I give the local store 24 hours to rectify and monitor this or other wise that white lowly cahier is fired!!



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  • Ca
    caliopie44 May 31, 2010

    This store is full of ###s they treat customers like ###

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  • Ma
    marion2010 Dec 04, 2010

    Pro bably you have the full rigths to complain about yor bad expirience with VONS but I can say the people who are working at VONS, are like slaves, they have their hours cut they are working very hard and get paid miserable wedges, and somethimes the costomers want too much and looking down on these people. Belive me I have many friends who work for this company and I know what I am talking about!`

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    BuyersRLiars Dec 04, 2010

    hah he said black and you said "slaves" haha

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